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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Guys, it’s snow madness over here!

The governor declared a state of emergency and the National Guard was here in our town helping with snow removal yesterday. The snow banks are so high and parking lots are a total mess. There’s just nowhere to put it! And, not surprisingly, the schools in the area are worried about a number of safety issues related to the snow (i.e. kids waiting for the bus in the street since the sidewalks aren’t clear, potential structural issues because of heavy snow, emergency exits being blocked), so Mal is off for the rest of the week. Crazy, right? Five days in a row. I can’t remember a time either of us missed that much school due to snow. I’m telling ya, it’s snow madness here!

A little recap from the day”¦

Breakfast: Banana oatmeal with Teddie peanut butter and chia seeds + iced coffee.

photo 1 (32) (800x600)

Mid-morning snack: Chocolate-frosted donut. I mostly just ate the chocolate, which is obviously the best part.

photo 2 (24) (800x600)

Workout: KFIT. Heavy thrusters (#95) + cardio sprints on the erg and bike + various strength moves. (The photo below is the parking lot behind KFIT. It’s basically just a huge mountain of snow!)

snow (800x600)

Post-workout: Iced coffee + SFH vanilla Recovery.

photo 5 (14) (600x800)photo 1 (31) (600x800)

Afternoon errands: Target, buying Dad a sub, and closing my bank account from my car loan, which I’ve been meaning to do since the summer. (The bank just happened to be right next door to the sub shop, and I can’t tell you how pumped I was to finally cross that off my list. I’ve moved it from one To Do list to the next for months now!)

photo 2 (22) (800x600)

When we arrived home: Dad on the roof!

snow2 (800x600)

Lunch: Breakfast burrito + garlic cauliflower.

photo 4 (22) (800x600)

Afternoon snack: Valentine’s Day Almond Butter Blondies. <— OMGSOGOOD. I ate half the pan myself!

photo 5 (13) (800x600)

Afternoon activities: Yay, snow! (I eventually helped Mal with the shoveling. I kept offering again and again, but he wouldn’t take my help until he was just OVER IT and finally handed me the shovel.)

snow4 (600x800)

Selfie fun with my little peanut!

photo 4 (21) (800x600)

photo 5 (12) (800x600)

Kisses from Murphy!

photo 3 (32) (800x600)

Who’s that?!?

photo 1 (29) (800x600)

Hi, Dad!

photo 2 (9) (800x600)

photo 1 (8) (800x600)

Quinn’s Happiness Board for the day:

photo 1 (28) (600x800)

Dinner: Annie’s Mac & Cheese + chopped kale, peas, and nutritional yeast.

photo 2 (12) (800x600)

The evening concluded with our heat crapping out. Hey, just what we needed when there’s 10 feet of snow on the ground! Mal and I (and Murphy) had a chilly night, but, thankfully, my office has electric heat, so we moved Quinn in there for the night. Our house was 52 degrees F when we woke up. Is it Spring yet?

Questions of the Day

What crazy thing happened at your high school (not necessarily weather-related, just something fun/interesting)? 



  1. Holy smokes!! We had a similar winter here in the Pac Northwest about five years ago. Thank goodness Mal took care of your roof! We had lots if roofs cave in that didn’t get shoveled. This year our snow pack is minimal. It seems like if you guys get hammered, we get a mild winter and vice versa. Stay safe and warm!!

  2. Is that the iPhone five you have? How do you think the camera quality compares to that of an iPod 5?

    Enjoy the snow while you can; I think you’ll eventually miss it when it is spring!

  3. First, lI’ve that you’re jamming on iced coffee with a full blizzard outside! Haha! Frosting is definitely the best part of a donut. I cannot believe the snow you guys have been hit with! I live in northern Michigan, so I know all about being dumped on, but this is on another level. Stay safe and warm!!

  4. Oh man, I hope your heat comes back very very soon. Schools are closed for the week in Somerville too because they’re concerned about the amount of snow on the roofs. It’s totally crazy! Don’t even know what to do with the forecasts for more snow. Where will it go??

    Also, love your phone case! It’s so pretty!

  5. Smart of Mal to shovel the roof, there’s such a big risk of roof collapse and ice dams with all this snow! Get ready for Saturday- another 10-12 inches coming our way! Also, there’s no better way to eat Annie’s Mac and cheese, so good with veggies added in 👍

  6. My freshman year of high school (waaaaay back in 2000), on the first cold day of the year, there was a bomb threat. They made us go outside with no coats (we weren’t allowed to carry coats or backpacks around) while the police checked everyone’s locker. If I’d had my coat and backpack, I would’ve just walked home. It was the last class of the day, and I lived up the street. It was so freaking cold! And not surprisingly, no bombs.

  7. Hope things improve as far as your heat situation soon! How do you make the garlic cauliflower?? I need some new ideas to change up my veggies — we are getting bored at our house!

  8. Ugh, we lost heat last Thursday because we were dumb and didn’t check the oil level. Luckily you can apparently use diesel gas as a quick fix, and my husband’s cousin and mom filled our tank with 30 gallons the next day for us, but it was a lot of work since they had to go back and forth with a 5-gallon tank. We finally got the oil company to deliver yesterday. I hope you guys are able to get it fixed soon, it looks like we are getting another big storm this weekend. 😕 I’m glad you have at least one warm room in the house! Best of luck.

