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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Don’t get me wrong, I love dining out. But, I’ve gotten to that point where I am sick of eating out.

After seriously overindulging in San Francisco, going out to dinner 3 times this week (Masa, Shenanigan’s, and Jacob Wirth’s), and then eating breakfast at a diner this morning, I am done. It’s just too much for me. I actually feel sort of gross. 😕

Mal and I were supposed to have a fancy sushi dinner tonight for “date night,” but I’m pretty sure we’re going to cancel. I can’t even think about eating out again! I’m ready for a home-cooked meal!


It’s a gray, rainy morning in South Boston today, so I was in no rush to get my day started. Mal and I slept in until almost 9:00 before heading out to breakfast at Mul’s Diner.


Icky day. Boo.


I love Mul’s! Good food, quick and friendly service, cheap prices– I think it just might be our new breakfast place! 😀

The diner is so adorable with it’s old-fashioned tables, comfy booths, and counter seating, all of which is surrounded by bright red walls, black and white tiles, and vintage pieces on the walls. Love it!




I started with a mug of pumpkin spice coffee, which was a little weak.


But not weak enough to turn down a second cup! 😉 I love pumpkin coffee!


For breakfast, I ordered one egg over easy with homefries and raisin toast.


Yum!!! It doesn’t look like a lot of food, but it was the perfect amount. I left Mul’s feeling satisfied, not stuffed.



Friday Night

Our good friend, Jacky, is moving to Tahoe next week, so a huge group of us got together last night at Jacob Wirth’s to give her a proper send-off.


We had a rowdy bunch of 24!



We had heard good things about the Friday Night Sing-Alongs at Jacob Wirth’s, so we rallied the troops for a fun evening.



I requested Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’“! 😀


Dinner started with a few orders of Fried Pickles for the table.


Mal and I shared one. So delicious!


And then we had beer… lots and lots of it!


I had at least 3 beers last night… maybe 4? Ugh. Surprisingly, I wasn’t hungover this morning!


For dinner, Mal and I shared the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, which was made with elbow macaroni, a mild bleu cheese sauce, grilled chicken, and buffalo sauce.


The Mac and Cheese was GOOD! But, I think it could have been BETTER. It was a little watery and there wasn’t nearly enough buffalo sauce and bleu cheese for my liking.



Even still, Mal and I finished the meal.


And then came out the Bon Voyage Irish Car Bombs!


I chose not to participate, but my dear husband did! Poor Jacky could barely finish her Car Bomb!

Mal didn’t feel great when he woke up this morning, but the Eggs Benedict at Mul’s Diner definitely made him feel better.

We’re spending the rest of the morning in our “movie suits” and watching Slumdog Millionaire— I still can’t believe we haven’t seen it!



  1. That mac n’ cheese sound and looks like it was worth every fat-bursting molecule. Holy whoa. Looks like a fun Friday night out with friends.

    NYC is experiencing similarly gloomy weather this morning. I think the cozy diner was a comforting food route to take on a cruddy weather day. Saturday morning diner breakfasts are special.

  2. My boyfriend would have died and gone to heaven with that mac AND irish car bombs, such fun!

    I hear ya about feeling gross after eating out a lot. Although, it has all been in good company, so its worth it.

    Love Slumdog, enjoy!

  3. I know exactly how you feel about eating out too much. You’ve had some great workouts this week so I’m sure it’s all in your mind 🙂
    The mac & cheese does look a bit runny. Have you had the mac & cheese from Stephanies? It’s my fave!
    Enjoy the rainy day. You’re going to love Slumdog!

  4. OHHH.MY! That buffalo mac and cheese looks amazing – I’m considering driving to Boston right now! 🙂

    I know I’m about a week late but I’m just getting caught up! I wanted say a very HUGE CONGRATS on the book deal!!!! and to let you know it was so great to be able to finally meet you in San Francisco! After reading CNC for almost 2 years – I felt like I was meeting a celebrity! 😉

  5. I totally know what you mean. My bf likes to go out to eat a lot more than I do and since we’ve moved in together it’s been a problem for me. It makes me feel yucky 🙁

  6. We were going to go out to breakfast too this morning but opted to stay in due to the NASTY weather outside. Your breakfast looks great though, a good portion in my opinion too! There will be lots of movie watching here too…enjoy your day!

  7. I haven’t seen Slumdog either but I think we have it from Netflix right now. Maybe today will be Slumdog day for us, too. 🙂 I hear you on too much eating out. I feel the same way sometimes.

  8. Yeah I can’t eat out more than once a week or else I start to lose control of my healthy eating habits! Plus there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal sometimes. 🙂

    Oh man, Irish car bombs are reserved strictly for St. Patty’s day…I can barely handle them then, and very much so can relate to your friend who struggled to get it down. And the Baileys starts to curdle if you don’t chug it fast enough – SO gross! But fun, of course (lol).

