1. Can’t help but notice… apparently your boobs don’t sweat haha

    What did you rim your glass with? Looks yummy!

    And totally a jean shirt (Mainer’s opinion)

    1. Haha! I know, that photo is so weird. I think the padding in my sports bra is super absorbent there! 🙂

      The rim is honey, brown sugar, and pumpkin pie spice. Soooo good with cider!

  2. It looks chambray but in a denim color.

    Looks like a great weekend! I love seeing the Fall foods come out now. You have candy corn. 🙂 I saw the M&M candy corn come out but I’m being good and resisting trying it. I just tell myself it’ll taste bad and be a waste of money. Ha ha!

  3. Denim shirt? Gosh I wish we lived on the same side of the country so my Callie pug could date Murphy! They would be so cute together!

  4. jean shirt, but I loveeeee those shirts. And I’m totally digging Mal’s shiny black pants! Ps he totally reminds me of Macklemore, just not as crazy! (that is totally a compliment!)

  5. Chambray!!! Jean shirts and denim tuxedoes are for Canadians!! Unless you are Canadian, it’s totally a Chambray shirt 🙂

  6. chambray.. . color – denim.
    omg, did that dog take acting lessons?? can he look any cuter? putting on his little booties…or are those socks? big smiles…big smiles

  7. Goodness lady, you have got the sexiest arms. It makes me so sad that Cross Fit is so expensive, I think I’d really enjoy it but there is absolutely no room in my budget!

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