St. Patrick’s Day 2013: Scenes, Treats, and Eats

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Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day!!!

I celebrated St. Patty’s Day by drinking green cider.



(Irish cider flag!)


Wearing green.


And spectating the parade in South Boston with (Irish) friends!


Scenes from the parade”¦












That banana is a “fake leprechaun.” Haha!


After spending some time at the parade, Mal and I headed back to Elizabeth and Nick’s condo from some more green cider and some snacks. Elizabeth is the Hostess with the Mostess, so she had all sorts of delicious (and gluten-free) eats for us.


These almond flour thumbprint cookies were amazing!



These polenta pizzas were also awesome! To make them, just slice up a roll of polenta, spritz with olive oil, bake each side on 400 degrees F for 10 minutes, and then add your favorite toppings and broil until the cheese is melt-y. I definitely want to make these in the future!


Mal and I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and relaxing with Elizabeth and Nick (and Clark). We always have so much fun with them!


Caption Contest

Thanks so much for everyone who submitted a funny caption to my Caption Contest! I seriously had such a blast reading all of them, and I definitely LOL-ed at times! I had a tough time picking my favorite (there were so many good ones!!), so I selected my top favorites and then had Mal pick his favorite from those to be the winner.

Here were the contenders:

  • Who is playing the wrangle game now Dad? – Murphy
  • This is my WOD-Walk On Dad!
  • Don’t make a mountain out of a Mal-hill!
  • Obviously somebody’s been slacking at Crossfit”¦ -Murphy
  • I’ll get you my little pretty, and your fluffy coat too!
  • Who’s tough now, Crossfit boy?
  • And THAT’S how it’s done”¦. CrossFit, what?
  • Psh, you married THIS guy?! – Murphy

And here’s the winner of the Caption Contest:

Yes, yes, I know, Dad. My pug glutes are smashin’!

Congrats, Claire! Please email me at with your choice of a prize (gift card to either Whole Foods, Lululemon or Starbucks). Thanks again for playing along, guys! It was a lot of fun, and we’ll have to do it again in the future. I’m pretty sure I can round up some more funny pics of Murphy!

Questions of the Day

How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Are you Irish?

Did you eat any traditional Irish fare yesterday?



  1. My mom and I celebrated by going to Dunkin Donuts for some Irish Cream coffee (so good iced, I’ve had it four times in less than two weeks…) and Irish cream donuts. So good!!! But I am of Irish heritage on both sides so I wore my green and followed a more traditional approach of wearing a 4-leaf clover. I also have my Claddagh ring and wear that traditionally too.

  2. Green cider or beer is a MUST for St. Patty’s Day!! Love your shoes, by the way!

    Thanks for sharing the polenta pizza idea. I have been wanting to cook with polenta for awhile now but I could not quite decide what to make. These sound perfect!

  3. looks like an amazing day! i am not irish and did not do anything festive, sadly. but i DID go to the pink concert in philly and it was amazing! 🙂

  4. Cute pants!

    I am Irish and celebrated with my family by going to the parade, having dinner at my sisters, and our yearly tradition of Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds! 🙂

  5. We’re very Irish in my family. Yesterday we had Cottage Pie (it’s like Shepherd’s Pie but with ground beef instead of lamb), brown bread, and of course Guinness and “Irish Potatoes”.

  6. St. Patricks Day is my birthday 🙂 So I celebrated with family and friends but didn’t make it out to the parade this year. It’s so cold where’s the spring?

  7. My maiden name is Riley and I told my husband that I would go back to it every year on St. Paddy’s Day! 😉 We celebrated with Smithwicks and Guiness.

    I just said yesterday Boston is on my top list of places to visit for St. Patrick’s Day, first clearly being Ireland! Looks like you had a blast!

  8. I live in northern MN, and it was SO cold! I went house hunting with my sister (she just moved back around home). There was a huge pub crawl about an hour from where I live- I heard it was pretty fun. I really want to visit Boston again. St. Patrick’s day weekend sounds like a fun time to do so!

  9. PR’d NYC half at 2:00 – I am very Irish, I had an irish breakfast, and drank bloody mary’s and beer. Right now my legs are throbbing and I just want to go home and foam roll.

  10. Hahaha all of those are great, but the winner is the one that actually made me giggle! I celebrated with a lot of green beer and green food. I am Irish, but I don’t eat any of the traditional “Irish” food, but I had green waffles and shamrock and pots o’ gold raviolis yesterday!

  11. Ah, those polenta pizza look awesome and your friends’ pug, Clark, is adorable! It’s a shame but in the south we don’t celebrate St. Patty’s as much as up north. However, I did wear green and enjoyed green cupcakes at a closed workshop at my sorority house. And yes! I’m a good bit Irish. Sadly, I didn’t get to have any traditional Irish food! But if Irish Soda Bread is in fact authentic Irish then I’ve gotta get my hands on some soon!

  12. I am partly Irish! And my sweet husband planned a relaxing date night at home for us because I was so stressed from running all over and never being home all week! We had Irish whiskey cheese and he made a stew with bangers!

  13. Wow… that looks like the perfect St. Patrick’s day to me! I heard that Boston is the place to be for the holiday! The pictures are amazing and I can’t believe how involved everyone is in the parade. The green cider was my favorite!

  14. Part Irish here! I was fully decked out in green for my marathon yesterday. But no festivities yesterday. Just came home, stretch, foam rolled, ate and crashed!

  15. My family is super Irish! We celebrate for basically the whole month of March! It’s great! I was at two parades this weekend and celebrated with a lot of of Irish Cider, themed drinks, and plenty of Irish food! Brown bread and corned beef sandwiches. yum!

  16. I’ve made polenta pizza before & it’s SO good!

    I’m not Irish, but I definitely celebrated like one in Faneuil Hall Saturday night haha. My dad made Irish soda bread yesterday that was delicious, but that’s the extent of any Irish food I had.

    Love that banana leprechaun! haha

  17. Thanks so much for your reply email, Tina – it was so nice to hear back from you. My St. Paddy’s was, sadly, filled mostly with laundry and grocery shopping, but I have to say those mini polenta pizzas look AWESOME and just yesterday I almost bought polenta and then thought…but what would I do with it? Now I know!

  18. We started with brunch at the Beehive and hit the South Boston parade too…clearly not far from you based on the photos (we we’re facing the DD at the beginning of the route)! I’m Irish, but the only Irish fare I had yesterday was a Guinness 🙂

  19. We had green smoothies and two Irish green soups on the go amongst the usual bits in cafe! We were in the heart of one of the local parades so it was super busy; spent the whole weekend working but great weekend to be in the midst of it all!

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