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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

Yesterday morning, I was in the mood for a two-ingredient pancake, but I wanted something a little different for breakfast, so I whipped up some Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter to spread on top.

IMG_5455 (750x563)

Mmm”¦ the Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter was so good. It tasted more like pumpkin and cinnamon than it did peanut butter, but it was nice and thick, so it was a satisfying addition to my breakfast.


Speaking of satisfying additions, I made my two-ingredient pancake with two eggs instead of one, and I like how it turned out a lot better than the original recipe. It’s bigger and fluffier. Plus, two eggs are more satisfying than one! I also drank a glass of iced Dandy Blend with half & half.



After breakfast, I did a little work and then drove to Pond Meadow Park to meet my friend Kerrie for a run.

IMG_5466 (563x750)

It was 45 degrees outside, so I broke out my (ridiculously colorful) winter running gear. Brrrrrr!

IMG_5464 (750x563)

I was really cold when I first started running, but not even 5 minutes later, I was warm and totally fine. I always hate those first few minutes though! Man, I hope I’m ready for winter running. I don’t have a gym membership anymore, so no treadmills for me this year. I guess I can’t be a wuss about running outside!

photo (560x750)

Kerrie and I ran a speedy two miles together around the park. We made plans to get together at Starbucks afterward, so we walked back to our respective cars and planned to meet there.

photo (1) (750x560)

As soon as I got into my car, I blasted the heat and then entered my miles into DailyMile on my iPhone (Electric Miles app). I record every single mile I run in DailyMile as a way to keep me motivated. I’m also a big fan of tweeting about my workouts, posting photos on Instagram, and creating various “fitspiration” boards on Pinterest. Doing these things keep me accountable, motivated, and organized. I also love following and interacting with other health and fitness enthusiasts on these channels because they constantly inspire me and give me great ideas that help make me a healthier person.


At Starbucks, while I worked with Kerrie, I sipped on a decaf caramel brulee Americano with a splash of milk. It was my first red cup of the year, and it was, oh, so delicious!

IMG_5472 (750x563)

Plank Challenge

Yesterday’s Plank Challenge workout totally slipped my mind. I didn’t even think about it until late in the day yesterday. Sorry, guys! I ended up doing a workout that I made up a few weeks ago for Health: 10-Minute Plank Workout. It’s a good one! Let me know what you think of it!

Question of the Day

Do you use social media (blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) to tell people about your workouts? Why or why not?



  1. If I have a particularly noteworthy workout – i.e. I run significantly longer than I ever have before or set a new personal record in a race, I may make a quick mention of it on twitter or facebook. It’s awesome when my fitness minded friends offer up a bit of encouragement 🙂 Beyond that, though, I keep my fit-tracking to myself and my training calender. I’m aware that plenty of my real-life friends on my social media programs probably don’t give a rats ass about my routine workouts!

  2. Those first 5 minutes of cold running are awful! Ugh. Of course, knowing I’d have a red cup waiting for me after might make it more bearable.

    I will tweet a new PR or a good run, but I don’t use it for every workout.

  3. Wait… obsessed with those tights! I need to get myself a pair of some fun ones like that!! I hate being cold when I’m running so I always end up overdressing when in reality, it’s only cold for the first 10 minutes or so. My hands are always freezing though. I think social media really does have an effect on workouts. We end up being able to see what other people are doing for some motivation, or even just some workout ideas. Great post 🙂

  4. Ooh, what a shame I have some leftover sweet potato puree in the fridge. I know what concoction is going on my morning oatmeal!

    I use FB to update my evening workouts and they seem to be the most popular posts. (Of course I don’t use FB or Twitter more than 2-3x day because I don’t want to go from updating to inundating)

  5. I also like the color of your running tights but that brand is so expensive! It seems like I am in the minority with regards to your question of the day. I don’t like using social media to post my exercise. I’ll post something significant – like finishing a marathon, but in terms of smaller races and daily workouts, I don’t think they are exciting for others to read, and I don’t ever want to seem like I’m bragging about a fast race or winning my age group. Also, I workout mainly for myself and I don’t feel like I’m dependent on external motivation.

    Thats not to say that others need to feel the same way – I totally understand using social media sites as a way to get motivated and would never want to discourage others from doing so!

  6. Hey Tina, would you consider doing a post on winter running gear (or if you’ve already done one, directing me to it)? I go to school in Rochester, NY, and it’s already snowed a little here. I just got back into running this past May, so I haven’t had to run in the cold yet, but I hate running on treadmills so much that I want to buy some good winter running gear so I can keep it up outside throughout the winter. I figure since you’re in Boston you probably have a good idea on what it takes to run in the cold 🙂

  7. Caramel Brulee Americano sounds really good. Now that you put the idea in my head I will think about it nonstop until I finally try it. I love using DailyMile to keep track of my workouts. At first I was resistant to joining because it seemed like another annoying thing to do, but I really like that I have a log of every workout I’ve done over the last two years. I also really love the comments and motivation I get from other people, most who are strangers. It’s pretty cool to motivate each other even if you don’t know each other, as well as get advice and opinions. I like working out and then having a few people tell me ‘good job!’

