Snack Fail, Breakfast Win {Re-Purposing Recipes}

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Good morning!

This morning’s breakfast was especially delicious, which was a nice surprise because it was previously a major snack fail.

As you might remember, I am developing some recipes for the Almond Board of California. One of the recipes on my list is a healthy “energy” bar of sorts. Well, I attempted the new recipe yesterday afternoon, but it failed miserably. The bars were edible, but kind of bland and boring””almost too healthy. I absolutely hate wasting foods, so I re-purposed the bars and turned them into oatmeal this morning with a big scoop of almond butter. I’m so glad I was able to “save” the bars!

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Just now, I whipped up a smoothie with banana, rolled oats, pitted dates, and almond milk to take with me as I drive into Boston to go to a doctor’s appointment. (It’s a Hematology appointment to see what’s going on with my low platelets. Fun fun.) The smoothie is delicious and really filling. A banana + oats = super satisfying!

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Question of the Day

What do you do with failed recipes? Toss them? Re-purpose them into another meal? Feed them to your dog? Any especially creative re-purposing that you’re proud of? 



  1. I love banana oat smoothies. My favorite is almond milk, banana, oats and almond butter.
    Its good that you saved your “fail.” I hate hate hate when that happens. You can try to repurpose but sometimes there is just no saving it. I think adding your healthy bars as a topping for overnight oats or hot oatmeal is the best way to go 🙂

  2. I miss smoothies. I have them all the time in the summer, but just thinking about them makes me shiver in the winter months. Is it spring yet? I’m ready for farmers markets and fresh veggies again. Sadly, I don’t think winter has even officially started yet! Oy!

  3. Typically my recipes always taste okay, but the way that they cook up is not what I wanted. Sometimes I crumble failed cookies in yogurt and I have resorted to feeding the dogs less than tasty leftovers. Good luck at your doctor appt.

  4. Ahhh too many failed recipes to count haha. But yes, I absolutely feed them to my dog when possible. I tried to make watermelon feta popsicles which were gross..but the pup loved ’em!

    Sometimes my boyfriend likes the failed recipe more than what I was trying to come up with, so I feed them to him. Other times, I have to toss it!

  5. I hate when one of my recipes fail, and usually it’s not because I burned, it’s because it tastes awful or didn’t set right. One time I tried making scones out of almond meal and coconut flour. It was like cardboard. Unfortunately I just toss it because I am not wasting calories on something that tastes like I broke it off the wall!

  6. This morning I added a little coconut milk nog to my banana bread smoothie. OMG…So delicious! It’s a definite win if you like egg nog.
    By the way…I saw this video of Elf recreated by Pugs and thought you may enjoy it. Pugs are so diverse in their acting roles 😉

  7. It depends on how big of a fail. If it is just something my family won’t eat I bring it to work. The guys will eat anything. If it is really bad I toss it.

  8. If something fails I just toss it, but I feel super bad doing so. But just a few weeks ago I found that putting the Blue diamond almond coconut milk in hot chocolate is magical….

  9. Some just have to be tossed but it’s something that’s still edible crumbling it up in bowls of milk is definitely a good option! I try these days to just make a teeny tiny batch of something, especially sweet things before committing to an entire batch which helps!

  10. Longtime lurker – first time commenter: I just wanted to say that I had low platelets, too, while I was pregnant over the summer. It sounded more freaky than it was – especially if I listened to Dr. Google. I was monitored at South Shore Hematology/Oncology in MA (a big scary name for such nice doctors) and had a couple of things done differently during my time in the birthing wing to deal with how low they dropped. But, they went right back to normal after I had my baby girl.

    One lesson from my pregnancy was to share my experience more – it helps knowing other people got through the same challenges!

  11. One time I made brownies from scratch, { which I now mastered a great recipe for} but the first go-around, they stuck more to the pan and had a cake like texture. The entire center lifted easily but I knew they were a fail because they were not going to cut into squares easily. So I was able to make 10 “brownie balls”.

    I shaped the hot mess into a ball, and decided to dip them in melted chocolate and refrigerate. They were SO GOOD. Kind of like cake pops I guess you could say; just all chocolate. 🙂

  12. I usually try to give my recipe fails to my Dad, because he will usually eat it if it’s half way edible, if not I throw it away which I really hate doing.

  13. I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant and have had low platelets from the beginning of my pregnancy. It hasn’t been a bg deal really until recently and now I’m looking at an IVIG infusion on Friday to boost my count. Just keep in mind that depending on your count at delivery an epidural may not be in your future so be prepared!

  14. Hope everything turns out okay with the hematologist – it definitely may be related to pregnancy (I am a lab scientist for a living 😉 ).

  15. I absolutely hate wasting food so I try to eat it or bring it to work. I’m the only one who eats leftovers at my home so I end up trying to put any “failed recipes” in sauces. This can mask the taste and texture of food!

  16. I definitely repurpose, too. Basically, I just cover anything in chocolate and/or peanut butter and I’m good to go 😛 And thanks for the healthy holidays tips, I clearly need that. I went WAY overboard today (first full day home for break!) but my stomach isn’t loving it at all.

  17. Funny recipe fail story:

    My Grammy made the bestest peanut butter fudge in the world, but as she was getting older, her cooking was a little iffy. My aunt went into the kitchen one morning and Grammy had something that she was pouring over her cereal at breakfast. When asked about it, she said that she had attempted to make some peanut butter fudge and it turned out soupy. So instead of wasting it, she was pouring it on her cereal. Ahh yeah, after that I was her assigned shadow and had her teach me some of her recipes. I figured out awful fast how she was screwing up. She would double the recipe, but then forget halfway through and not double all the ingredients. I love that woman, she brought us all such joy!

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