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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! :mrgreen:

I slept like a baby last night! I was so exhausted, I don’t think I woke up once or even moved as soon as my head hit the pillow. I love nights like that because I always seem to wake up feeling refreshed. The nights that I toss and turn are a different story!


For breakfast, I whipped up a big bowl of pumpkin oats with all sort of goodies in the mix, including canned pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, raisins, chia seeds, and a huge scoop of peanut butter.


Mmm! It hit the spot.


And, as always, I enjoyed a wonderfully cold glass of iced coffee with soy milk along with my breakfast.


This was an especially delicious batch of pumpkin oats because I added so many fun ingredients to it. The flavors made me want to savor each bite, which brings me to my Daily Challenge of the day!

My friend, Christine, recently started working for a company that promotes wellness through small, attainable daily actions. As you know, it’s the small things that add up and really make a lasting impact!

So, here’s the challenge that I was assigned as part of the Blogger Well-Being Challenge: Put your fork down between bites. Ok, this is a great idea in theory, but I hardly ever do it. Well, unless I’m at a fancy dinner out a restaurant and don’t want to wolf my food down!

Did you know that the phrase “wolfing it down” was inspired by the behavior of meat-eating animals like wolves, who either chew their food very little or devour their food whole or in chunks””sounds like Murphy, right? Well, my little dog has taught me a few things about eating too fast! 😆


So, I gave today’s challenge a try and put my fork down between bites of my breakfast. Usually, I can finish off a bowl of oatmeal in 10 minutes or less, but today it took me nearly 25 minutes and my stomach felt so full by the time I ate the very last bite in my bowl.

Putting my fork down between bites was definitely a good lesson in intuitive eating. It allowed my stomach to catch up with my brain. I hope you decide to give it a try!

Challenge: Put your folk down between bites.

How to do it: Instead of holding your fork as you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, make a point of putting it down after each and every bite during one meal today. Enjoy each bite by chewing carefully. Swallow completely before you pick your fork up again, and remember to put it back down between bites. It may take longer to eat, but that’s the point.

Why it Matters: Most of us can eat a meal in under 10 minutes, yet it takes our stomachs at least 20 minutes after we’re done eating to signal our brains that we’re no longer hungry. When you slow down your eating, you give your stomach a chance to catch up to your brain, which means you may actually eat less.

Question of the Day

What small actions do you do nearly everyday to enhance your health and well-being?

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  1. This is such a good idea! I feel like I’m always go-go-go and rarely stop to enjoy my food so I definitely tend to go back for seconds before my body has even caught up to what I ate in the first place. I can’t wait to try this 🙂

  2. That’s something I always forget to do too, and I always feel like SUCH a pig when I catch myself scarfing. I know I’ve let myself get beyond a “healthy” semblance of hungry when I start chowing down in such a crazy manner. The little bites is a great idea…one that I really need to get back to!

  3. This is such a good idea. I eat sooo quickly; I’m sure it really screws with my portion control. Another thing I’d like to do is eat on a smaller plate and see how that impacts my intake!

  4. that is a great challenge! i forget to do this because i am always SO rushed for meals… i really need to make an effort to take my time when possible. it is actually really hard to do when you are generally a fast eater

  5. I’m definitely guilty of wolfing down my food (as impolite and disgusting as the term sounds!) I’m going to try this at lunch today! Little things I do to enhance my health include
    – always keeping a glass of water at my desk
    – taking breaks every hour or so to walk around and stretch out, rather than staying stuck in a chair in my office all day

  6. When I first learned about intuitive/mindful eating two years ago, my first two steps were simple:

    1. Legalize all foods. No restriction.
    2. Put my fork down and do a check in. How am I feeling? Is the food tasting as good as I had hoped? Am I full? Getting close? Do I want more?

    Though a simple task in theory…not so much in practice! I am still practicing and learning!

    But…putting my fork down. Being “present” while I eat has led to a 60 lb weight loss and a whole new relationship with food that I will never give up!

    Awesome challenge!

  7. My dog could probably teach me about eating too. She won’t eat if she’s nervous, scared, upset, etc. She really only eats unless she’s truly comfortable (she has some mental issues). That would totally eliminate eating for my emotions!

    In seriousness though, I think cooking with my boyfriend and then sitting down to eat next to him, without a tv or computer nearby (though sometimes my phone sneaks in) is really good for us. We get to talk and just relax. And he helps me with the dishes after!

  8. I am participating in this challenge too! I got my email as I was umm eating my oatmeal a little too fast….slowing down now! Do you do the daily challenges with MeYouHealth or does your friend send them to you?