  8. I do sometimes share my workouts on Facebook and Twitter. I use my Twitter solely for health and fitness items related to my blog so obviously that is a must! On Facebook, I am in some fitness groups (And friends with the members) so if I’m especially proud of a workout, I will share it there too.

    And I was so excited to see the red cups too!

  9. loooove those running tights!! now that the cold weather is around, they sure are crucial. i need to start using daily mile to keep better track of runs. depending on the day/workout, i use different apps and ways of keeping track, but it would be nice to have one place for it all.

  10. I am going to be trying that pumpkin peanut butter spread. I sometimes talk about my workouts on my blog, but not always. I would probably talk about them more, but they’ve been a little few and far between lately. 😉

  11. Social media is a great way to keep myself accountable! I try to keep the “I just worked out!” Face book posts to a minimum though. I think it annoys my friends after a while 🙂
    I like using pinterest, twitter, and of course blogs. Endomondo is great too. It’s a lot like Daily Mile, but I prefer the interface of Endomondo more.

  12. I also log all of my running miles on Daily Mile! I LOVE it, and I have it set so it tweets whenever I add in a run. Sadly it’s been blank for over 2 weeks because of an injury. It kills me not to be logging miles! My dad also uses daily mile and he puts everything in there, he says he does it because he likes to have a lot of miles even if they’re from the elliptical! Haha whatever motivates him!

  13. I feel that blogging is the best way to keep my workouts accountable. I don’t use twitter a lot for fitness related things but I should probably start doing that. CWX makes the best running tights in the world and i love the colors! Where did you get those glove because I need to invest in a good pair for running. I usually just buy the C9 brand at target.

  14. I gave up my gym membership last January when I started CrossFit Endurance/CrossFit. Now I’m paying for CF and yoga so there will definitely not be a gym membership (aka no treadmills) in my future! I’m looking forward to your tips for running in winter weather!

  15. Great idea with the pumpkin PB, yum!! Great job with the cold weather run… I’m too much of a wuss to brave the cold outdoors. 😉 Yes, I do find it motivating sometimes to post a workout or post-workout sweaty pic up on Twitter or Instagram.
    Gotta love the red Starbucks cups!! 🙂

  16. I would love to know what kind of running socks you wear in the really cold weather? I am off to get some new stuff today, so i can stop using the weather as an excuse 🙂

  17. Can you make some recommendations for winter running gear? I got rid of my gym membership too because I very recently started running outside. Well, runnnig/walking. But I have completely stopped the past couple weeks because it is just too cold.

  18. I use my blog more than anything to update my workouts. It helps keep me accountable and I’m hoping to make something out of it. I don’t tweet as much now that I’m deployed, but will get back into it when I get home. The pumpkin peanut butter sounds amazing and right up my ally – I LOVE brown sugar and peanut butter together!

  19. I definitely need to get some cold weather running gear. I’m not ready for winter!

    I log my workouts on my blog as well as a site to keep me accountable. Ever since I started logging daily, I’ve been able to keep up with working out like I never have before. It’s an oddly powerful method of staying motivated.

  20. Love the colourful running pants!!! Where are they from? I’m more of a food than a fitness blogger but I use daily mile to share my workouts; I share because I always feel motivated by others so I’d hope my sharing does the same! 🙂

  21. I love the bright running clothes! I have worn a hot pink shirt and purple capris for running and lately my favorite is a neon green shirt! At least people see you coming. I log my workouts on my blog and occasionally on twitter or facebook. It’s more for my records than accountability but I like the comments and encouragement.

  22. Wow, those pants ARE seriously bright!

    I love your two-recipe pancake but almost always use two eggs. I was afraid it would taste way too egg-y and not sweet enough, but it doesn’t, and it definitely sticks together better!

  23. Im gave up my treadmill too so now i will have to run outside too:) I dont use social media to tell ppl about my workout mostly bcuz i cant keep up with all the posting/tweeting. But that daily mile looks interesting since most ppl on there would be runners! I love those tights! where did u buy them?

  24. Great topic about the use of social media for telling people about personal workouts! It’s something I’ve actually thought quite a bit about. I’m a newbie blogger, so I’m still trying to figure out my boundaries around what things I want to share & how and what things I don’t want to share & why.

    So far, I’ve opted to not share my daily workouts. I did it one time at the very beginning and it didn’t sit right with me. My reasoning has been because I think it may seem kind of flashy, like “look at me & what I did!!”(similar to people posting stuff on their facebook etc. that makes it look like their life is full of rainbows & butterflies). My other reason, related to the first, is that it may actually be discouraging to some readers instead of uplifting and motivating. For instance, someone who wasn’t able to or just didn’t get in a workout that day may look at my tweet about my “awesome 5 mile run” or whatever and feel less than or like a failure and get discouraged from working out. I don’t know if this is really the case or not, but I can certainly relate to that and think it might be possible. What I do instead is share some of the workouts I do in the form of posting the actual workout so that others can try it out if they would like to.

    I don’t personally mind if others post about their workouts, especially if it’s out of the intention to hold themselves accountable and stay self-motivated to workout. I think that’s great. Anything that helps people feel encouraged and motivates them to live an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle, I’m in support of :D. For now, at least, I’ve just decided that sharing my personal daily workouts isn’t for me.

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