  9. Oh gosh! I hope your heat is up & running pretty soon! I can’t believe there will be 5 days of no school for Mal or his students. Do they have to make the days up at the end of the year?

  10. Quinn is so cute. 🙂

    I had a really terrible morning today, weather-wise, but after seeing the snow above Mal’s head… yeah, I’m putting on a smile and getting over myself… until I have to go outside again, anyway. You guys are champs! Hope you get your heat back on soon! Yikes!

    BTW: Love your camera case… where did you get it?

  11. I went to a private school and the building was really old (in great shape, but old). We used to regularly have bats come out of the ceiling and fly around or would be laying in the sink. I distinctly remember one of my teachers running down the hall with a shovel over her head because of a bat.

    Hope your heat comes on soon!!

  12. Holy moly that’s a lot of snow! I’m definitely not going to complain about our warmer than usual weather! My senior year of high school, we had a lock down because of a gang fight and bomb threat. That was fun! 😉

  13. Ugh I live in Somerville and work at BU, and it’s just been a nightmare–I can only imagine what the south shore looks like. I do crossfit too and I can’t even get to the gym to let out my frustrations. I used to love snow…not so much anymore.

  14. OMG, Quinn is too adorable!!!
    Sorry to hear about your heat eek!
    I am freaking out about the snow on our roof, I am hoping Sat morning we can find away to get up there and get some off before more comes along!!

  15. i cannot even fathom that amount of snow! wisconsin has had such a mild winter this year. im not complaining! although i really would have like to ski some more. looks like all the snow went that way instead 😉

  16. I’m reading from St. Louis, Mo., and I can’t believe how much snow you have in Boston! We haven’t had any snow this whole winter (which is also not a good thing) but I’ve been following this story in the news. Seeing that photo of the snow piled up in your front yard all the way to the roof really adds some context…I guess I didn’t believe how much snow you really had!

  17. Wow! I tend to roll my eyes when people complain about snow because I’ve seen it all in the Midwest, but uh, you definitely are allowed 🙂
    I hate snow. I’d be perfectly happy to never see it again. And no, I will never miss it. Ever.

  18. In high school a disgruntled student smashed the windows in the front of the school. We were let out due to safety, investigation and because it was cold out and the windows were busted out!

  19. Holy Snow, Batman! I love the picture of Mal on the roof. So, I was watching Grey’s Anatomy the other night and I figured out why pictures of Mal made me feel like I knew him from somewhere – he looks like Dr. Hunt on Grey’s! Has anyone ever told him that?

    Enjoy the snow days and try to stay warm! Spring is right around the corner 😉

  20. That’s terrible news about the heat! I am the worst monster when I’m cold so I don’t know what I would do! Keep warm and I hope it is fixed ASAP!!

  21. so you guys can still drive to stores and stuff? that’s totally nuts. I think I’d be worried about running out of food. 🙂 at least shoveling is a good workout!

  22. That’s so crazy! I can’t believe how much snow you have there. When I moved from the East coast to Chicago in November I prepared myself for the worst, but so far we have only had one big snow storm. It has been pretty manageable and I definitely don’t envy you out there. I hope it gets warmer soon!!

  23. Sorry to hear about your heat going out. A few years ago in Oklahoma we had “Icepocalypse” and it destroyed tons of transformers in my area and my heat and electricity went out. I lived in layers of clothing until i couldn’t take it anymore. I packed up my bags and my dog and took the hour trip to my parents which took me 3 hours because the roads were so bad.

    My senior year of high school as a prank the senior guys broke into the vice principal’s office and moved all this furniture to a big patio area we had just outside our cafeteria. It was hilarious!

  24. My freshman year of high school (’03) was Hurricane Isabel. Our town in southern VA was evacuated (picture trucks driving around making announcements to leave), and the middle/elementary schools were so damaged by flooding that the elementary school combined with the primary school and the middle schoolers came to our school. We were out of school for two weeks, then had two weeks of half days due to the schools combining. Mid-terms were cancelled, so those of us whose homes were fortunately not damaged due to location on the flood plain didn’t have much to complain about!

  25. Wow…that is an awful lot of snow! Im a teacher also and the only time we had 5 days off in a row was from a water main break (due to weather). Luckily since it is a state of emergency, your hubby will probably not have to make them up!

    The craziest thing that happened at my high school was a bomb threat called in by the guy I was dating at the time (I sure know how to pick them). We had just recently started talking and I guess I was going through a bad boy phase…he was in In-school suspension at the time and ‘wanted to see me’ so he called in the bomb threat. I had no idea it was him until I got called into the principal’s office (I had never gotten in trouble), to be interviewed by the FBI and detectives. He was so smart that he used the same pay-as-you-go phone to call me the night before that he did to call the bomb threat. Needless to say I never talked to the freak again! haha! My parents and friends still call him “the unibomber” to this day….

  26. Oh man…. I’m sorry to say people here (I live in SoCal) have been whining about how hot it’s been (like unseasonably). I’d say we have it better off than the snow mountains you’re dealing w though! As for at my high school, nothing weird when I was there, but now Snoop Dog’s son goes there, and Snoop helped make the football team’s hype video, which I think is sooo crazy.

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