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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

I guess I spoke too soon because as soon as I walked out my front door, I realized that the roads were in no condition for running. Apparently, yesterday’s thaw froze overnight, which left the roads looking quite treacherous.

IMG_6938 (640x427)

Running outside was a no go. Or should I say a ”˜snow’ go? 😉

IMG_6948 (640x427)

IMG_6939 (640x427)

With the marathon right around the corner, there was no way that I was going to risk an injury, so I took my workout inside.

IMG_6937 (640x427)

At the gym, I hopped on the treadmill, set it to a 9-minute/mile pace, and ran. No fancy stuff. Just a nice easy run. I covered 3.25 miles in 30 minutes while vegging out to the Price Is Right on TV. (P.S. When did Drew Carey get so thin!?)


Before I left for the gym, I snacked on a piece of whole wheat bread with almond butter spread on top. I hate running/exercising on an empty stomach, so I made sure to have a little something in there.

_MG_6935 (640x426)


After the gym, I stretched, showered, played with the pug, and then started to make lunch, which was a mix of my favorite foods. Love that! :mrgreen:

I had an egg white sandwich with hot sauce on half of a Iggy’s roll. (I used the microwave method to make the egg white patty.)

_MG_6955 (640x426)

On the side, I had some roasted broccoli.

_MG_6972 (640x426)

And a peanut butter and banana yogurt sundae, which is now my newest obsession. It’s just Greek yogurt with banana slices and melted peanut butter on top. It’s fantastic! Dessert-like, but not too sweet.

_MG_6980 (640x426)

_MG_6969 (640x426)

I also drank half of a GT Kombucha Synergy in Guava Goodness flavor.

_MG_6978 (640x426)

After lunch, I wrestled with my sugar cravings. I wanted a cupcake (or cookie or blondie), but I opted for a Vanilla Crème Soft Chew instead. It wasn’t nearly as fun, but it sort of tasted like vanilla frosting!

Now, I’m sipping on a mug of Eggnogg’n tea. So far, so good. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think the craving has passed.

_MG_6985 (640x426)

In no way am I over my sugar issues, but they’re much easier to deal with this week than last. It’s a constant struggle, but here’s what’s working for me:

  • Delaying sweets until after dinner. This is all mind over matter for me. Once I start with the treats, I can’t stop, so this is the best option for me.
  • Eating ”˜real’ meals. Taking a minute or two to plan my meals has made all of the difference. I’m really trying to take Rachel’s advice and incorporate whole grains, fruits/veggies, and lean protein into all of my meals. Having all of these elements together in one meal really satisfies me, which makes my sugar cravings less intense.
  • Blogging my meals and snacks. I got really lazy documenting my meals and snacks on CNC, but recommitting to it forces me to create well-balanced meals, which ultimately helps with my sugar cravings.
  • Keeping busy. I’m still working on this one, but I’ve realized when I am busy, I don’t think as much about sweets.

Time to take the pug for a walk and then Mal and I are making a really good dinner tonight!

See ya! 😎



  1. Wow the roads look terrible!! I think its a good decision you made not to run outside and risk getting hurt!

    I have been loving that Egg Noggin’ tea. I just got some myself, and also picked up Ginger Snappin’ because that one doesn’t have caffeine so I can have it at night.

  2. About a year and a half ago, I was really battling against my urge to eat sweets. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I wanted them so much. When I started looking into my diet, I realized that the cereal I ate in the morning was very high in sugar. I switched it out to a low sugar cereal, and it has done wonders. I really do feel that once I start with something sweet, I’ll crave it the rest of the day. I know you are pushing your sweets to the end of the day (I do that, too!), but also make sure you look at your diet to see if there is something sweet (could even be peanut butter!) that is setting your sweet tooth up. Hope this helps!

  3. I can never get the microwave method to work. My microwave is too complicated.
    It’s great that you’re having so much success at taming your cravings!

  4. Scary road conditions!! Here in Pennsylvania we got lucky and still have dry roads. Stay safe!

    I’m struggling to get more lean proteins in my diet and less sugar so I’m feeling your pains. The cupcakes are so tempting, though!

  5. Hi Tina! I think you’re doing great in slowly weaning away from overload-of-sweets! :)) I have a suggestion that you may, or may not like. Many times I feel reaaaalllyyy sluggish and not right when I eat a lot of sweets, though I usually have pretty good self control. One thing that I love when I want a DECADENT cake-type of dessert or snack, is protein powder cake. I sometimes use ‘Wheybolic’ from GNC and I’m currently using MRM Vanilla flavor from a health food store. Here’s the recipe, and it’s easy! (This one is for chocolate) 1. In a bowl, mix one scoop of PPowder with 1/2 tsp of baking powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 TBSP cocoa powder, and 1/8 tsp salt. 2. In a separate bowl, mash half a banana, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1 TBSP nut butter, and approximately…3 TBSP-1/4C? of almond milk 3. Then, mix the two mixtures together and you can add dried apricot, or any nuts of your liking. Top with oats if you want. Pour into a one-serving ramekin and bake at 350 F for approximately 12 minutes? I kind of constantly checked up on it afterwards so I’m not exactly sure about the minutes. (total minutes were 20 minutes or something, I think.) Hope this helps 🙂 Oh, it’s versatile so you can pretty much make it blueberry, pear, any flavor you want!

