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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, SHAPE hosted a Pilates class last night at Equinox – Franklin Street for a small group of the media. SHAPE further showed their support by making a donation on each guest’s behalf to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


I really enjoyed participating in this wonderful event, but before I recap it, let’s talk about Equinox.

IMG_0001 (800x600)

As you probably know, I’m huge fan of super fancy fitness clubs, so I was psyched to visit Equinox last night. It’s amazing, and I was totally in awe of the facilities. I’m pretty sure Equinox is the nicest gym I’ve ever set foot inside. If a location was closer to home, I’d join in a heartbeat.


Can I just move in and never leave? Please?


The women’s locker room at Equinox was really something special. Naturally, it had a steam room and lots of fun beauty products (even disposable razors), but the thing that really wowed me was the designer sinks and salon-quality hairdryers. They were so much nicer than the ones at my own home. I think that definitely says something about this gym!


I’m a dork, so I get excited about weird things, but I also loved that the locks on the lockers were digitized and the water fountains were “hands-free.” Although, both of these features took me way too long to figure out. I’m not used to such high tech stuff at a gym since my current one has treadmills from 1995.


Ok, back to the Pilates for Pink event!

IMG_0002 (600x800)

The event included a 45-minutes Pilates class followed by a small reception with hors d’oeuvres, wine, and raffle prizes.


I wore pink to the event!

IMG_0008 (800x600)

The Pilates class was taught by two different Equinox instructors, who were both really great and made the class very challenging. I always thought Pilates was sort of like yoga, but I learned last night that they’re actually quite different. Pilates is NO JOKE, people. I was absolutely dying during the abdominal exercises. I always thought I had a pretty strong core, but last night’s class was really humbling. (I guess I need to step it up in that department.) Let’s just say, I’m definitely inspired to start taking Pilates classes at my own gym.

After the class, everyone headed downstairs to the (very fancy) yoga room for drinks and appetizers.


I wasn’t in the mood for drinking, so I passed on the wine, but I loaded up a plate with all sorts of food”” raw and marinated veggies, a variety of cheeses, and Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). Not surprisingly, the food at Equinox was really delicious.


I didn’t win any of the raffle prizes, but I went home with a fun goodie bag from SHAPE. Inside was a Pilates DVD, which I can’t wait to try. I might even do it today.

Thanks for a wonderful event, SHAPE and Equinox! You guys definitely opened my eyes to the importance of Pilates in my regular exercise routine.



  1. Fancy fancy!!! We definitely do not have gyms like that near me. Wow, I mean I went to the nice gym around here for a while but that is above and beyond! But I’ll enjoy my $25 a month membership fee at my down and dirty gym, thanks. (at least our locker rooms are spotless) LoL!

  2. This post is awesome!
    yoga room for drinks and appetizers = sort of ironic to have wine in the yoga room but pretty fun for those partaking, I’m sure 🙂

    I have never been to Equinox but was a member of a super fancy gym here in San Diego. Like, I’d move in if I could 🙂 But we moved to the other side of town and it’s not a practical commute but I loved that place.

    So glad you had such a GREAT time!!!

  3. Looks like a fun event!! Oh Equinox…I’ve heard SO many awesome things about it, but I know a couple people that are members and they pay something like $130 a month! If it wasnt for that I would totally join!

  4. WOW, that gym is to DIE for. Sadly, we don’t have anything even remotely close to that here. Time to move to a larger more white collar area I think!!

    I have never tried pilates but I do hear it’s amazing for abs. Maybe it’s time to give it a try.

  5. Wow, looks like an awesome event! I’ve never been to an Equinox location and we don’t have them here in Canada, but I would LOVE to visit one someday. As an instructor, I love the look of their studios – that’s like my dream teaching environment! Glad you had such a great time!

  6. Equinox is awesome. The one by me offered a week of free classes through Lululemon and I pretty much fell in love. I used to do pilates all the time but it’s fallen off my workout radar a bit lately. You’re right about the ab exercises, though. My core is always screaming during the series of five!

  7. I’ve always heard about that event and I would love to attend it! I absolutely love Pilates and I try to fit it in every once in awhile. No matter how much time I spend on my core, a good Pilates class can always send me a wake up call to work harder 🙂 Let us know about the DVD and how it is!

  8. I’m so intrigued by fancy gyms. I live in a rural area, and mine is not very impressive. But because it’s community-sponsored, it’s less than $10/mo. Cheap-o me will take the community-sponsored gym any day!

  9. What a fun even and glad to hear you liked Equinox! I’m a former instructor there and now a current gym member at Equinox…I just absolutely love it and it’s by far our nicest gym here in the Bay Area 🙂

  10. Looks like a great night! My gym also has treadmills from the 90’s- the new stuff is so cool. I have a pilates dvd and it really is insane. I thought it was going to be tough, but I never know how hard it actually was. I was sore for days after.

  11. Definitely a beautiful gym and right next to my office but really? $125 sign up fee and $148 a month? That’s just insane!

