Second Trimester Recap: Weeks 16-17

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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning and happy New Year!

Time for a pregnancy update! And, whoa, I’m already 18 weeks along. Where does the time go?

Ok, first up”¦


There’s actually not too much difference between weeks 16 and 17, and I actually think the longer shirt (or maybe my better posture?) in the 17-week photo makes me look a little less pregnant, but either way, the baby bump is coming! Wait until you see this week’s picture!



Egg sandwiches (like almost every day), red meat (i.e. Five Guys burgers), smoothies, green juice, ALL THE FRUIT (especially clementines), yogurt, ketchup on everything

IMG_0067 (450x600)


Pretty much the same as my first trimester, but plain chicken kind of grosses me out now. Chicken mixed in something, however, like a quesadilla or chicken salad, for example, which I’ve actually had cravings for, is okay, but the thought of plain, baked or roasted chicken isn’t appetizing at all. Not a fan of the smell either.


Frequent urination: I’m still a peeing machine, but I’m also drinking a lot more water now, especially compared to my first trimester when drinking a lot of liquids made my stomach queezy. I’m also really thirsty lately, so I am making a conscious effort to drink up.

Morning sickness: I was feeling so much better in weeks 14 and 15, but as soon as I hit week 16, I felt awful again… nausea, napping, the whole bit. It was like I was back in week 9 or 10 again. Ugghh. Not fun. The morning sickness stuck around well into week 17, but it’s starting to go away almost completely now that I am in week 18. I still feel pretty gross late at night, but during the day, I’m almost back to normal.

Itchiness: My stomach, boobs, and back get so itchy from time-to-time. What’s up with that? I’m guessing it’s my skin stretching to accommodate my baby bump? I dunno, but it seems like it happens every night when I’m getting ready for bed or trying to go to sleep. It’s like we have bed bugs or something! Ha!

Restless sleep: In my first trimester, I slept like a baby, and I never had any issues falling or staying asleep. But now that I’m in the second trimester, I wake up almost every night between 3:00 – 4:00 AM and then toss and turn for a good hour or so before I fall back to sleep again. I’m wide awake and my brain won’t shut off. It’s frustrating, but I always manage to fall back asleep for another few hours.

Weight gain: The majority of my pre-pregnancy workout clothes look absolutely ridiculous and inappropriate on me (my boobs are massive), so I have definitely put on some more weight since the first trimester. (I am still wearing all of my regular clothes, but I think I will be buying some maternity ones very soon!) I finally packed away all of my cute, fitted workout tops and sports bras (so long Ta-Ta Tamers), so now I’m wearing looser t-shirts and flow-y tank tops to work out, which, of course, are so much more comfortable.

photo (6) (450x600)


I’m feeling so much better at CrossFit! I still feel like I can’t breathe during metcons (although I did 40 Burpees unbroken the other day), but my strength is pretty much back to what it was before I got pregnant. I’m still doing L3 and some RX workouts (depending on the WOD, of course) and haven’t really needed to make any exercise modifications.

IMG_9792 (600x600)

I also ran a 5K without stopping, which was pretty awesome considering running is insanely hard for me right now.

IMG_9714 (450x600)

So there’s a recap of the past two weeks. I’ll actually have a recap of week 18 early next week because it was an especially exciting one!



  1. I am due the day before you and have so many similar symptoms! The pregnancy insomnia just isn’t fair. It was awful in my first pregnancy, and just as bad with this one.
    I also find myself eating things that specifically taste good with ketchup 🙂

      1. @Tina: SO happy for you – and totally laughed about the ketchup thing. I love ketchup and put it on everything anyway which many of my friends think is funny/weird 🙂 Love following your updates and so excited for Baby Haupert’s arrival (Gemini baby too right?? 🙂

  2. Tina, I am so excited to be following your pregnancy. As a long time reader I feel as if I’m more personally involved than I am, ha! Good luck and keep it up, so proud that you are staying as active as you are even when you’re feeling crappy. You go girl.

  3. Tina, it’s so funny to read this post because I’m going through the exact same things as you right now! I was also wondering what’s up with the itchiness! I guess it’s because we’re stretching? Sounds lovely. lol. I also peed a little when I sneezed this morning. Awesome. ha ha. Glad you’re feeling better!

