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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I didn’t get home until super late last night, so I decided to save my recap of dinner and the concert for this morning. I’m sure you understand, right? 😉

Early in the evening, Mal and I headed to the Atlantic Beer Garden to meet some friends before the Ray LaMontagne and David Gray show at the Bank of America Pavilion.


I started with an Allagash White at the bar.


Allagash White is my go-to beer for summer. It’s perfect for warm weather! 😀



When the roof deck opened, we headed upstairs to finish our beers and enjoy the view of the Boston skyline and harbor.

Recognize my dress? My blog buddy, Kath, gave it to me. It’s made by Mahi Gold and it was so comfortable to wear! 😀



With dinner, I enjoyed another Allagash White.


And shared a plate of nachos with Mal.


The nachos were nothing special– just your typical bar nachos with lots of cheese and limited toppings, but they totally hit the spot. I can’t remember the last time I had nachos!

Ray LaMontagne opened for David Gray, so we made sure not to miss a single second of his performance.


Most of the songs that Ray played were from his newest album, which was released yesterday. I really liked his new stuff. I definitely need to get my hands on his new album.


Concertgoers: Mal, Josh, and Danielle! 😀


David Gray was full of energy and amazing as usual, but last night’s set was so similar to the show I went to in October, I didn’t get to hear anything “new.” Of course, I enjoyed seeing David in concert, but I was a little bummed. He did, however, play an outstanding acoustic version of “Shine,” which made me happy!


David played a number of songs that “brought me back.” I first started listening to DG in the summer of 2000 when I lived on Block Island with some college girlfriends. Pretty much any song from his White Ladder album brings me back to that summer.


Similarly, anytime I hear “The One I Love,” I think of Mal and cutting the cake on our wedding day.



This morning’s breakfast included lots of nut butter! I spread cashew butter on my whole wheat toast and peanut butter on the extra banana pieces. Mmm!


Mal offered to grab Starbucks, so I’m waiting on an iced soy latte right now! 😉


Question of the Day

What song(s) bring you back to special times in your life?

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  1. When I hear Butterfly Kisses it makes me tea up because that’s what my dad and danced to at my wedding! And God Bless the Broken Road for my husband’s and I’s first song together!

  2. I love cashew butter! So rich and decadent! Glad you had a great night. Canon in D always reminds me of our wedding. Enigma always takes me back to when my husband and I first met. James Taylor is a huge childhood memory of mine!

  3. I don’t like country music now but there is something about old 90’s country that makes me so nostalgic anytime i listen to it! I grew up in a very small town so whenever I”m driving home I like to listen to my mix compilation “bad country for the road!”

  4. I have a playlist on my iPod that reminds me of the summer after my senior year. Coldplay’s Viva la Vida, Augustana’s Sweet and Low, and Blink-182’s Going Away to College. I’m practically tearing up just thinking about it!!

  5. Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight.” It was played at my parents wedding (my mom and my stepdad) and it’s been my favorite song of all time since then. Also, anything by Matchobox 20/Rob Thomas takes me back to my first year of college b/c my roommate was obsessed with him!

  6. Lucky by Jason Mraz is a song that will now forever take me back to the first dance at my wedding.

    And then there is Men At Work…that reminds me of being 5 yrs old and coloring in my Barbie coloring books!

  7. you and Mal are so cute Tina! My hubby is out of town for work and you all make me miss him! Also, we got a 6 1/2 week old lab pup Friday night. she is a doll but bites my toes non-stop and she will not sleep in her bed. she likes to sleep right next to me and my hub. haha. Did Murph do the same things and do they stop soon (mainly the biting!). Thank you!

  8. This is going to sound so weird, but Miley Cyrus’s “See You Again” totally brings me back to a few years ago. My friends and I had all graduated college a few years before that and we had a reunion at our alma mater for a masters graduation ceremony. We went out clubbing and must have danced to that song 5 or 6 times that night. It just felt so fun and wonderful to have us all together again.

  9. The song “Why does love do this to me” by the Exponents brings me back to my study abroad in New Zealand. My friends and I loved that song so much, and only after a few months did we learn it wasn’t new. It was recorded in 1992.

