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Man, after that big snow scare, we barely got any in Boston! I know that New York City got hit pretty hard, so I’m glad that I flew home early, but there isn’t even an inch on the ground yet in South Boston.


Even though we weren’t really snowed-in, Mal and I thought take-out was a great idea for dinner. Plus, we’re right in the middle of Eat It, Don’t Move It, so there’s slim pickings in our kitchen.

We decided to get dinner from one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants: Salsa’s. I’m going to miss it so much when we move!


I ordered the Veggie Burrito, which, once again, did not disappoint. Inside were big chunks of broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, pepper, zucchini, and onions. It felt good to finally get some veggies into my body!


With dinner, we also ordered some chips + guacamole. I love Salsa’s quac!


Mal and I ate dinner in front of the TV while catching up with our DVR. We had lots of shows to watch– Lost, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory. With a 3-hour nap thrown into the mix, I obviously had a productive day. 😕


I ate half of my burrito and packed up the rest for tomorrow’s lunch. Instant portion control.


For dessert, I broke out the Girl Scout cookies. Frozen Thin Mints are my favorite! 😀


I was well-behaved tonight and ate just two cookies, which might just be a first for me. Usually, I finish half of the sleeve of cookies!


I’m relaxing with M & M and then going to bed early.

Good night!!!



  1. Can’t go wrong with a veggie burrito!
    My husband loves Thin Mints. I’m glad you were able to make it out of NYC before the storm hit. I’m outside of DC and under a huge pile of snow.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening!

  2. That looks delicious! I love cooking and eating at home but since we’ve all been snowbound since FRIDAY (3 feet on snow on the ground in DC) I”m actually craving take out or just something different from what’s in my kitchen!

  3. That burrito looks AMAZING! Also, frozen thin mints are my favorite! I always put my Girl Scout cookies in the freezer or fridge so they last long. I also love frozen chocolate chip cookies. yum-o!

  4. Ugh, I just measured my backyard… 19 inches and counting. That burrito looks yummy. So far today I have made a pizza, baked cookies, and make chicken parm. for me snowed in = cooking.

  5. you are lucky you got out of nyc before the snow got bad because almost all flights were cancelled as of this afternoon! aaand OMG frozen thin mints are my FAVORITE! kudos to you for stopping at two. i’ve never mustered that sort of self control haha

  6. I love Thin-MInts! I actually went a whole year without Girl scout cookies last year. This was due to the fact during Girl Scout season I was living overseas. Anyway I really want some frozen Thin MInts those are the best!

  7. I loveeee thin mints! they’re my fav GS cookies ever…and that burrito looks so yummy! it’s been so long since i had mexican food…mmmmm

  8. Mmmmm…. Frozen thin mints are my favorite. Frozen samoas come in a close second though 🙂 That burrito also looks amazing.

  9. I absolutely LOVE frozen thin mints as well!! Yum. And that burrito looks delish.

    PS. I heard Augastana’s song “Boston” on my way home tonight and it made me start thinking of moving again. 🙂

  10. The veggie burrito looks delish.. when ever i see the word “burrito” i’m always afraid to order it on because i instantly think calories, but a veggie burrito similar to this and only eating half is a great tip…

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