  6. That yogurt with banana and peanut butter looks so GOOD! I’ll have to give it a try!

    I also get really nervous about running outside! I live in MN and currently there’s a layer of ice under the snow on almost all the roads and sidewalks here. Unfortunately this means no running outside until we get some sunny days here to melt that stuff away!

  7. Hey Tina!

    First LOVE the blog, thanks for writing! I don’t know what your feeling are toward gum but extra has flavors of sugar free gum called “just desserts” that always help me curb my sweet tooth after meals, just a thought, keep up the progress, you’re doing awesome!

  8. Hey Tina!

    I wanted to comment about your sugar cravings– not sure, but could it be your training? I was a collegiate swimmer and my sugar consumption got out of control during the swim season (I could eat a pound of twizzlers in one sitting…yikes!). Perhaps your months of training have led your body to crave more sweets than you did before? Have a good day!

  9. I’m doing the same thing with sugar. My office has a massive bowl of lindt truffles out and they are so tempting. However, I really thought about it and realized that on the days I over-indulged in sugar I had less energy and just sort of felt lumpy. I’ve resisted candy and treats today and have lots of energy. No coincidence! I think that’s what I’ll keep telling myself, do I want to feel good for the rest of the day? Then, after dinner I’ll enjoying something sweet if I want it.

    Yay self control 🙂


  10. Ha! I made the mistake of sallying forth on icy, snow-covered terrain in the city before. It’s a great workout, but not in the sense that you would picture. Lots of hopping, dodging, and trying to keep yourself vertical, not so much running! Definitely not safe, I don’t know how people run every single day of the year here in New England!

  11. Just as I saw that egg white sandwich, I got up and made one for myself for lunch! Very tasty! That banana sundae sounds delicious as well.

    I have had similar sugar cravings as well and eating more often has really helped that. Also taking Bikram yoga! If I ate or drank badly the day before I will definitely feel it in Bikram.

  12. Good decision not to run in the snow! I ran a 10K a few weeks ago in DC and 75% of the course was covered in snow and ice. I was sore for DAYS after and I slipped and fell at one point. Looking back, I probably should not have ran the race, but I did end up with a PR. 😉

  13. Nice work on keeping on top of your cravings today! Ugh its not easy! That banana peanut butter deliciousness should help a little, though 🙂

  14. The Latina actress on Modern Family said she used to have to have something sweet after every meal, but now she just keeps lollipops in her purse. She said even though she really wants a piece of tiramisu, the lollipops help.

  15. I hate whenever I want to run outside and the weather/road conditions don’t cooperate! Thanks for all the tips about curbing sugar cravings…this is something I struggle with and your tips and insight have been very helpful!

  16. Hi Tina!! when i get really desperate for a sugar fix i also find chewing gum helps . . . extra has a new ‘dessert’ gum and the mint chocolate chip flavor is awesome!!

  17. Boo for indoor runs but good for you for not letting it derail you! I am lucky/not lucky? I don’t have a sweet tooth but i have a salty CARB tooth. I really try to plan out my carby treats…

  18. hey tina
    thanks for the tips about beating the sugar. something i definitely help with and have found myself thinking about more recently! ta

  19. Your banana/peanut butter/Greek yogurt sundae looks amazing! Guess what I’ll be having for dessert tonight?! At work, I’ve been struggling with my sugar cravings. It used to be I could eat one piece of chocolate in the morning and be done (except for a little something sweet after dinner). Now I feel like I’m constantly battling cravings for something sweet. Your tips, as always, are helpful! Thanks, Tina!

  20. I can’t work out on an empty stomach either! It’s been hard for me to curb my sugar cravings as well. Looks like you’re doing a good job!

  21. Tina
    Did you get your placemat in the picture of your pre-workout snack at a store called Comina? There are 9 stores all around New England so I figured it could very well be true! I used to work there and we sell them so I am just kind of curious if you did!

  22. I’m proud that you even went out and DROVE on roads like that. I guess I’m a wimpy southerner, but if our roads looked anything like that, the whole city would be shut down!

    Good luck with your taper!

  23. Does Murphy have a problem doing his “business” when it’s so icy? I know my dog hates to squat on the ice! I usually have to salt a spot for her and I was wondering if you did that for Murphy 🙂

  24. For a snack, I like to have mashed bananas with peanut butter, honey and granola. The salty and crunchy really does something for me. 😛

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