  10. This morning driving to work I heard Fall Out Boy Sugar We’re Going Down, and I was immediately brought back to the fall of my senior year of college. Made me so sad.

  11. I love David Grey! His voice is so unique/beautiful. Did he play “This Years Love”? That song makes me think of my freshman year of college – I played his music at night to have something to relax/fall asleep to in a noisy dorm.

  12. I love both Ray and David Gray! They are two of my favorites! I started listening to some of the newer David Gray stuff when I was reading this really long, crazy, depressing book so unfortunately many of his songs remind me of that weird book. But I still love them!

  13. I *love* your dress!

    For me, Here Comes the Sun always brings back the beautiful sunrise I watched over Uluru, because my brother used that song as the soundtrack to a montage of video we made of it. I’ll never forget the brilliant reds, pinks, yellows and oranges of that gorgeous Australian monument…

  14. Pearl jam always reminds me of high school…my friends and I were obsessed with Eddie Vedder, ha. I had a good friend from grad school who lived on block island for a few summers. She loved it!

  15. Mmmmmmmmmmmm that nacho plate looks SO GOOD!!!!!!!! Mike and I love big nacho platters!!!

    Loving your dress, such a great pic of you and Mal!

    A song that brings me back to a special time is actually a funny one, I dont know who sings it or name, but its the rap song that says ‘ boots with the fur, whole club is looking at her, shorty got low low low low’ lol! Its a song Mike and I heard at the bar we wnet to on our first date!

  16. I love Ray LaMontagne! I actually (very non-traditionally) walked down the isle to his song
    “Be Here Now” at my wedding last September. Every time I hear it I think of that moment… walking arm in arm with my Dad seeing the love of my life waiting to marry me.

  17. I LOVE David Gray. That concert looks amazing!
    I have so many songs that bring me back it’s rediculous…but “Why Cant I” by Liz Phair or “Headstrong” by Trapt haha brings me back to my senior year of high school FOR SURE.
    Anything by OAR brings me instantly to college 🙂

  18. I love atlantic beer garden!! Those nachos look delicious.. I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I go!

    I love songs that bring me back to times in my life, but I generally can’t ever remember them until I hear them!! Rihanna Umbrella brings me back to Wednesday nights at college!

  19. <3 David Gray

    "go on" by Jack Johnson reminds me of a trip, in which I did much reflecting on a huge decision I had recently made that I wasn't sure about. I had it playing during a run on the trip, which brought me to tears. Turns out the decision was perfect, in the long run, so this song brings good memories!

  20. super cute dress. the concert looks fun!

    any songs from when i was in high school remind me of those days. there is an xm station from the 90’s and 2000’s and I like to listen to it!

  21. I totally killed David Gray’s White Ladder album during a breakup in 2000 and unfortunately it totally takes me back to that poopy ex boyfriend! Oh well. But Dave Matthews Band “Crash” reminds me of summer at age 16. Oh my =)

  22. I feel like such a debbie downer saying this, but most of the songs that have a memory with me are ones I listened to getting over a boy or getting through a breakup. Although I do love the 90s songs like Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, and of course the Macarena because that’s what I grew up on and they make me remember being a carefree little girl 🙂

  23. I just returned from my summer out on block island! I have done it for three years and I love it out there. I had no idea you had been, Where did you work?

  24. Sounds like a fun night! I saw David Gray in concert in the spring and I thought he put on a pretty good show! Love the dress!

  25. I actually walked down the aisle to a gospel choir rendition of Ray LaMontagne’s “You Are the Best Thing”

  26. I think that dress is so cute! I recognized it right away. I checked out the Mahi Gold website and found lots of great things.
    Wilson Philips was the first CD I owned as a young girl. I know, to say it now is a little embarrassing, but it reminds me of summers and playing in our plastic pool on the porch! Great days of youthful innocence.

  27. Oooooh jealous of that concert! I would love to see Ray LaMontagne and David Gray! Many songs take me back! DMB reminds me of high school/college. My wedding first dance was “Push”, by Sarah McLachlan. Also wedding father/daughter dance song was “Sailing” by Christopher Cross, BECAUSE it reminds me of him. 🙂

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