  9. I feel the same way! I went to the Share Our Strength conference in DC last weekend and it was great but too many continental bfasts, boxed lunches, and banquet dinners. This weekend is my friend’s birthday so we’ve got celebration eating to do. I’m feeling icky and I know by the time I feel back to normal it’ll be Thanksgiving! Oh well, we only live once 🙂

  10. I know what you mean about eating out too much – by the end of a vacation I crave VEGETABLES and FRUIT! But it looks like you’ve been exercising and trying to make good choices whenever you can. Your egg white omelet looks yummy!

  11. I feel the same way about dining out often, even though I love trying out new restaurants.. I just have to make sure I balance it all out with enough time at home or else I definitely get an icky feeling.

    Btw, I still haven’t seen Slumdog either, so you two aren’t alone! Hope you like it. 🙂

  12. Totally understand that yucky feeling of eating out too much, a home cooked/made meal with bring a refreshing feeling to you!! Enjoy your morning and movie, haven’t seen that one yet either!

  13. I always feel gross after eating out too much because they always sneak oils and other ingredients in that I don’t normally consume. OMG I went to Jacob Wirth’s for the first time last week and I really liked it! I got the vegetarian chili and it was so good and really cheap when you aren’t drinking. Have a good weekend!

  14. Yup, as fun as eating out is, there comes a time when enough is enough! Too much a good thing can never be good—unless it’s nut butter, of course! 😀

  15. I am sorry the weather is not so pretty there but is the perfect day for a movie. I can not wait to here your reviews on Slum dog millionare I have yet to see it.

    Your lucky you didn’t drink an irish car bombs they feel like bombs in your stomach afterwards!

  16. So weird – I’m sitting in a salon waiting for my highlights to dry and reading my Google Reader blogs. Right when I read you requested Don’t Stop Believing it came on the radio!! Love when that happens.

  17. I have often wondered how you keep such balance in your life yet eat out so much! The prices kill me, the calories kill me, and the alcohol generally causes me to overindulge. I am becoming such a homebody. I love coming home after work, making dinner and having a glass of wine. Good for you for once again listening to your body and taking the night off from eating out! You can still have the date; just at home!

  18. That mac and cheese looks nuts! We once had “fried mac and cheese” in Colorado.. How wild is that?

    I haven’t commented in a while but wanted to say:
    1. great apartment
    2. love the pug (and I’m not usually a pug person)
    3. and I’m so jealous (read: happy for you) for your book deal… Way to go!

  19. looks like so much fun! i’ve had a couple of car bombs myself this week 😉
    same thing for eating out– i can’t do it too much or i feel like death. and CRAVE something homemade!!!
    have a great weekend and enjoy slumdog! jai ho 😀

  20. Love the sing-alongs at Jacob Wirth. So much fun! I didn’t have the buffalo mac and cheese when I was there; I just went with the regular kind. LOL.

  21. Ha I went out to dinner for the first time in awhile and I thought, “why don’t I do this more often?” But I know why…it’s too expensive and I tend to not order the healthiest thing (but not the most unhealthy either!). I guess I feel like I can get salad and grilled chicken at home so I don’t want to spend my money on it out. Therefore, it’s good I don’t eat out that much 🙂

    I was going to watch Slumdog with my boyfriend last night because we also feel like the last ones on earth who’ve yet to see it. But we got home from dinner too late and I knew I’d fall asleep halfway through! Maybe sometime today!

    Have a good one!

  22. Oh I really miss BOSTON! I will be in MA for Thanksgiving to see my folks and we plan on watching WV vs. Pitt somewhere in BOS. So many great sport bars, it’s hard to pick 🙂 I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my husband gets a job offer in Boston in the next 6 months so we can move back HOME!

    I am having sushi for dinner as well, but I can totally understand getting tired of eating out. Enjoy your night in and your homemade meal 😉

  23. i hear ya on not wanting to go out to eat for a long time!
    but it looks like you had a fab night with your friends…fried pickles and buffalo chicken mac and cheese! wow! hope you enjoy a nice rainy day!

  24. That’s totally how I felt on Wednesday on our last day of vacation in Texas. Everything was delicious, but I just couldn’t stand eating another meal out (especially since literally there was absolutely no healthy food anywhere!!). All the food at my party tonight is definitely healthy!

  25. I’m totally like your friend Jacky when it comes to taking shots. I can’t do them. This is probably a good thing.

    Enjoy Slumdog. Great movie.

  26. Sounds like a good time! I need to find people like that 😉 And I totally need a sing along place! I love to sing off key with a crowd who is with me in talent 😉

  27. I don’t like eating out a lot either. This summer I went to Disney World with my boyfriend and family. I had some really amazing meals there, but by the end of the week I couldn’t wait to go home and cook for myself.

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