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Another “Quinn and Mumma” day is in the books, and it was an especially fun one for us! 🙂

It started like a lot of our days together with “snugs” on the couch, eating breakfast together, and then getting ourselves ready for the day.

We also had some time to play a few games of Zingo!, which is a new-ish family favorite. We’ve actually broken it out every other week or so since Quinn’s birthday back in June. It’s definitely a fun game! We’re also loving the Peppa Pig match game lately. We had an intense few rounds last night between the three of us. Quinn has a weirdly good memory and even beat Mal and me a couple of times!

Our morning also included a trip to CrossFit. One of Quinn’s school friends was at the gym, so he had an especially fun time playing with him while I worked out. Front Rack Walking Lunges? Heyyyy, my bootay is sore today!

After CrossFit, we headed to Target to buy a birthday present for a party this coming weekend. On the way into the store, a display of Caboodles immediately caught my attention. So much, in fact, I stopped and took a little trip down memory lane. I checked them out and even seriously considered buying one. I mean, owning one now would be so helpful for organizing all of my beauty products. I had one has a kid and wish I had kept it!

Back at home, Quinn and I had some fun with Halloween-themed Shinky Dinks that we found in the Target dollar bins.

I loved making Shrinky Dinks as a kid, and Quinn really loved them too. We ended up turning them into ornaments for a Halloween tree! 🙂

We also drank hot chocolate (with marshmallows!), so it was quite the perfect morning together!

After that, we had some lunch and then Quinn (and Murphy) went down for a nap. How adorable are these two?

I threw on a quick brightening mask before hopping in the shower and getting right to work. Mondays are always a bit hectic on the work front, but I fully intend on napping with my boys on Friday afternoon. They’re just too cute not to join!

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Question of the Day

Did you own a Caboodle as a kid? Do you want one now? 

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  1. I did have a Caboodle when I was a kid… and still have it! I use it to store my extra makeup and hair products. I’m so glad I kept it and had no idea they were selling them again. Mine is a little more colorful – bright teal and purple. My daughter is nowhere near old enough (2) to need one but I feel like I might have to get her one!

  2. OMG!! I didnt know they still made Shrinky Dinks. I completely forgot about them. I loved them so much as a kid!! So cool that you and Q got to make them together.

  3. Yes totally wish I still had it! It was the one childhood “toy” that would actually be useful today. What a fun day with Quinn! We also start our day with some morning snugs on the couch 🙂 I hope mine last as long as yours are!!

  4. We have a few caboodles stores in the cabinets of the “kids bathroom” at my parents house. Probably empty- thx for reminding me about them! Would be great for organizing my toddler’s art supplies!!!!

  5. I saw that same display at Target and was like “Caboodles are cool again!” I still have mine too! It’s blue and ironically matches our 1950s blue bathroom. I still use it for makeup and nail polish. I’ve never found an organization system that worked better. Mine has the special name plate on it I mailed away for! I also kept the mini Caboodle toys with the tiny dolls inside them and a Caboodle ring! Basically I keep everything haha.

  6. YES! I totally rocked a Caboodle back in the day. I feel like they need to make a come-back, although appeal to more adults in the design/colors because they are GREAT for organization! Remembering this makes me want one again, too.

  7. Pretty sure I organized my Lisa Frank stationary and stickers in a Caboodle. Mine was teal and purple and towards the end had an enormous wad of … laffy taffy (maybe?) in the corner of it that I couldn’t pry out. I think that was it’s demise, laffy taffy.

  8. I keep all my makeup in a little girl fishing tackle box—makes it so easy when traveling! Bet the Caboodle would work just as well.

  9. I was dancer all through elementary/middle/high school/part of college so you best believe I had more than one hot pink caboodle in my various dance bags. I didn’t realize they had made a comeback either, and am now very tempted to get a new (less hot pink) one.

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