  12. Wow that gym is gorgeous. I would definitely move in with you. I would also probably hoard all the free beauty products like I do when I go to hotels:) I started doing pilates a few weeks ago and have definitely been feeling it. I prefer it over yoga.

  13. VERY cool. I love Pilates (I teach it as well) and it has totally strengthened my core and re-shaped my body! It helps with other areas of fitness as well.

    Looks like a fancy gym! I teach at a pretty upscale gym and I must say, it is positively wonderful! It makes my job (and going there for other workouts) so much better 🙂

    Glad you had an amazing/eventful night!

  14. Hi Tina! I love this post. I’m a Pilates instructor at Equinox so you can imagine why I like it 🙂 I’m also SO glad that you were re-introduced to the power of Pilates. It’s an incredible form of exercise and particularly great for runners. I increased my mile time by a MINUTE after I started Pilates, simply by strengthening my core & posture which led to much better efficiency on my runs. Enjoy your future classes. I’m happy for you!

  15. I had a week free pass for Equinox – I fell in love with that gym! – it’s so sparkling clean – when you are in the locker room/shower area you feel like you are in a spa! The classes are excellent – I love that they change their classes constantly to keep the members challenged – Unfortunately the price tag is too steep – I believe its $178.00 a month in NY…. would love to be able to join Equinox one day…

  16. I’ve heard that’s such a good event and that Shape does a really good job with it so yay! (When I worked at Health I wasn’t so happy that they did, but now that I’m not there anymore I can be! haha)

  17. I love this post! Equinox sounds like an amazing gym. I wish we had one, and I bet it would motivate me to go so much more! As I read your post I was wishing the entire time for this type of experience, I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!

  18. I love love love pilates and practice about one to two times a week. I felt the same way about my core prior to taking pilates and even now i am still challenged at eveyr pilates session. It is something that never get easier thats for sure, which is why I love it!

  19. Sounds fun!
    Have you ever been to Sports Club LA at the Ritz in downtown? It’s amazing. Let me know if you want me to email you a guest pass if you want to check it out.

  20. I love fancy schmancy gyms too. It makes it that much more exciting to get there and workout! What a fun event! I love that it was in honor of breast cancer. My mom had breast cancer several years ago and is a survivor, so any breast cancer event excites me.

  21. I luuuuuurve Equinox. I used to belong to the one by me and tried to argue with my fam that the membership actually SAVED us money because I never showered at home (so I didn’t have to buy any bath products or razors), and I barely used any electricity (since the blowdryers at the gym were 10x better than mine). They bought it for a little bit–best year of my life.

  22. Ohhh I remember when that gym first opened! My sister and a bunch of her friends went and were obsessed! If it were closer to my work or home I would totally join in a heartbeat as well! I belong to Boston Sports Club now which is just okay… the great thing about BSC is that they have locations everywhere.. super convenient!

    I have been wanting to take a pilates class… actually there re a lot of classes i have been waiting to take haha Zumba too! There aren’t enough hours n the day! I really need to branch out though for sure… all I do is run.. I love it but I need to cross train most definitely.

    Do you think you’ll take another pilates class? Love the pink toenails!

  23. oh my gosh, I would never want to leave that gym. It looks so freakin’ awesome. I love amenities (and hotels!) and Equinox looks better than any gym I’ve ever been to. I would love getting ready there in the morning.
    I’m sure it comes with a hefty price tag though, so I’ll stick with my very affordable gym membership for now! I’ve never tried pilates, that looks like a great event.

  24. As a Pilates instructor, can I say “YAY!?” I used to work at an Equinox, and really enjoyed it. They even had some guys from maintenance set up and take down the reformers for me (we had to do it ourselves at another place I taught at).
    Sounds like a fun night!

  25. Gosh this might be have to be renamed an “Events Blog” instead of a Healthy Living Blog 😀

    And I am a huge geek to cool little things like that too. hands free, especially at a germy place like the gym, is awesome.

  26. wow what a great cause to support and what an awesome gym! i am doing a fundraiser tomorrow at my zumba studio! 3 hours of zumba and all the proceeds go to breast cancer. I lost my aunt at 49 last year to breast cancer and i appreciate everyone out there raising money, and hope that lives can eventually be saved! thank you.

  27. I totally love fancy gyms, but that one is just amazing. Must cost a boatload to join!

    I haven’t done Pilates in a long time, but I remember it really being a great workout. I love how it’s low reps done really slowly, which really challenges your muscles.

  28. What a great event! I’ve been doing Pilates 2x/week for about 6 mos (mat for the first couple and the reformer since then) and I swear it is the reason I haven’t been injured (yet) during Marathon training. It strengthens your core a ridiculous amount and also does a lot for your arms, legs and booty. I could not recommend it more. (And I swear the core exercises get easier!)

  29. I belong to equinox here in NYC and love it. I have the membership where I can go to any equinox location so it’s even more than 140 a month. My work pays for half of it though so that’s a plus. I will say, working out next to famous people and changing in the locker room next to super models is pretty humbling. yesterday I worked out next to julliana Marguelies, the day before that John Mayer. It does make going to the gym exciting though…

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