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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Boy, is it snowing out there! 😯

We already have at least 8 inches of snow on the ground and it’s not expected to stop until 8:00 tonight. We’re snowed in!

IMG_7932 (640x427)

IMG_7916 (640x427)

IMG_7921 (640x427)

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I woke up craving something cool and creamy, so I immediately made myself a protein shake with iced coffee, soy milk, and Vanilla Whey Superior Charge.

_MG_7972 (640x426)

Then, I toasted a frozen waffle and added peanut butter and banana sliced to it.

_MG_7960 (640x426)

Perfect breakfast.

_MG_7969 (640x426)

Feel Great Weight

Allowing myself daily treats has satisfied my sugar cravings without overdoing it. Here are a few of my favorite (mostly) healthy treats: Sweet Snacks: 3 Treats That Help Keep Cravings Under Control

Question of the Day

Are you a warm weather or a cold weather person?



  1. I used to think I was a warm weather person, growing up in TX, but lately I’m thinking I’m a cold weather person! I love being able to wear pants, boots and a coat without getting too hot, and there’s something about getting into a chilly but not freezing car in the morning that is so refreshing. But when I say “cold” I mean weather in the 30s, not the negatives!

  2. I’m definitely in the middle. I love the fall. 🙂 I don’t like extreme hot or cold. It’s ok to have a slight chill though because you can always layer up, but if it’s too hot, there’s only so much you can take off!

  3. Warm weather please!! When the temp goes below 25 and stays for days I really get tired of it. I like be able to run outside. I thought of you this morning when I saw Al Roker on the Today Show from Boston. It looked really bad. Stay warm!

  4. I go back and forth! There are times that I love the cold and winter, but then I love the summer and the hot temperatures too! I think fall is the best where it is just right! There is nothing better than being able to wear a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt comfortably!

  5. Definitely warm weather. When it comes to the age old question would you rather be too hot or too cold, I would SO rather be too hot. I can’t stand being cold, which is part of the reason I happily moved from the Midwest to the South a few years ago. Although, if you look outside right now, you can’t tell the difference between the two!

  6. the snow is crazy here in ontario too! ours is supposed to stop this afternoon but the roads are terrible. i’m definitely a warm weather girl and cannot wait until spring. if i had a choice, it’d be hot every day!! stay warm! 🙂

  7. Looks like my breakfast from yesterday! I sprinkle chia seeds on top of the bananas though. So. Good.

    I LOVE the cold, and I’m really enjoying walking everywhere in the snow. I just really need to invest in some good winter clothes…

  8. Definitely a warm weather person! I admire you and Mal so much for training for your marathon in the freezing cold! I’ve always run marathons in the fall because I can’t stand long outdoor runs in the winter, I ran the Boston marathon a few years ago and the winter training killed me!

  9. Warm weather all the way – although I don’t mind being snowed in these last two days in SC, because my Christmas holiday was a little too short. 🙂

  10. I’m in northern Indiana and we got 10 inches on Friday, another 4 yesterday, and more supposed to come today. Oy. Just west of us they got THIRTY inches of snow on Friday! At least you and I don’t have that!

    You’ll be in warm AZ soon instead of cold Boston! Hope the weather doesn’t affect your flights at all.

  11. Warm weather!! I’ve spent the last 3 years living in the Dominican Republic. I’ll be moving back to Minnesota in June to get married (yay), but I’m not looking forward to the cold weather.

    It’s kinda fun though too because I’m a teacher so I’ll get snow days as well. And snow days are magical!!!

  12. I like both really. I love the sun. I feel like it gives me energy (although the humidity in GA can suck the breath out of you). I like the cold because I get to enjoy fires and sweaters. We have been stuck inside here in Atlanta for 3 days…the sun is just coming out for the first time and things are finally starting to melt. Enjoy the snow Tina and stay warm!

  13. I’ll tell you one thing – I am not a snow person! I was snowed in Saturday, got out Sunday, and have been snowed in since Monday! I am going to try to get out now, though, and I hope we get no more snow this whole darn winter!

  14. I’m actually a cold weather person living in a hot climate. Well, hot most of the time. Is that your backyard? I would love to have those quaint houses to look at.

  15. Without a doubt, I am a warm weather person! But I have to admit, after living in La Jolla (San Diego) for seven years, I can no longer tolerate weather extremes of any kind.

    My daughter is looking at colleges in Boston and I showed her this post. She grew up in Atlanta, and between the weather there, and here, she really does not understand what winter is!

  16. I used to hate summer and hot weather, but as I’m getting older I realize hot and humid trumps cold and snowy any day. Stupid snow ruins everything.

  17. Holy winter wonderland !!! Wish we could have snow for a day or so here… Getting into a car that is covered in ice doesn’t sound ‘fun’, but I’d love to look out the window into a world of powdery white snow… and then I’d grab my skiis!!

  18. I used to be a cold person.

    But now, the snow keeps F’ing up my schedule and making me miss school!

    Not to mention work where I keep losing hours and money like crazy!

    I cant wait for spring 🙁

  19. I’m a 70s and sunny person. But if I had to pick one, I’d say I’m a summer person.

    Al Rocker was in Boston this morning for the Today Show, and it looked just like in your pictures! Stay warm!

  20. I am such a warm weather person. I HATE the cold and snow. Funny that I am a Bostonian I guess, we only get my kind of weather about 4 months out of the year. Maybe I should have moved… How is Murphy dealing with the snow. Oscar was less than thrilled durning his morning walk.

  21. I thought I was a warm weathered person, but we recently made a big move to a small mountain town and I’m really loving the snow. I was originally from Atlanta where the summers are awful and humid. I’m just glad to get to wear layers and not be so hot all the time.

  22. I like both! I think activities like snowboarding and hockey (ok, I still suck at hockey, but I’m trying) make winter much more enjoyable! Next year, it’s snowshoeing or bust!

  23. I like a mixture of both. I like the cold weather and I love wearing sweaters and uggs. I also like being able to wear capri pants and flip flops too. After all of this snow we have been getting and it’s only January, I’m ready for some warm weather! Vacation perhaps?

  24. I used to be an absolute warm weather person. Then I moved to Sweden and basically had to suck it up and become more of a cold weather person. Being freezing at plus 5 degrees C just wasn’t going to cut it anymore!
    All that said, it is funny that your pics are of a ‘snowed-in’ day – I don’t think that even exists here, they really are experts at keeping the wheels of daily life turning when there’s 8… or 20 inches of snow!

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