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Murphy and I enjoyed a wonderful walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! 😀

On our walk, I encountered a number of signs of SPRING! It’s almost here! :mrgreen:


Beautiful budding flowers.



An active park.


Bright blue skies.


YAY!!! I’m so excited for nice weather! Let’s hope it sticks around.

Murphy and I walked for almost an hour and covered 3 miles. Keeping track of our progress with my Garmin made it feel like a workout to me! 😉


As soon as we got home, Murph passed out on the floor and took a nap. He was so exhausted!



I didn’t even have a chance to take off his leash and harness!



My appetite was all over the place this evening. I was hungry, but not in the mood for anything specific. I ended up making some homemade sweet potato fries, which I tossed in olive oil and ground flaxseed meal.


I loved the addition of the ground flaxseed meal– very yummy and nutritious!



On the side, I made a pesto + sour cream mixture for dipping. The sweet potato fries + dip were an amazing flavor combination.



A little while later, I wanted something sweet to eat, so I attempted to make a butternut squash version of my Almond Joy “Ice Cream.” Well, my little kitchen experiment totally bombed. 😕 Basically, frozen butternut squash tastes nothing like a frozen banana. The butternut squash is really bland and boring while the banana is sweet and smooth. I’ll be sticking to frozen bananas in the future!

I ended up eating my frozen creation because I added about an ounce of Scharffen Berger dark chocolate to the mix and I didn’t want to waste it. That stuff is too good to not eat!


Around 8:00, my appetite got really weird. I made myself a small bowl of Galaxy Granola and then grabbed a beer. So random, right? A smooth, dark beer just sounded so appetizing to me. I’m just going with it…


Look what arrived in the mail today!!! :mrgreen:


My Rent the Runway dress! You guys helped me pick it!


This afternoon, I tried on the dress and it fits perfectly! Thank goodness! BUT, I’m having a serious bra issue!


Check out the back of this dress:


A strapless bra just won’t work. What are my other options? I need to buy something TOMORROW or otherwise I can’t wear this dress. And, going without some sort of support is just not an option. Any ideas??? Help!

I’m heading to bed early again tonight. G’night, blog friends!



  1. I love long walks that leave the puppers knocked out!

    I second (third…tenth) the chicken cutlet things. I had to wear them before and they work pretty well. I wouldn’t wear them everyday but with a dress like that you have to.

  2. The Nu Bra. There are other brands of the ‘chicken cutlets’ but this is the best hands down. And it is available at move department stores. And surprisingly they give you a lot of support!

  3. I’ve gotten the Victoria Secret Breast Petals to wear with dresses like that (they’re little silicon cups that stick over your nipples) and they work really well. They are also good for multiple uses. Just don’t jump around a lot- haha. Oh and remember to take them off before you go to bed- I’ve woken up with them still on a couple times b/c you really don’t feel them.

  4. Does Boston not seem like the best place in the world right now with this weather??? 🙂 So awesome!

    There are actually a number of ideas out there for your dress. A few have already listed good ones!

    We made the banana soft serve the other day- OMG! Who knew!!!!! So sorry the squash didn’t work out.

  5. Can you tell us the ratio of sour cream to pesto in the dipping sauce for the sweet potato fries? I really want to try this! Thanks! Love your blog!

  6. Super cute dress! Another vote for the stick-on bra. I’ve had both the silicone version, which provides a little more padding than you probably need – and the thinner version (feather light) – and will never go back to a regular strapless bra! I suggest visiting a higher-end department store to get a good one… will probably run you about $60, but lasts a long time.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS the dress is beautiful! I bet you look stunning in it! I vote stick on bra too…not much support, but hey, it’s something!!

    Love the sweet potato fries in flax…so creative! and nutritious 😉

  8. Great dress! I was so excited to learn about RTR from reading your blog. I’ve ordered two dresses for upcoming occasions and am hopeful that they will also be the right size :)! Good luck with the undergarment issue.

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