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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

I guess I spoke too soon because I feel terrible this morning. I thought I made some progress yesterday, but it doesn’t seem like that at all today. I really hope things turn around ASAP.   


I woke up starving this morning, so I quickly made a toasted bagel with butter and poured myself a glass of Ensure, which I poured over ice to help dilute its sweetness. It actually sort of reminded me of a coffee milkshake. Mmm!

IMG_0003 (375x500)

My day isn’t off to the best start ever, but, thankfully, I have a great blog friends who send me funny pug videos that make me smile. Thanks, Kelly!

I hope your Monday is off to a better start than mine!

Question of the Day

What/who has made you smile today?



  1. My 11 month old girl’s open mouth, slobbery kisses!! I was thinking I’d get an early morning run in this morning, but the Little Miss had other plans. I could have sworn her later night last night would equal a later morning, but NOPE. So here we are at the table eating a bagel and banana together, and there’s nothing better!!

  2. Reading Mama Pea’s posts on Monday mornings always make me smile! Also, I taught my usual Monday morning spin class, and my participants always put me in a good mood. Hope you feel better soon Tina!

  3. I smiled today because I was able to Skype with my husband who is in Afghanistan right now. 🙂 I hadn’t seen his face in a few months.

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Are you drinking ensure to help with your stomach issues? If it does help.. let us know! I am always looking for new things to help make my GI problems dissipate!

    My day started out bad, too! Today was the first day of summer school. I came in early to make copies.. to find EVERY piece of furniture in my classroom in some random spot. I guess the floors were cleaned.. and the people just plopped things wherever they wanted. I am still trying to clean up the mess!

  5. Just wanted to leave you a little Ensure suggestion. I have lots of experience expermenting with flavors because I too find them hard to drink because of the sweetness. I found that the least sweet and most “non-nutritional supplement” way to drink them was the vanilla flavor with a splash of fresh coffee in a glass over ice. It tastes like a thick frappe type drink and after a while is almost like a daily coffee house treat! Hope you start to feel better soon!

    1. @Allison:

      was just going to say a similar thing- I poured vanilla over decaf espresso + ice and it cut the sweetness and was really good. Even better thrown in the blender- like a frappuccino 🙂

  6. Sending positive thoughts your way, Tina! 🙂

    I went through a stage like this before finding out that I was lactose intolerant. Hope you find your answers soon!

  7. I smiled today because many strides were made on me adjusting to my new life as an expat in Korea. 1. Found the library! tons of great new adventures to read! 2. Made delish pizza with my husband 3. Practiced for the Zumba class I’m subbing this thursday!
    DANCIN always makes me happy!!

  8. Tina, continued prayers to things turn around for you soon…I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be!
    My husband made me happy today just for saying thank you for making his smoothie. 🙂

  9. This morning I was sitting at work, writing my draft for a blog post about my Sunday. In the post, I wrote about how I played hide and go seek with a 3 year old cancer patient at the hospital I work at yesterday. Remembering his smile and giggles made me smile. My favorite patients at the hospital are the cancer kids, because so many of them are in such good spirits. To see a child, who is fighting something bigger than themselves, smile, laugh, and play… you can’t help but be inspired by their strength.

  10. I know that feeling all too well! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    I woke up smiling today because I am proud of myself for accomplishing big goals this weekend!

  11. Awww, too bad you are feeling bad again, but I’m glad that video made you smile! Pugs are the best 🙂 Hope your day gets better!!

  12. Well, I’m eating some super yummy oats right now.. so that always make me happy. I hope your day turns around soon! Feel better!

  13. Hi Tina,

    I am just catching up on your blog posts from the past week- and I am so sorry you aren’t feeling well. In addition to getting a new doctor who answers your phone calls, I would also make one more recommendation: go to a really great acupuncturist. No, they can’t cure it all but a good acupuncturist can help balance the body out and perhaps lessen the degree of pain and discomfort you are in. My sister had severe stomach issue for 4 years & went to every doctor there was. Then she started acupuncture & herbs and a lot of it cleared up.
    So I hope you give it a shot- I know from reading your blog that you have done it in the past for hip issues and got some relief.

    Feel better soon- and don’t put up with that crap doctor. If you have Colitis and have to live with it for a while, you should find someone who really listens and cares for you in your visits.

    I hope today turns into a better day. 🙂

  14. Sorry your day is off to a bad start. I have to drink Ensure occasionally. I mix mine in a blender with ice. It dilutes the sweetness and turns it into milkshake consistency. Hope things turn around soon!

