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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Well, we definitely got some snow overnight. Hello, Nemo!

IMG_9646 (480x640)

Check out what we woke up to this morning!

IMG_9624 (640x480)

IMG_9622 (640x480)

Snowed in!

IMG_9627 (640x480)

As soon as we realized just how much snow there was outside, Mal immediately started to dig us out. I offered to do some of the shoveling, but he wouldn’t let me. He just said: “How about you make me breakfast? I want A LOT of pancakes.” Well, ok, then. I’d much rather stay inside and cook pancakes than shovel snow, so Mal definitely had a deal!

Murphy also isn’t a fan of the snow and would much rather stay inside than venture outside. Mal dug him some “pug paths” in the backyard, so he could do his business, but Murphy just wasn’t having it.

IMG_9628 (640x480)

IMG_9629 (640x480)

Needless to say, Murphy is not a fan of the snow.

IMG_9630 (640x480)


After I made Mal a huge stack of pancakes, I threw together breakfast for myself, which was Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and some fresh fruit that I made in my new juicer from Bella Appliances. I’m planning to do a full review next week, so keep a look out for it. I’m really digging it so far!

IMG_9632 (640x480)

After breakfast, Mal did some more shoveling (we got about 2.5 feet of snow) while I cleaned the house.

IMG_9635 (480x640)

A couple of hours later, Mal was still outside shoveling, so I continued to do chores around the house. I felt bad he was outside busting his ass, so I just kept cleaning and cleaning. Our house is immaculate now! Haha!

IMG_9640 (640x480)

Meanwhile, Murphy snoozed on the couch. I don’t see him willingly going outside any time soon. Look at that bugged out face!

IMG_9642 (640x480)

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite season?

Mine is fall, closely followed by summer and then spring.



  1. Wow! That’s crazy amounts of snow! I remember when I lived in Central NY for Grad School, huge amounts of snow were never fun! But hey, at least you got to make pancakes 🙂

    Good luck with Nemo!

  2. Holly molly!!! Not bad! Here in Montreal we are kinda used to have this much of snow every single year! hehe Enjoy Tina!

  3. This snow is crazy!! We spent most of the morning digging ourselves out too. Our mini dachshund went on bathroom strike yesterday once the snow started. He wasn’t having it either!

  4. My favorite season is fall! My car was literally buried this morning. You couldn’t even see it haha. It felt nice to shovel some snow since I don’t plan out going out to the gym 🙂

  5. I love Winter because I love skinny jeans and boots with a cute sweater. I’m just a sucker for those kind of outfits. I love Fall too because of the colors…but over here in Alabama, it doesn’t really start getting cold till January.

  6. Well, being from SoCal , we don’t really have…but I would say the time between September-December is my favorite. The daytime average is about 75 degress, which is perfect.

  7. I love the summer! Long days, warm sun, and fresh food. I too was outside this morning digging “dog paths” only to have my dog jump into a snow drift and go in there. *Sigh*

  8. I’d go Spring, Summer, Fall then Winter! We sometimes get our best weather in April! 🙂 That amount of snow would scare the crap out of me; and the whole country would be in shut down! We had a sprinkling of snow and some ice last week and everyone was on high alert..madness!

  9. We got about the same here in RI.. I decided that shoveling was going to be my “functional” WO for the day! We shoveled (twice yesterday) but 2 hours this morning and another 1 1/2 this afternoon.. Needless to say- I’m worked!

  10. Holy shennannigans! I guess it’s one of those days where you just do what you need to and then snuggle under some warm blankets with a good movie.

    I seriously hate winter. Love fall and spring, then summmer, though summer is high on the list of hates, too. At least I don’t have to worry about my car getting stuck in the summer.

  11. Are you sure Mal wasn’t having too much fun outside shoveling? Maybe he just created his own WOD? j/k 😉

    I seriously can’t believe that you got 2.5 ft of snow. INSANITY!!! Oh, and I just noticed that the rug in your living room is the same one in my office from IKEA. Nice taste!

  12. That face!! I’m also not a fan of snow, so I’d be doing just what Murphy is doing and curling up on the couch in order to avoid being anywhere near the white hell falling from the sky. My absolute favorite season is Summer. Spring and Fall are tied and winter is dead last. I hate winter. I hate cold. I hate snow. That’s why I moved from Chicago to Myrtle Beach, SC, to Florida.

    Good luck this weekend and stay safe! Y’all in the Northeast have had your fair share of bad weather this year.

  13. Im with you….fall is the best. The best weather, clothes, and FOOD. Pumpkin, squash, apples, YUM.

    My pug also hates the snow. I have to bribe her with treats to do her business, and since I live in northern PA that is pretty much all the time right now. Best of luck digging out!

  14. My favorite season is fall, both on the East and West Coasts. Second is summer on the West Coast and spring on the East Coast. Not a huge fan of East Coast winters (so cold!) and summers (too humid!), or West Coast winters or springs (so rainy in the Pacific NW).

  15. was sad to hear about that little boy who died in his car of c.m.p in Boston 🙁 when his dad was shovelling.

  16. I love summer & fall! I live in Ohio, and while we don’t get as much snow as that, we get way more than I’d like. I think our annual average where I live is about 38-40 inches and I’d like see much closer to 0…ha! Every year I say I’ll move somewhere warm, but haven’t done it yet. However, I hope to be living in North Carolina by next winter 🙂

  17. Summer is my #1! I give you kudos for cleaning that whole time, we had about that same amount of snow here on Long Island, and I felt so bad watching my husband out there that I went out and helped in my measly little way for the last hour lol. Alleviated the guilt!

  18. Murphy does NOT look happy about the snow! 😉

    I love to look at snow, especially around Christmas time, but once February hits I really long for Spring. I am already thinking about wearing shorts and flip flops in the Summer. It will be here before we know it…I hope?? 🙂

  19. My fave is summer, especially in Seattle because it does not get too hot or humid. Seattle is sooo pretty in the sunlight. and I love the longer days. so nice to walk the dog when its light out.

  20. As usual I love the photos of Murphy!

    My favorite seasons are Fall and Summer. My birthday is in fall and football is in the fall. I’m not a huge fan of the 90+ temps we get out here in California during the summer, but I can’t take cold weather. This winter has been especially cold for California and I’m over it lol.

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