Simple & Delicious Lunch Ideas for Store-Bought Pesto

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I recently bought some pesto from Trader Joe’s (it’s really good) and found myself adding it to a lot of my meals as a way to amp up the flavor while adding some additional satiety. I also receive quite a few questions from readers about what I eat for lunch, so I decided to create a round-up of some of my recent pesto creations. I hope they give you some tasty ideas for quick and healthy lunches!

Simple & Delicious Lunch Ideas for Store-Bought Pesto

Cauliflower (or brown) rice mixed with pesto, white beans, and steamed broccoli 


Avocado toast with pesto, sliced tomato, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper 

pesto lunch idea

Pesto as a salad dressing mixed with brown rice and your favorite veggies 


Spaghetti squash mixed with pesto, white beans, and grate Parmesan cheese 


Pesto scrambled eggs with roasted sweet potato and avocado 


CNC Blog Birthday Giveaway

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered my 8-year blog birthday giveaway! And THANK YOU so much for all of your feedback. I read each and every one of your comments and appreciate you taking the time to respond so much. Here are your 8 winners:

I’ve been reading CNC for several years. You’ve given me so much support, encouragement, and motivation over the years. I love your recipes so I’d love to see more.

I love your workout posts but usually skip the recipe posts.

Congrats on 8 years! I really love your blog and I feel like we are very similar! We were pregnant at the same time (my daughter was born in April 2014) so I loved reading all of your pregnancy posts”¦AND I am also an avid crossfitter, so I loved reading your workout posts during your pregnancy and I’ve loved seeing your journey back to crossfit post-baby! I used to be a big runner too, so I enjoy your running posts but I unfortunately have fallen off the running track so I’d say I skim those posts.

R.C. Liley
I enjoy reading about your blogging adventures since I’m a small time blogger always eager to learn. Also love the crossfit workouts you share and have used several of them. Can’t really think of what I’d want less of, what you post is what keeps me reading! Congrats and thank you!

I like things like travel tips and workouts – especially ones I can do at home. I used to like reviews of parks and restaurants around Boston, but now I don’t live there anymore.

I love the personal posts and that you always post regularly. 8 is great!

I love the running, day in the life and most of the recipes!! I usually skim the crossfit posts since I don’t understand it exactly. However, I do enjoy many of the workouts you create for us! (Example kettlebell)


I love your attitude ”” you’re very motivating! Even when times are tough, you keep your chin up. I’m not a cross fitter so sometimes I scroll through that but I’m sure a lot of your readers are so I’d never ask you to change that.


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Question of the Day

What’s your favorite way to eat store-bought pesto?


  1. I’m so excited that I won!!! I need to decide on my shoes and then I’ll give you all my information. I was sitting in a meeting about legal contracts when I read this (clearly not fully engaged, oops) and almost started jumping up and down when I saw that I won which would have been totally awkward 🙂

  2. Hi! I recently started eating more vegetarian protein and I was curious if you know what your protein intake is especially since you Crossfit? Love your blog and seeing your little guy especially since mine is two months younger than yours. He is adorable.

  3. Have you heard it is the year of pulses (aka beans)? You are right on track! Unless in refried or hummus form I can’t really stand the texture! I’ll try some of your creations to see if I can get on the bean train because I LOVE pesto!

  4. I like to marinate the meat in pesto. Pesto is most commonly used as a sauce but it works great as a marinade. I tossed chicken breast in the green pesto and leave overnight in the refrigerator. The next day I cook it with steam so it is juicy and tender.

  5. I love pesto!! My mom and stepdad actually make their own and freeze it to use throughout the year. Every time my mom visits, I get restocked with homemade pesto (cashew pesto is my favorite)! My favorite way to use it is on homemade zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash, but I will definitely be trying it with cauliflower rice and scrambled eggs!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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