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I just got the BEST deal at Old Navy: three new sports bras + another pair of Perfect 5” Shorts for $26! Booyah. I’m a shopping maniac.

Check this out: I saved 25% with the code BRONGAP25, cashed in a rewards card for $10, used $7 from an old gift card, and then got free shipping because my order was originally over $50. Oh, and I got 2% back from Ebates, so I spent even less than $26!


I was only planning to buy a few new sports bras to replace some of my nasty ones, but the Perfect 5” Shorts are on sale right now, so I snapped up another pair. I’ve been living in them the past few days. 

Now that marathon training has officially started, I decided to rotate out some of my gross, smelly workout gear. I generally keep fitness apparel until it’s physically falling apart or I can smell myself when I wear it. (I know, I’m gross.)

It actually takes a lot for me to get rid of workout gear. I have a few sports bras that are a good 3+ years old, which barely have any support left to them and smell absolutely disgusting, so I finally threw them away yesterday. (They were much to gross to donate!) Now, I am really psyched that I have new sports bras coming to me in the mail! I bet they’ll help me run faster.

I’ve recently started spraying my sweaty clothing with Febreze SPORT before I throw it into the laundry. The heat and humidity has been killer lately, so I’d rather not have my workout gear fester in its nastiness until I get around to washing it. The Febreze seems to be helping. At least it smells nice.

IMG_0005 (375x500)

How do you decide that it’s time to get rid of old workout gear? What finally makes you buy new stuff?


Today’s lunch was leftover salad with crumbled gorgonzola, a Dr. Praeger’s Sweet Potato Pancake, and Annie’s Goddess Dressing drizzled on top. I also made a chocolate-banana smoothie with a frozen banana, chocolate almond milk, and vanilla protein powder. Mmm! I want another one!

IMG_0005 (500x375)

I’m off to NuVal for the rest of the afternoon. Hope you’re enjoying the start to your week!



  1. I absolutely hang onto my stuff until it falls apart! Especially expensive sports bras. Those babies aren’t going anywhere until they’re useless ; )

  2. Ha! Hilarious. I really have to preserve my workout gear.. living in Holland everything is SO expensive because of the Euro, I just have to air it out (sorry boyfriend) or swoop up replacements with quality sales such as this one. I love Old Navy workout gear… they have the brightest colors and the quality is not bad either.

  3. I love those Old Navy shorts, got my online order last week and was so happy with them went online to order more today, but sadly there wasn’t my size left in colours I wanted 🙁

  4. I LOVE Old Navy deals! Once or twice a year, when they put all their clearance on 50% off, I’ll go there, scrounge up a 30% of coupon and save hundreds. Last time I did it I got $530 worth of clothes for me and my husband for $79!!

    The only reason I get rid of workout gear is when it gets stretched out and won’t stay up during workouts. Then it just gets relegated to pajama land. 🙂

  5. I RARELY buy new workout gear, unless you count the Champion sports bras from Target for $16.99. I have an addiction to those. I love those things and own tons…in all kinds of different colors and patterns.

    Love your new stuff 🙂

  6. I refuse to get rid of all the lululemon clothes that I accumulated during my time as an employee. Some of it is over 4 years old but I can’t let go, even if some items are too small (I was 18 when I started working there). For the most part, none of it has worn out- you really are paying for quality.

  7. I really like Old Navy’s new compression capris. I was able to get them for like $6 because I had an Old Navy groupon. I wish I could wear there sports bras but I need more support for my girls. I do like there tanks though!
    Congrats on your finds!

  8. I’m totally the same way – I still wear the same workout clothes from high school! Every couple of years though I find myself itching for some new stuff and I’ll go for it – but I still don’t throw out the old! 🙂

  9. Weird – we just bought stuff online last night and got 35% off instead. We used code BRONGAP35.
    Maybe you got a different email?

  10. Good score at Old Navy! I throw my stuff away when I notice any holes or tears or it’s losing support.

    I want to try that Febreze Sport stuff too, that’s s good idea.

  11. I had to replace my workout gear A LOT because I was losing weight and nothing fit. I bought new sports bras pretty routinely. Now that I’ve maintained my loss for almost 3 years I don’t buy new workout clothes that often…only when they are stretched out, or ripped.

  12. I just recently treated myself to two new sports bras, work out pants and a few running tanks from Victoria’s Secret!! Who knew they make work-out clothes!? They’re not available online but the Burlington, MA mall has a big section devoted to their workout gear… separate from their yoga clothes. I am super happy with them! In any case… I totally swapped out my old stuff for the the VS work out clothes and couldn’t be happier… I feel like the more support (and less nastiness) has helped my runs go more smoothly!!

