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Last Sunday, after running 3.1 miles and drinking 4.5 beers, it was time for some (junk) food!

Both Mal and I have a minor obsession with Spike’s Junkyard Dogs. Before we moved in together, Mal practically lived across the street from the Allston location, and because we were both poor grad students, we ate at Spikes a lot. Honestly, we probably ate there once a week! I’m pretty sure I have tried every single hot dog on the Spike’s menu. (I know you’re impressed! 😉 )

I’ve always enjoyed Spike’s funky “junkyard” decor, which includes everything from treaded steel walls and wire fencing to old street signs and hubcaps. Basically, it has “artsy” objects that you would maybe find at a dump.

When you enter Spike’s, you see lots of vivid colors– yellows, reds, and blues dominate the decor as well as the Spike’s Junkyard Dogs logo/sign.

The junkyard-inspired decor is a bit over the top, but it makes Spike’s a fun place to eat!

Actually, what makes Spike’s such a fun place to eat (besides the delicious hot dogs) is the canine-themed menu, which includes hot dog names like the “German Shepard” and “The Mutt.”

My favorite Spike’s Hotdog is the “57 T-Bird,” which is honey mustard and Swiss cheese on a hot dog. It is SO GOOD! I also like the classic “Junkyard Dog,” which is mustard, tomato, pickle, hot peppers, and scallions on top of a dog. Also, a delicious choice!

Spike’s curly fries are excellent, too!

From the Spike’s website:

Spike’s hot dogs are specially made, jumbo 100% all beef dogs. They are served on hot soft French rolls that are freshly baked on the premises all day long, and they are available with a wide variety of the highest quality and freshest toppings in custom combination to suit every taste.

Spike’s guarantees that their hot dogs are 100% beef, naturally flavored, never frozen, made without fillers, by-products or sweeteners. The hot dogs themselves are delicious and not artificial tasting like some other hot dogs. (The veggie dogs, on the other hand, were mushy and weird. I’m not a fan!) Spike’s hot dog buns are also worth noting since they are very much like warm, chewy, crusty French bread. Mmmmm!

The combo of Spike’s hot dog + toppings + bun results in one tasty, satisfying dog! I may not be a hot dog connoisseur, but I know a good thing when I taste it! Spike’s hot dogs are THE BEST! :mrgreen:

P.S. Make sure you bring cash because Spike’s doesn’t take debit/credit cards.

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