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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Well, we definitely got some snow overnight. Hello, Nemo!

IMG_9646 (480x640)

Check out what we woke up to this morning!

IMG_9624 (640x480)

IMG_9622 (640x480)

Snowed in!

IMG_9627 (640x480)

As soon as we realized just how much snow there was outside, Mal immediately started to dig us out. I offered to do some of the shoveling, but he wouldn’t let me. He just said: “How about you make me breakfast? I want A LOT of pancakes.” Well, ok, then. I’d much rather stay inside and cook pancakes than shovel snow, so Mal definitely had a deal!

Murphy also isn’t a fan of the snow and would much rather stay inside than venture outside. Mal dug him some “pug paths” in the backyard, so he could do his business, but Murphy just wasn’t having it.

IMG_9628 (640x480)

IMG_9629 (640x480)

Needless to say, Murphy is not a fan of the snow.

IMG_9630 (640x480)


After I made Mal a huge stack of pancakes, I threw together breakfast for myself, which was Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and some fresh fruit that I made in my new juicer from Bella Appliances. I’m planning to do a full review next week, so keep a look out for it. I’m really digging it so far!

IMG_9632 (640x480)

After breakfast, Mal did some more shoveling (we got about 2.5 feet of snow) while I cleaned the house.

IMG_9635 (480x640)

A couple of hours later, Mal was still outside shoveling, so I continued to do chores around the house. I felt bad he was outside busting his ass, so I just kept cleaning and cleaning. Our house is immaculate now! Haha!

IMG_9640 (640x480)

Meanwhile, Murphy snoozed on the couch. I don’t see him willingly going outside any time soon. Look at that bugged out face!

IMG_9642 (640x480)

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite season?

Mine is fall, closely followed by summer and then spring.



  1. It’s so weird to read about snow after a weekend of sunshine. I think all pugs are anti-snow. Maybe it’s because they’re used to such a pampered life they can’t handle the cold on their paws.

  2. Mal is very brave to do all of that shoveling! Looks like tough work. Another reason I’m happy to live in a condo!
    Definitely fall. Stay warm and safe.

  3. Glad you were able to get a lot done while Mal was outside shoveling! I HEART summer. I love the heat, sunshine, and just being able to be outside ALL the time. It’s even better when I am by the ocean. I’m a Pisces and cannot get enough of the sea. 🙂

  4. 2 1/2 FEET?! Holy cow!!! I guess the snowstorm really lived up to the hype for y’all! At least it’s beautiful, and I hope it doesn’t keep you housebound for TOO long…unless, of course, you want to be 😉

  5. So I would say ideally, fall is my favorite season, but in a dream world, it is summer! I looove the beach and the sun and I associate both of those with summer. However, it is usually hot as hell and I don’t get to enjoy the sun and beach from Ohio 🙂 Ha!

  6. I flipping love Murphy..Our dogs ALWAYS want to go out no matter what the weather..sometimes it’d be nice for them to say…”nope…lets just stay inside and snuggle today!”

    Hope you guys are keeping warm over there!

  7. Nemo was a let down over here on the outskirts of Philly. We got maybe an inch of snow, and it’s all melted now. My favorite season is Autumn, hands down 🙂

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  9. Aw Murphy’s face is heartbreaking!! My pugs feel the same way about snow, and I don’t even want to imagine how they’d react to that much snow! Hope you guys are staying warm and safe!

  10. My favorite season is Winter, but I mean Winter in South Florida. Less humidity than the Summer and cooler temps. Love it!
    My family lives in upstate NY and got 14 inches. Wow 2.5 feet for you, that must have been record breaking by a long shot!
    Mal is awesome for shoveling all the snow away! Very cool of your to make him pancakes and then clean up the whole house. Go team!

  11. Favorite season? It’s a tie between Winter and Summer. The joke in Wisconsin is that we only get two seasons: Winter and Road Construction. Seriously though, there isn’t too much Fall and Spring. It’s either “Still Summer”, “Early Winter”, “Still Winter” or “Was that week supposed be Spring?”

    Also, I love that guys find pancakes a totally acceptable trade for shoveling. My husband got up at the crack of dawn to shovel us out last week, although we didn’t have any where as much snow, in exchange for me making breakfast. When he came in to find pancakes waiting for him, all he said was, “PANCAKES?! It’s good to be married…”

  12. I live in Florida the sunshine state where we have no seasons, I wish I lived up north to experience a change of scenery! Down here we just have Mild, Hot, Hotter, Gross and Humid, then “I feel like I’m living in an oven”. My parents live up north and they make our little dog wear snow boots and a coat out in the snow, maybe if you tried that with Murphy he wouldn’t have such a hard time going outside!

  13. I felt guilty being down here in Florida while the rest of my family was digging themselves out of 30 inches up in Canton! This is my last winter down here so I’m definitely taking advantage of being in the nice weather. But I’m SO looking forward to spring time in Massachusetts! I’m moving back at the end of March, and that change from the cold weather to sunshine and warmth in the north is the best feeling in the world.

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