  13. Ha I don’t throw away stuff unless it gets REALLY bad. When my sports bras lose support I just use them for yoga or strength-training. And I just wear tatty old t-shirts!

    I don’t scrimp on shoes though – those I replace regularly.

  14. Hi, Tina. I have a cheaper and more eco-friendly solution to your stinky workout clothes (a problem I share): white vinegar. Add a cup to your wash water. It will deodorize, cut through deodorant residue, and prevent sweat stains. It whitens and brightens them and is a natural fabric softener. I also add a few drops of tea tree oil for scent and further deodorizing.
    I buy gallons of white vinegar at Costco for less than $5 each.

  15. Love the fun patterns!! But do be careful with the (dark/bright) sports bras and light shirts (at least before they’ve been washed a few times) – I had a black Old Navy sports bra leak dye allll over a white running shirt last summer and I was furious!

  16. i’m a sucker for a good sale, so if I see something cute on the clearance rack I will probably buy it… whether I need it or not!!

    Old Navy has some really cute workout skirts on sale right now! I’ve never worn a workout skirt before, but I bought 2 the other day for SUPER cheap!

  17. Those are some really great deals! 🙂
    I think I own more workout clothes than “actual” clothes because I almost never throw my old stuff out.

  18. I love that febreeze! I hang my yucky sweaty clothes to dry then spray them..then they can wait for the washer for a few days without getting to yucky!

  19. Oooh I need some of that Febreeze Sport! I usually get rid of mine if it starts getting all pilly (never the case for Lulu gear though if you don’t put it in the dryer! But cycling shorts are another story…) or if it’s faded from so many washes. And sports bras.. well, if they’re not “doing their job” any more, they’re gone!

  20. I am in DESPERATE need for some new workout clothes, especially sports bras!! I love lululemon, but REFUSE to pay that much money for workout clothes (even though I’m in workout clothes more than any other kind of ensemble..). Thanks for the tip & discount code! I have a groupon for Old Navy that needs to be used ASAP so this post came at the perfect time 🙂

  21. I’m trying to get in the habit of buying 1 or 2 new workout items each year, and slowly getting rid of the old stuff in the process. Thanks for the laundry tip! It’s true that my clothes still smell sweaty even after I wash them and it might be because they sit in their own funk in my hamper for a few days (I’m also gross….)

  22. tips for stinky workout clothes…wash them separately from the rest of your clothes and add some baking soda and white vinegar along with the detergent. helps SO much!

  23. Wow. I really really need to get rid of some sports bras. I have had a majority of them since I was a sophomore in college (for some reason..that is the last time I splurged for the old sport bra..) annnd.. that was 6 years ago. Wow. Time to do some shopping… NOW

  24. I have a sports bra still from high school! 11 years ago! I can’t bring myself to throw it out b/c I use it just hanging around the house, it’s way too unsupportive for workouts anymore, but I like how loose it is for lounging 🙂

  25. I hang on to my workout clothes for FOREVER. I recently upgraded a few pieces, so now I wear my “good stuff” (sturdy sports bras, dry-wick tech shirts, etc) for more high impact workouts like running – and save the raggy t-shirts and sports bras for low impact stuff like bodypump.

  26. It’s so so difficult for me to find things that fit/that I like the feel of. I have these $8 shorts I got at Target that I wear every day to work out. They’ll have to disintegrate before I let them go. I doubt Old Navy’s sports bras would fit me… but I’m tempted to look. I can either get coverage or support with sports bras, but never both… so I end up wearing a double layer. Do the Old Navy bras provide both?


  27. I just got rid of a bunch of nasty workout clothes this weekend too! Target is my favorite place to go for inexpensive workout clothes… their sports bras especially are great! Glad you got such amazing deals at Old Navy! 🙂

  28. I’m like you! I keep my sports bras for way too long. I have some since I was in high school. I bought some sports bras from Old Navy, and they would be fantastic except I bought extra smalls, and they pretty much cut off my circulation. oops! I buy new sports attire when I find it on sale. It can be so expensive otherwise. I like Target’s sports bras too.

    I’m going to have to try this febreeze stuff! We are constantly doing a sports load of laundry, and they smell pretty gnarly and have to be separated from all the other clothes.

  29. That’s such an awesome deal! I currently only own one sports bra, so I definitely need more. I’m just worried that the ones at Old Navy won’t be supportive enough since I’m a bit chesty. I’ve noticed that you seem to be eating a lot of regular foods again. I’m so glad that you’re colitis is getting better! 🙂

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