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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Last night, I spent nearly an hour looking through old photos and reminiscing about my life. I love being able to bring myself back to those moments in time. But, until last night, I didn’t realize just how much some things never change.

A year ago, Mal and I lived in South Boston with Murphy. Back then, Murph was just a small puppy (probably half of his weight now). He grew into a pug monster, but looking through old photos, I see that some things never change for this furball.

Murphy still takes long walks around the neighborhood.



And supervises any car cleaning that may happen.



He still makes friends at the dog park.


And learns new doggie tricks.

IMG_9732.JPG IMG_9733.JPG

It’s fun to see how some things stayed the same for Murphy in the past year. Plus, he still loves peanut butter and Big Bone, and does “elephant butt” when he gets excited. And, of course, he has his same goofy, yet lovable pug personality.

Similarly, I feel like certain things in my life (and personal characteristics) will probably never change, like my:

  • Love for pugs
  • Obsessive list-making (clearly)
  • Dislike for water chestnuts and Red Bull
  • Participation in Body Pump
  • Fixation with odd numbers
  • Weakness for cream cheese (ok, any) frosting
  • Tendency to laugh at just about any fart joke
  • Ability to fall asleep in a moving car within 10 minutes
  • Fear of spiders

Obviously, life never stays the same, but it’s interesting to think about the ways that it does not change. Personally, I love change and actively seek it out. It keeps life interesting! :mrgreen:


This morning, I combined breakfast with dessert to make Apple Crisp Oatmeal. Mmm! πŸ˜€


In the mix: leftover apple crisp, oats, soy milk, walnuts, and raisins. My goodness, this breakfast was delicious!!


Question of the Day

What things about you/your life will likely never change?



  1. Let’s see…things that will never change…my soft spot for animals, my obsession with Chipotle, my uncontrollable need to plan every minute of my day, and my love of old sitcoms!

  2. My need for everything to be clean and in it’s place will not change. Inherited it from my Mom (she obsessively cleaned and every fall and spring cleaning was an event for her), but she’s finally relaxed in retirement so I’m all alone! And now she asks me why I am so anal retentive…um, I got it from you Ma!

  3. My love for expensive handbags, shoes, chocolate, wine.
    My obsession with food network (food in general…haha)
    My FEAR (and I mean true phobia) of spiders

  4. there are two major things that i’ve fought against my entire life and now embrace:

    1. i hate exercise
    2. i love laaaaarge amounts of food.

    through my blog, i’ve found a way to accept and come to peace with both of those things, instead of feeling guilty.

  5. Oooh, I will never stop being scared of spiders. Last night I actually couldn’t fall asleep because I was convinced my roommate’s habit of leaving open our windows let one in and it was in the room. Ugh, I hate them!!

  6. (OK, “elephant butt” rules!)

    A few days ago I pulled our wedding album out of storage. In January we’ll be celebrating our 10-year anniversary (which is just impossible to believe), and we were reminiscing. Mostly about the dogs: see, we were married in my in-laws’ home, with family and friends around us. And our 3 family dogs were outside. Two of them have since passed away, and the third is now 12 years old. There’s a picture of the 3 of them in the album, and one of our favorite photos is me hugging Tundra, our Malamute.
    Of course, there have been many changes since then; we now have 2 kids, we’ve moved from L.A. to San Francisco, and we’ve both changed careers. But we have our 12 year-old dog, and there are still 2 other family dogs!
    And I still stalk the neighbors’ cats (we can’t have one, Hubby is allergic), feed the ducks and geese, and make silly puns.

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