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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Remember when I got sick back in March? In that post, I claimed that I almost never get sick, but, not even a year later, I’m sick again. Wahhh. I hate being sick. 🙁

On Saturday morning’s 14-miler, my nose started to run, but I figured it was just the cold weather that was causing it. By Saturday night, I felt really rundown, but I figured I was just exhausted from a super busy day. Yesterday, I didn’t feel much better, but I tried to act like I was fine. I figured a low-key day would help me fight whatever sickness I had contracted. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

By the time I got home from Dave and Marie’s house last night, I felt terrible. I took a dose of cold medicine and went right to bed. I slept through the night, but I didn’t wake up feeling any different. My nose is still stuffed-up and now my throat hurts. 😕


I’m sick as a dog! 🙁


Needless to say, I’m taking it easy today.


Since I’m not feeling well, I was all about comfort food for breakfast this morning. I made my favorite bowl of oatmeal: banana with walnuts, chia seeds, and a huge scoop of Teddie peanut butter. I also drank 1.5 glasses of iced coffee with soy milk. The cool, creamy iced coffee felt so good on my sore throat.


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Question of the Day

Do you eat differently when you are sick? What foods make you feel better?



  1. I swear by Zicam. Go get some and start taking it immediately! It totally works.
    My other sick food is Pho. Hubby and I always rely on that to get us through illness!

  2. EEEk I just got over a cold – I had to run my first half with it. The BEST thing ever was this wonton soup from Thai Spice, The soup was so hot my nose got all runny and then clear. My throat felt better (temporarily – but a little relief is worth it). Oh and smoothies, smoothies, smoothies. I can’t get enough of them when I am sick – but strictly juice and fruit – no milk/soy milk/almond milk etc.

    My hubby loves the nettie pot – he swears by it. I can’t bring myself to do it. Feel better soon!

  3. I’m sick right now too! I haven’t been sick for over a year. After a 12 miler yesterday I felt a weird scratching in the back of my throat. Woke update feeling like crap. I’m currently having tea and oatmeal hoping that it will get better today. Ugh, being sick is the worst!

  4. When I’m sick I stick with foods I know give me energy and make me feel good – hearty soups with veggies, fruits, filling carbs – and I drink TONS of water and tea. I hope you feel better soon!! Make sure to take it easy with the running until you’re feeling back to your normal self!

  5. since I spend a lot of time laying around while sick I always seem to crave junk food! Even when I’m so sick I can’t even taste anything. <– that's the worst!

  6. Aw I hope you feel better soon! Ever since I’ve been little I’ve tended to eat mainly oatmeal, soup, and jell-o when I get sick..but that’s usually when I don’t have much of an appetite. Other times when I am sick, I eat like a ravishing monster and devour everything in sight!

  7. Oh no!! I am so sorry! Being sick is no fun! honestly. When I am sick I take Night Quil during the day and sleep all day long. For me nothing is better than when I am sick than sleep!

  8. When I’m sick, I tend to eat a lot more comforting foods. Not necessarily healthy though – I give myself free reign to kind of eat what I want. And I drink a lot of Emergen-C, get lots of rest and totally take it easy.

    Get well!

  9. If you can handle it, try eating a clove of raw garlic – cut it into tiny pieces and eat throughout the day. I swear by this (although your husband may not appreciate the tip!) My husband knows I’m not feeling well when he comes home and sees a garlic clove and a knife on the cutting board!
    Also, drinking hot herbal tea with local honey is so comforting. Oh, and orange juice. I hope you feel better soon~

  10. When I have a cold, I tend to overeat big time. First of all, I don’t have any energy or desire to cook, so I wind up grabbing something on my way home from work instead of cooking. Then there is the ice cream/popsicle problem.

    I am a HUGE wuss when it comes to sore throats. I’ve found that the only thing that makes my sore throat feel good are cold and frosty treats. When my throat is sore, I can go through an entire box of frozen treats in no time. Definitely not good for the waist line!

  11. I’m sorry to hear you are sick. 🙁 I have heard it’s been going around! I was sick for almost two weeks and still have a lingering cough. It sucks! I hope you feel better soon!

    I love comfort food when I’m sick – Oatmeal and tea would be my go to, I think. 🙂

  12. I hope you feel better! I’m sick too and it stinks!!

    Did you get that card that’s in the frame for your wedding? I bought it at Hallmark and have it framed too!

  13. I don’t feel like I eat differently when I’m sick – however sometimes I don’t crave eating crunchy things, like salads… and do crave heartier, warmer things like soups or roasted veggies!

  14. It sounds weird, but I crave carbs like crazy when I’m sick. Some people say that being sick kills their appetite, but I start craving things like cinnamon toast or bagels, fruit, juice, sweetened Chex Mix, etc. I also crave Bruegger’s chicken spaetzle soup–probably because it’s the traditional comforting chicken soup except with big hunks of dough in it. 🙂

  15. I drink Tangerine juice instead of OJ and it works miracles. You can get it at ShopRite and most health food stores. Its delicious and nutricious!

  16. i am sorry to hear you are sick, i hate getting sick so i know how you feel.
    i wanted to recommend my ‘go to’ when i am down with a cold: eucalyptus oil! i use it on my humidifier or if you dont have one you could use it on a diffuser. it fills up the room with that clean smell and it’s just SO comforting.

    hope you feel better soon =)

  17. I hope you feel better soon! Airborne and Zicam! It works!!

    My kitties took care of my this weekend when I was sick. Animals are good at that.

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