      1. @Tina: Hey guys, I am 38+ weeks (eeeek) and have been dealing with major itching lately. I knew it couldn’t be from dry skin stretching because I put oil everywhere like 3 times a day! I asked my doctor about it and she said it’s actually overactive nerves from the stretching and she suggested a cold compress to calm the nerves. I applied an ice pack (not fun in the winter!) and it really, really helped!

  4. The itchiness never ends! Now my kiddos are 2 & 4 and I am teaching them how to give mommy back scratches 🙂

    1. OMG, pineapple. I’m totally obsessed. My mom made a fruit salad for Christmas Day, and I ate almost every single piece of pineapple out of it. I hope no one else wanted any. Oops.

  5. I know the itchiness is the worst! Try not to scratch and what worked best for me was unprocessed coconut oil. Just slather it everywhere. It should help for stretch marks too but judging by the size of your adorable tiny belly, I don’t think that will be an issue. 🙂

  6. I was putting ketchup on everything when i was pregnant to!! and ate countless amounts of grapefruit in which ended up giving me kidney stones, haha.. your bhp is so cute! so excited for you tina!

  7. Not to scare you….but you should check with your doctor about the itching. I was so itchy too during my second pregnancy & it turned out that I had ICP.

    1. @Kate: me too! My itching was extreme though, to the point I would make myself bleed. Hope everything turned out ok with your pregnancy Kate!

  8. I felt pretty rough until week 18 too! Now that I’m 21 weeks I feel so good. Definitely the sweet spot of pregnancy in terms of energy and strength 🙂

    Love reading your updates!

    Oh, I’m having a girl which I contribute to the 18 week long queasiness. Any guesses as to if you’re having a boy or girl?! I love the guessing game 🙂

  9. Hey! A coworker of mine also got crazy itchy when she was pregnant and it turned out to be a symptom of some kind of liver problem. Might be worth checking with the doctor just to make sure.

  10. Hey Tina- you look great! A few questions for you- in the first trimester, did you experience any bloating, gas, and constipation? If so, how did you remedy it? I have not had morning sickness or nausea yet (I am still early on) but have been experiencing those other symptoms full-fledged and it is awful! Besides taking colace and Gas-X, not sure if you have any other remedies that helped you:)

    Also wondering, have you been reading any “expecting” books or parenting books that you have liked and would recommend?



    1. Thankfully, I didn’t have any digestive issues. Sorry I’m not more help!

      As far as pregnancy or parenting books, I haven’t read any, but I read a lot online (,,,, Mal and I plan to take a birthing/parenting class closer to my due date too.

  11. Love this! When I was pregnant I too craved ketchup on everything! Oh yeah and would eat watermelons by the whole! Pre-pregnancy I loved peanut butter and waffles in the am but it grossed me out completely when I was pregnant. Even now post pregnancy still prefer my ketchup and eggs! 🙂

    For the itchiness I would use tubs of cocoa butter, kept one on my nightstand and lathered up right before bed!

  12. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! YEAAAAAAAA!!!!! I have taken a break from your blog for some reason, & this is my first post I’ve seen in a while & I’m sooooo excited for you! Congrats on being preggo:) I have a 6 month old little girl & I’ll tell you that you’ll never be as happy as when they are in your arms! Ohhhh, their little smiles just melt your heart! Hang in there through all the ups & downs of pregnancy & enjoy your you time…..seriously…….eat it up in the most selfish way possible! lol!

  13. I’m in week 16 and i can’t get enough of fruit and eggs and can’t stand plain chicken. It’s so fun to read your updates and can relate to so much of it. 🙂

  14. Hi Tina! Love your blog and am so excited for you! You can take this or leave it, but when I was pregnant with twins, my doctor recommended that I put Eurcerin (the really, really thick and sticky stuff that comes in a tub) all over every part that would stretch nightly. I did it every night and had zero stretch marks and no itchiness. He also said to use plain Aveeno during the day. Again, take it or leave it!!

