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I just got the BEST deal at Old Navy: three new sports bras + another pair of Perfect 5” Shorts for $26! Booyah. I’m a shopping maniac.

Check this out: I saved 25% with the code BRONGAP25, cashed in a rewards card for $10, used $7 from an old gift card, and then got free shipping because my order was originally over $50. Oh, and I got 2% back from Ebates, so I spent even less than $26!


I was only planning to buy a few new sports bras to replace some of my nasty ones, but the Perfect 5” Shorts are on sale right now, so I snapped up another pair. I’ve been living in them the past few days. 

Now that marathon training has officially started, I decided to rotate out some of my gross, smelly workout gear. I generally keep fitness apparel until it’s physically falling apart or I can smell myself when I wear it. (I know, I’m gross.)

It actually takes a lot for me to get rid of workout gear. I have a few sports bras that are a good 3+ years old, which barely have any support left to them and smell absolutely disgusting, so I finally threw them away yesterday. (They were much to gross to donate!) Now, I am really psyched that I have new sports bras coming to me in the mail! I bet they’ll help me run faster.

I’ve recently started spraying my sweaty clothing with Febreze SPORT before I throw it into the laundry. The heat and humidity has been killer lately, so I’d rather not have my workout gear fester in its nastiness until I get around to washing it. The Febreze seems to be helping. At least it smells nice.

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How do you decide that it’s time to get rid of old workout gear? What finally makes you buy new stuff?


Today’s lunch was leftover salad with crumbled gorgonzola, a Dr. Praeger’s Sweet Potato Pancake, and Annie’s Goddess Dressing drizzled on top. I also made a chocolate-banana smoothie with a frozen banana, chocolate almond milk, and vanilla protein powder. Mmm! I want another one!

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I’m off to NuVal for the rest of the afternoon. Hope you’re enjoying the start to your week!

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  1. I love the Febreeze idea! The humidity is so bad hear, and I make my husband keep his workout clothes outside until I get around to washing them. Ha ha. I’m not used to having to hang my workout clothes out to dry before I can put them in the hamper. (I’m from the dry desert of Utah and just recently moved to TX.)

    I love Old Navy sports bras. I bet having new workout clothes makes working out a lot more exciting. I need to get rid of some nasty ones and replace them. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Great finds! Question- do those bras actually support you, or do you double up with them? I have a large chest, too, and I didn’t think those would support me well enough.

  3. I feel like I am buying workout clothing more often than I buy “regular” clothing! And even though I am always buying, I have the hardest time getting rid of the “old” stuff! I am like a workout clothes hoarder!

  4. Good call, girlfriend… I think I need to pick up a bottle of that Febreze b/c my laundry basket doesn’t smell nice with my summer training. I have to let me clothes air dry before I put them in my hamper, haha.

    Q: Do you wash your sports bras after every use?

  5. I sweat a lot too and my workout stuff gets gross after a while. I will have to try febreeze spray. I used tide with febreeze and would also add some baking soda washing suds, it worked ok, not great but cheaper than some of those expensive sport detergents.

  6. I swear, some of my sports bras are a decade old (gross!) I can’t seem to part with workout clothing until it’s literally falling apart. But that doesn’t stop me from buying new things either…hah!

    Great deals at Old Navy! Cute too! 🙂

  7. I do the Febreze thing too! Can’t stand sweaty clothes just sitting in the laundry basket. I definitely need to get some new workout gear though because all I’ve been running in are race shirts and a Nike Dri-fit tank. I need to expand! 🙂

    1. I’m not sure if someone has already suggested this but here goes nothing…

      A super cheap alternative to fabreeze and the expensive detergents is to add .25 – .5 cups of plain old white vinegar to your laundry. Gets the funk out (and doesn’t leave you smelling like a pickle) and naturally softens your clothes.

  8. ohhh good call on the Febreeze sport! My gear is soooo sweaty these days. I get rid of workout gear when I can no longer hide the fact that it is sweaty and gross. I love Old Navy and totally want to stop by there now for some workout clothes. Such good deals at that place 🙂

  9. I’m bad about buying new workout gear, too. I hate spending the money, but sometimes it’s just necessary. Plus, when I do buy new clothes, I’m always more motivated to workout because I get to wear my new cute workout gear! 😉

  10. I reluctantly throw away my fitness gear when it literally just cannot be worn in public any more… I’m also a little gross, and don’t ALWAYS wash my lulu stuff after every workout, especially non-sweaty yoga sessions. I want those babies to last as long as they possibly can!

  11. The clothes have to go when I can smell myself before I start working out. Gross I know but it happens more often than I care to admitt. The heat is definitely not helping. Target has great dry-wick shirts for cheap.

  12. Yeah, I’ve still got some ancient workout wear too! I don’t really have a hard fast rule for tossing stuff…just if it’s grody! I don’t know if we have that febreeze sport stuff in Canada, I want to look for it now.

  13. This was great timing…a good reminder for me to go and get some nice new sports bras…I only have one nice one and it bugs me when I need it washed…thanks for posting! I’m going shopping! 😉

  14. When I’m done with workout clothes or any clothes for that matter, I usually hang it behind the door or on a rack before putting in the hamper so its dry and the humidity doesn’t build up in the hamper and I find that it doesn’t smell after that. Then I wash it and its fine.

  15. Haha the phrase “fester in its nastiness” made me laugh out loud. I know how that goes! I am shockingly bad about washing workout gear immediately (probably because I don’t own a washer/dryer), so I really like your Febreze idea. I’m going to give this a try. Hopefully it will salvage some of my slightly older clothing!

  16. Sometimes new workout gear is just what I need to re energize my workouts and to feel even better about myself. I think it’s important to feel good about yourself when you’re working out and little does everything know that my cute purple sports bra makes me feel good about myself. That new sports bra in the end is worth more than $14.

  17. Hi, instead of the febreeze, try spraying with a mix of vodka and water (50/50). You can use the cheapo vodka, it kills the bacteria, which is what causes the stink. Honest, it works so well you won’t believe it! 🙂

  18. I try to hand my stuff to dry when I get home… I find it help prevent the smell a little than i wash all my workout clothes in regular laundry soap but add 1/4 cup of baking soda. I find that helps to freshen everything up a little… The smell of Febrez makes me sick so this alternative works for me.

  19. I’m completely disgusting and wear the same workout clothes for a week at a time before changing them… even though I completely soak them through with sweat every day! Oh well; I work out at home by myself, so I reason that if I’m the only one around it doesn’t really matter if I stink or not.

    I’ve actually never bought workout clothes, either. I wear the same bras to work out in that I wear in every day life, and I just wear Soffee shorts and a regular old tank top… cheap but effective in my opinion!

  20. Ohhhh, need to investigate this Fabreeze! I don’t have laundry in my building (boooo) and end up nasty sweaty when I run in this weather…my drying rack has been used far more for sweaty clothes than clean ones lately, and I bet my office would smell much nicer if I got my hands on some of that. 🙂

    I picked up Sport Wash detergent last time I was buying shoes at Marathon Sports, but that stuff is puh-ricey! I think I’ll be resorting to the baking soda/vinegar that a few other folks have suggested when it runs out.

  21. I make Skinny Fat Kid throw his gym clothes in our spare bathroom shower. I can’t stand to have them in with our other clothes. They get their own washing and at least have time to air out while they hang in the shower for a few days. I don’t want them all stuffed into a tiny hamper festering their sweat all over my work dresses!

  22. Wow, that Febreze idea is awesome. Especially since I only get a chance to wash my clothes every 1-1.5 weeks. Definitely helps the smell while it’s in the hamper lol If only I can get my husband to do it

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