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The Lean Macros Bundle is a comprehensive, 150-page macro bundle to help you lose weight while never cutting out the foods you love.

Lean Macros Bundle

It’s no secret that counting macros have an important part in my personal health journey, and I have been able to help so many other women with their own health journeys by incorporating (flexible) macronutrient counting into their lives.

If you’ve been curious to incorporate macro counting into your life, but have been hesitant to know where to begin, this Lean Macro Bundle is for you!

This “do-it-yourself” bundle is perfect for individuals who prefer to learn on their own and might not be quite ready or have the time to commit to a 1:1 or group coaching relationship. It’s for anyone who’s new to macros or who has tracked macros in the past and needs some motivation to start again.

The Lean Macro bundle is for you if…

  • You’re self-motivated and like to learn on your own
  • You’re curious about macros and just starting your journey OR you’ve counted macros in the past and don’t need a coach
  • You want to learn how to calculate and adjust your macros for your individual energy needs
  • You want consistency with tracking and know you just need some additional tools
  • You struggle with hitting your protein goal and want some guidance
  • You’re bored of eating the same meals over and over again and want fresh ideas
  • You’re not quite ready to commit to a one-on-one coaching relationship
  • You want someone to streamline your meal prep
  • You like meal plans, but want flexibility in your diet as well

Lean Macros Bundle

What does the bundle include?

  • How to calculate macros for weight loss guide
  • 21-day sample meal plan
  • How to track alcohol macros guide
  • Macro-friendly cocktail recipes
  • 20 high-protein snacks bonus recipes
  • 20 no sugar-added dessert bonus recipes
  • Macro cheat sheets and food lists
  • How to take progress photos guide
  • Personal measurement tracker
  • MyFitnessPal quick start guide
  • Hit your protein goal diagram
  • How to track macros when dining out guide
  • Minimal meal prep check-list
  • Tips and advice for stress-free tracking
  • Daily accountability check-list
  • Macro tracking strategies and real life hacks
  • Build a balanced plate visual guide

Valued at $750, get the 150-page bundle for just $67. Get your copy here!

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