  9. I am going to start doing this today! I definitely wolf down my food most of the time and barely get to enjoy it. Too bad I read this after breakfast! I’ll start at lunch. 🙂

    I just started this week with not eating a few hours before bed. I was snacking all evening and found that it really messed with my digestion and sleep. Now that I am going to bed lightly hungry, I sleep so much better!

  10. I took on this challenge with my oatmeal this morning. I succeeded with the majority of my breakfast, but there were 2 or 3 times where I noticed I was getting the next bite ready after I just put the current bite in. Really made me pay attention. Was still super fast with my eating, but took twice the time.
    I think think is something I am going to work on incorporating into any meal that I do not eat sitting at the table, which is usually breakfast and lunch, although sometimes dinner. Thanks for the push I needed.

  11. That’s a really cool challenge to do. I know that when I really take time with my meal I enjoy it more and definitely have more awareness of fullness. It’s usually more satiating too for some reason. It’s such a hard habit to do though!

  12. Earlier this year, I read a book called “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. A lot of it really isn’t realistic for the more Americanized family, but you do get a few good hints. Like how to sneak more water into your day.

    Now the first thing I do when I get up is trudge to my kitchen and drink at least a half glass of water before anything else. I’m already pretty good at getting enough water, but I figure, if anything, it helps me not be completely ravenous by the time I actually get around to eating breakfast.

  13. I haven’t tried this because usually I only have 5-10 minutes to eat! Luckily I know what kinds of portions I should be eating and I don’t let myself get so hungry between meals that I’m left wanting more. Instead, I set aside time that includes active things as part of my regular schedule. In the morning and evening I play with my dogs for 40 minutes, and I set a side an hour each morning for exercising and stretching. These are the things I look forward to as me time to de-stress. That and my glass of vino at night. 🙂

  14. Small actions and their cumulative effects are critical in achieving any goal — health or otherwise. For my physical and emotional health, I strive to get between7.5 and 8.5 hours of sleep every day, exercise at least four days per week, and make sure I have adequate quiet time disconnected from all technology.

  15. I completely agree with you about eating slowly and tasting each bite. It makes a WORLD of difference for sure.

    The only issue I have with doing that is my food gets cold so I inevitably nuke it about halfway through. It does work though!

  16. I SO need to do this…I also need to be better about not eating while reading emails, watching TV, etc. I hate it when I finish breakfast and I can’t even say if it was good because I ate it way too fast while staring at my computer screen

  17. This is SO true and something I’ve been trying to get myself to do for years!! I grew up watching my parents eat very fast and therefore I eat VERY fast (my husband has even commented that he eats faster now since being with me haha). So I tell him to remind me to slow down, which we both forget, it’s only after I “wolf” down a meal in no time that I remember “crap! I was supposed to eat slower!” and I too slow down at fancy restaurants and always am amazed at how full I get before I’m even done. I know this works, I just need to remember it BEFORE eating 🙂

  18. This is a great challenge that I want to try. I always get so excited for meals, but they go by too fast to enjoy sometimes. Another small thing I do is always carry a water bottle and drink from it. I can tell a big difference in my energy and workouts when I don’t drink water during the day.

  19. I actually saved this website so I can take the daily challenge! I haven’t had my breakfast yet but I will be putting my spoon down between my bites of oatmeal.

  20. Tina:

    Great post and thanks for taking on MeYou Health’s Blogger Well-Being Challenge. It was so cute to see how you tied in Murphy. So creative, and that’s such a great pic of your dog. 🙂 (And those pumpkin oats look DIVINE.)

    I had an egg & avocado breakfast sandwich to contend with. I had to keep reminding myself to set it down between bites — and just enjoy the nourishment I was giving myself.

    Have a great day!
    Alicia Benjamin
    Social Media Manager

  21. you know, when i had my tonsils removed i could only eat if i took a sip of water in between bites…now i’ve heard this is actually bad for digestion, but it really helped me learn to eat slower! well, at least for the time i had to do it 😉

  22. That’s a great idea that I’ve certainly heard before but never tried. We’re going out to dinner tonight so it should be the perfect time to try it!

  23. That is one “little action” I am horrible at as well. I’ve tried it many times and I always seem to forget to put my fork/spoon down and take my time. I think I’ll try it the rest of the day and see how it goes!

  24. Always a good reminder. As a city dweller and commuter, I am so used to everything being on the go-go-go! While I can’t promise I’ll have the time for more sit down meals (how horrible is that to say???) at least I can be cognizant of how quickly I am devouring my sandwich on the train. 🙂

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