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Good morning!

How’s the week going so far? I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. Gotta love those Monday holidays!

My Tuesday started bright and early like it usually does with a “baba,” cuddles, and an iced coffee on the couch with my favorite boy while watching “Mutt and Stuff.” Quinn loves this show. He gets such a kick out of the dogs!

IMG_7231 (1024x1024)


THAT HAIR. I know it’s just about time to cut it, but it’s so darn cute, I’m waiting as long as possible.

After I dropped off Quinn at daycare, I went for a 5-mile run, which wasn’t pretty, but I’m glad I got out there. (I’m still waiting to hear back from my doctor about the platelet stuff. Blah.)

IMG_7237 (960x960)

Speaking of running, I received a great question from a reader that I am curious about too, so I wanted to share it on CNC with the hopes of other local runners weighing in:

I am training for a fall marathon and live in the South Shore of MA.  I must live close to you because you frequent some of my favorite spots 🙂 I’m wondering if you have some suggestions for good long run spots, I saw you posted something about running at Southfield a few weeks ago.  Currently I just run around my neighborhood, I would love any suggestions you may have.

I’m looking for nearby running trails too, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Southfield (Weymouth/Rockland) – I did almost all of my long runs for the Boston Marathon here. The main access road from Weymouth to Rockland is just about 3.5 miles and then there are another few miles around the condos and commuter rail station. You could easily run 10 (or 20!) miles there.
  • Bare Cove Park (Hingham) – I love Bare Cove Park. It’s a wonderful place to run (ocean views!) and it’s also a dog park. I did a 10-miler there right after the marathon.
  • Pond Meadow Park (Weymouth/Braintree) – I’ve never done a long run here, but it’s a great place to run. It’s pretty with lots of hills! And you might see a KFIT bootcamp there!
  • Route 228 (Hingham) – I haven’t run here yet, but Mal did his long run here the other day and really enjoyed it. He ran from Scarlet Oak Tavern to Wompatuck State Park, which is also a nice place to run, but I would definitely run with a friend there. It’s pretty desolate in certain places!
  • Forge Pond Park (Hanover) –  I haven’t run here yet either, but I found this park when Googling for nearby running trails. It’s intended for athletic events (i.e. soccer games), but there are miles of walking trails that surround the property, so I think you could run there too?

And here are some photos from my Tuesday!

Breakfast: Oatmeal with mango, banana, chia seeds, and shredded coconut + iced coffee.

IMG_7253 (1024x1024)

I worked for awhile and then picked up Quinn for a doctor’s appointment, which was both fun and frustrating. Quinn was in a great mood and we laughed a lot, but we waited for 2 hours and some of you guys know how hard it is to entertain a toddler for that long. Thank goodness for snacks, toys, and silly games!

IMG_7265 (1024x1024)

After our appointment, we battled rush hour traffic for nearly an hour, so I was more than ready for some wine! And pita chips!

IMG_7267 (1024x1024)

Mal made dinner, which was pork stuffed with cranberries and stuffing and marinated Brussels sprouts (both from Trader Joe’s). Yum!

IMG_7269 (1024x1024)

The end.

Question of the Day

Local runners: Where do you run?

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