  15. I had a huge craving for clementines too… it was all I wanted when hungry or thirsty… I had a huge salt craving toward the end and that was just horrible.. especially since I was due (gave birth) in July…

    Vaseline makes this amazing calming lotion ( that works great on itching pregnant body parts. A cooling one works really well too, especially when it starts to warm up..

  16. I’m the same way with chicken. If it’s in something or shredded, I’ll eat it. But the thought of a piece of chicken makes my stomach turn. I’m almost 25 weeks and it’s the one aversion that has stayed with me this whole pregnancy.

  17. I suggest getting a BIG TUB of body butter for the itchiness…I think I used Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee belly butter and Kiehl’s Creme de Corps…thick, but got the job done! Also, I have zero stretch marks from using these as of day one of pregnancy. Works wonders!

  18. This is so fun to read. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and have had the same chicken aversion. I can finally eat it again if someone else makes it for me and it’s mixed with other things. But you look great and it’s so great to see someone else rocking their workouts throughout pregnancy. Can’t wait for exciting week 18!

  19. So glad to hear you’re still doing CrossFit! A girl at my box continued until she was about 8 months pregnant, which was super impressive!! I’ve heard keeping up with fitness can really help with a healthy/easy delivery. Random question…how the heck do burpees work when you’re pregnant?

    1. There are “Pregnant Burpees” (check out for an explanation), but I just do them normally, but I slowly lower myself to the ground instead of slamming myself down like I normally would!

      1. @Tina: That’s what I figured – a more Marine Corps style burpee (basically a push up instead of slamming into the ground). I know how much you love burpees so good on you for continuing!

  20. Thanks for the updates! That’s great that you’ve been able to keep up with your regular workouts! I really hope to do that when I’m pregnant (some day). You’re definitely an inspiration! Keep up the hard work!

  21. just to ditto those above, you may want to mention the itchiness to your doctor next time if it continues. it’s probably fine, but it could be a sign of cholestasis – both my cousin and friend had this during pregnancy. you look great and congrats!!

  22. It’s so inspiring that you are keeping up with your workouts! I just tried my first CrossFit class last night and it’s hurting just to type right now 😉 So kudos to you for doing it while pregnant! When we get pregnant, it will be my goal to remain active and healthy throughout the entire journey.

  23. Hi Tina

    Didn’t read enough comments to see if anyone recommend these for you, but these were amazing during both of my pregnancies! Especially at the beginning of the first pregnancy, I was able to wear all of my normal clothes, unbuttoned with this band, they are awesome! Definitely worth the investment! I found this brand to be the best!

    Enjoy your time, it goes by quickly and even quicker once the baby arrives!

  24. Hi! Couple of things. I just had my first on October 31 (yay Halloween!), so pregnancy is still totally fresh in my mind. I’m sure you are taking prenatals, as I did, but was told after my glucose test that I had an iron deficiency..even with the prenatals! So I began taking a 350mg iron supplement (side note: the iron is what makes you feel queezy if prenatals make you feel gross, like they did me). I craved fruit and red meat HARD before I started taking them and the cravings simmered once my body was receiving the proper amounts. Just a thought.

    Last thing (sorry this is like a pregnancy dissertation), I kept active my entire pregnancy and will forever and always make my friends do the same. I pushed out my little Evie in 15 minutes! The doctor was SHOCKED. To this day I swear its because I kept strong!
    The itchiness is definitely skin stretch. Do you best not to scratch as I was told it leads to stretch marks. I didn’t scratch and have not a single mark.

    Unfortunately, for me, sleep got progressively worse as my tummy grew. I am a back and stomach sleeper and it KILLED me not to be able to sleep on either. My MIL bought me one of those curvy, pregnancy pillows and it was awesome! I mean, there was definitely plenty of uncomfortable-ness but it definitely helped. Worth the $50 FOR SURE.
    Also, for maternity clothes, I went to Gap Outlet and just bought a ton of stuff in L and XL (I’m usually a S), and they fit 9 out of the 10 months (I was HUUUGE by the end). I saved tons of money and still wear them with tights for a looser look! I highly recommend this! I also bought leggings a size or two up and those lasted a good while too!

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