Seven Things Sunday (aka 3-Hour Delay at the Airport)

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I started my day with an iced latte and muffin from Caffe Ladro, which is one of my favorite coffee places ever. I couldn’t leave Seattle without getting it at least once!


My flight home is delayed 3 hours. Whomp whomp.


So”¦ I went shopping at the airport to kill some time. I bought a dog finger puppet book for Quinn as well as a construction plate + utensils for my nephew’s birthday. I also bought Mal a Father’s Day gift.

SAM_2174 (800x533)

I bought another iced latte from some random kiosk at the airport. It wasn’t nearly as good as the one from Caffe Ladro, but #morecoffee. 


I ate an epic egg sandwich from The Great American Bagel Bakery. Listen to this combo: Egg, bacon, and Swiss cheese on a toast Asiago bagel. Holy yum.


I met a Diabetic Alert Dog. She’s trained to alert her human when she detects a change in his body odor when his blood sugar levels go above or below normal. Isn’t that incredible?

IMG_3700 (640x480)

I have a serious craving for a donut. I’m off to find one.

IMG_3665 (800x800)

Question of the Day

How’s your Sunday going? How do you like to pass time at the airport? 



  1. I’ve heard wonderful things about that coffee. It is pouring rain here and has been all day, so lots of Netflix, work and naps are happening!

  2. I always bring multiple magazines or my tablet and get some reading done. So far this fine sunday, I’ve read a book (woke up at 5:30 am for some unknown reason), ran a few miles, ate some delicious beet & sweet potato hash. Now relaxing and then taking my boyfriend to his first hot yoga class. Tay for Sundays

  3. Sorry about the delay on your flight! What a bummer! If I were stuck at the airport, I would probably be reading up on whatever book I am carrying. I hope your actual flight goes over smoothly and you arrive safely. 🙂

  4. i like to walk the airport if it is large. If not, I usually read a book on my ipad or work on a puzzle book.

  5. That really is incredible about the diabetic alert dog! I actually just wrote a blog post today about therapy dogs and this equally impresses and amazes me. The power of dogs is continuing to evolve. On a side note, I’m sorry to hear about your airport delay, but it sounds like you turned it into a positive by doing some great shopping!

  6. Hope you’re not too delayed! I love to buy books or magazines at the airport. I know they are incredibly overpriced, but there is something special about buying them there that fills me with joy. I’m a weirdo.

  7. 3 hours!?!?! NOOOOO. I don’t even want to count how many donuts I ate this weekend. Loved hanging out with you all weekend, let’s do it again!

  8. I would love to visit Seattle someday. That coffee looks great. I usually try to bring books and magazines to read at the airport. I always stop at Starbucks to buy an iced coffee and then wander around the gift shop before buying water and a snack, then settle in back at the gate with some reading to pass the time.

  9. I usually just read at the airport. If my phone battery is doing well, I try to write on my phone, but it’s not the best way to do it. I got a less than stellar iced coffee this morning, too. Not fun. Whomp whomp.

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