Some Days, We Just Have Bad Days

Hello, Carrots N’ Cake readers! Like you, I have read Tina’s blog FOREVER and I am stoked to share with you some hopefully helpful running ideas.

If you are a reader of HungryRunnerGirl you may know that I have a little itty bitty obsession with running. Not because every run is rainbows and butterflies or because I achieve a personal record at every race, but because of the feeling of accomplishment that I get after a run.

As awesome as I think running is, there is a little part of the sport that really stinks: BAD DAYS!!! It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, whether you are an elite runner aiming to win a large marathon or someone like my dad trying to lose some weight because of a health scare…

Some Days, We Just Have Bad Days.

We don’t finish our run, we are slower than ever, it hurts physically or we are mentally burnt out. There is no escaping it. But there are ways to deal with a bad run or workout – get over it and have many GREAT running days in the future.

1. Look back on previous runs (one of my favorite parts of having a blog/running journal) and remember the AWESOME runs you have had in the past. Remember that everyone has off days, talk to some of your ‘runner’ friends to be reassured that they have bad days too!

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2. Do something to distract yourself. Remember that you have SO many talents and skills that you can refocus your attention on. There is so much more to us than we think. Gain that confidence that you missed from your run/race/workout by learning something new, doing a project or spending time on another passion.

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Doing it on your treadmill in your Christmas PJ’s with a jug of chocolate milk is completely optional.

3. Pout about it for a little while, write down what you learned from your run or what you can do different next time and put it behind you. Don’t let it infect your love for running and remember why you love to run.

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4. Spend time with people that make you happy. Hug them. As Kara Goucher says, “Running isn’t going to tuck you in at night.”

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Yes, my best friend (besides my husband) in the whole wide world is a five-year old.

5. Sometimes, a bad running day is your body’s way of yelling at you to take a break and eat a tub of ice cream (for me at least).

_5 (500x334)

I really did come home from a bad run, plop myself on the couch with my gallon of happiness and watched 3 hours of ‘Make It or Break It’ (a TV show about gymnasts, very dramatic… made to entertain tweens and a 25 year old me) to get over a bad run.

Question: How do you get over a bad workout?


  1. I love your blog so much! And “Make it or break it” is for 29 year olds who still think they are tweens too. 😀

  2. Such a treat reading one of my favorite bloggers on another of my favorite bloggers page!

    Whenever I feel like I had a “bad” workout, I just think of what I can do better tomorrow and plan for a harder and stronger workout… Over the years, I’ve become more accepting of myself and understand that I’m sometimes going to have a rough day but cannot let that affect me!

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