  15. Hi Tina. I’ve never really had any GI problems to speak of, so I’m probably not the best person to be giving advice. However, I can’t help but notice that you’ve been consuming a lot of processed foods (store-bought cake, Ensure, canned soups, etc). I know you’ve been opting for “bland” foods, but so many of these things are full of unnatural ingredients (which can’t be good for us) and few nutrients. Perhaps just focusing on unprocessed foods will help a bit? Fruit, some veggies, oatmeal, quinoa, nuts, etc. Hope you feel better soon!

      1. @Tina: @michelle – I have IBS with chronic diarrhea… when I have flare ups, I have to eat almost exactly like Tina is… give my body a rest. Otherwise, I’m miserable until things finally settle down. Chicken noodle soup, white rice and bagels are what I turn to first. Lots of hot non herbal tea, too.

      2. @Tina: You might want to get a second opinion. Sometimes medical drs don’t really know much about nutrition and diet. You also might want to look into reading the book: _Breaking the vicious cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet_

  16. Hi Tina,
    I’m sure the comments have already listed this idea, but just in case, a family member had something very similar and he started getting acupuncture. It is really the only thing that helped. He was in rough shape and now for the most part can manage pretty well!! He has the very rare flare up, maybe once a year or less even…
    You will get through this. Just take it easy and keep trying! I’ve had the same damn hip overuse injury that eventually caused a really bad limp. it’s been 10 months and i can see the light finally! the limp is very slight, very slowly going away i hope. not the same i know, but some things take time to figure out and heal. my vote is for alternative medicine all the way for something like this.

  17. I just discovered Janae’s blog (Hungry Runner Girl) and reading through some of her archives really put a smile on my face- love her style of writing and humor!

  18. Sorry you are feeling poopy again (yes pun intended)
    Focus on the good moments and i truly hope they keep getting longer and overtake the bad ones
    My doodle made me smile today, she is just so darn cute 🙂

  19. I’m so sorry you feel bad. Feeling bad is the pits! But this video is a great way to perk up.. I can’t believe their dog lets them do that! Have you tried Murphy? Our dog sheds her little white hairs like crazy- this would make house cleaning a lot easier.

    Hope your day isn’t “crappy”. :/ My husband had a lot of gut problems when we lived in Africa… no one can appreciate how much it can get you down when your body isn’t cooperating with you and when you don’t understand why or how to fix it. Stinks.
    Feel better soon.

  20. Tina-
    I really hope you are feeling better soon! I too have some Ensure suggestions bc I agree the flavor by itself is just a little too sweet. If you really want it to taste like a shake put it in a blender with some ice! Any flavor works! You can even get better nutrition by putting fruit and the vanilla together and making a smoothie! But the coffee might taste exactly like Starbucks or Mary Lous! good luck and keep your head up!

  21. I wonder if what you have may be just a bug of some sort..like a bacteria thing? Then there would be an end in sight!

    Thing that made me smile? Being able to finally share some fantastic news!

  22. Sorry you are feeling icky again. 🙁 I hope everything settles down soon.

    The more pug-love I see on here, the more you are making me want one! 🙂

  23. I’m only fourteen and i love reading your blog btw but I had the same issues at the end of 2010. We found out I had ulcerative colitis that triggered what was a mild case of IBS to become very prominent in my life. Now i can’t deal with dairy, and carbonation is my absolute WORST enemy. But apparently there may be a way to make it so I can have dairy by slowly adjusting my body to it and by eliminating stress from my life. ( Stress was the #1 cause of the ulcers!) I don’t know if any of this helps or its just babbleing but I know how you feel and do know it is the WORST feeling ever. Hope you find out whats wrong asap!

  24. Hey Tina,
    I’m sure hundreds of people have offered personal experience and advice. I just wanted to throw in that my brother had ulcertive colitis when he was little. He went into remission, but it resurfaced years later. He ended up having a surgery to remove the part of his colon that was destroyed by the illness. It wasn’t the prettiest surgery in the world, but he no longer has symptoms and I think he only takes a few medications now, none on an everyday basis. I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling with this illness. Having witnessed it myself, I know exactly all the pain and discomfort you are enduring. With that, I’m sending you well wishes and hope you find a solution soon.

  25. Hang in there Tina. I’ve had stomach issues my entire life, and get so frustrated when it takes you down. I do agree with Kat to try an acupuncturist, or perhaps look into Reikki. The power of energy within your body can often help heal the body from within. I don’t mean to sound so “out there” but I truly believe in mind over body can help too.

  26. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well today. I am in having a tough day with my stomach issues as well. It’s so frustrating and I hope when I meet my new doctor on Friday she has more information to help me figure this out.

    My little dachshund makes me smile every morning 🙂

    Feel better!

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