Snowed In

Boy, is it snowing out there! 😯

We already have at least 8 inches of snow on the ground and it’s not expected to stop until 8:00 tonight. We’re snowed in!

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I woke up craving something cool and creamy, so I immediately made myself a protein shake with iced coffee, soy milk, and Vanilla Whey Superior Charge.

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Then, I toasted a frozen waffle and added peanut butter and banana sliced to it.

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Perfect breakfast.

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Feel Great Weight

Allowing myself daily treats has satisfied my sugar cravings without overdoing it. Here are a few of my favorite (mostly) healthy treats: Sweet Snacks: 3 Treats That Help Keep Cravings Under Control

Question of the Day

Are you a warm weather or a cold weather person?


  1. Warm weather. I lived in FL for 4 1/2 years. Why did I move back to Boston again? (Nah – I love Boston with my whole heart. Just not as much today)

  2. I’m also am a 100% warm weather girl. While the snow may look beautiful, once the cold air hits my face…..this girl becomes ms. cranky pants.

    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts everyday. Thanks for writing them!

    1. I think this is really interesting because as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the same thing. (I love being active *outside* but cannot withstand cold temperatures.)

      I ask the kids I teach all the time if they like the cold and snow–and they love it! I don’t think cold weather phases kids as much.

  3. I am such a warm weather person. It pained me to leave Orlando yesterday and come back to NC which is covered in ice right now. Did Mal get a snow day?

  4. I love both but I only like winter because it’s a cozy season and sometimes there are snow days! We only got a dusting of snow in DC yesterday but that was enough to cause traffic headaches.

  5. HOT HOT HOT! The coldest I like is 65 degrees. Of course, I say that and here I am still in VA. At work I never take off my jacket, scarf and hat and even have a blanket draped over my legs to stay warm. Asked for a personal heater and was told “no”, so this will have to suffice.

  6. I definitely prefer warm weather. I like to run, swim, and hike, and these activities are all better accomplished in warmer temperatures. I’m not a skiier (downhill, anyway), so I don’t look too forward to the onset of winter. Unfortunately, I live in the Northeast. (That might be changing fairly soon though!)

  7. I would LOVE to be snowed in right now (I’m definitely a warm-weather girl) since we got 4 inches of snow last night and it’s been snowing all day. I had to borrow my step-father’s truck to get to work today 🙁

  8. Warm weather! Which is why it was so annoying that, because I’ve travelled a lot lately, this is my first summer in three years. And it’s currently raining here in Canberra… boo!

  9. That’s a tough one, I love both. Towards the end of February, I start to get sick of winter and can’t wait for the warm weather.
    On the other hand, a few years back when we went to visit my mother-in-law in Miami during the holidays, Christmas just didn’t feel the same without the cold weather and snow. The snow is so pretty, I can’t image life without it!
    Have a happy snow day!

  10. I love the cold! Guess it’s perfect that I live here in Wisconsin! 🙂 I think the cold air is so refreshing, and the smell of a cold morning, I don’t know….just something about it! Also, I love being cozy, warm drinks, pj pants and blankies on the couch….cold weather all the way! And, I love the snow, too.

  11. I do love the snow and the cold and miss Minnesota (my hometown) terribly, but it is hard to beat all the time mid-70’s weather that I have in SoCal. It is really awesome!

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