Second Trimester Recap: Weeks 16-17

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Good morning and happy New Year!

Time for a pregnancy update! And, whoa, I’m already 18 weeks along. Where does the time go?

Ok, first up”¦


There’s actually not too much difference between weeks 16 and 17, and I actually think the longer shirt (or maybe my better posture?) in the 17-week photo makes me look a little less pregnant, but either way, the baby bump is coming! Wait until you see this week’s picture!



Egg sandwiches (like almost every day), red meat (i.e. Five Guys burgers), smoothies, green juice, ALL THE FRUIT (especially clementines), yogurt, ketchup on everything

IMG_0067 (450x600)


Pretty much the same as my first trimester, but plain chicken kind of grosses me out now. Chicken mixed in something, however, like a quesadilla or chicken salad, for example, which I’ve actually had cravings for, is okay, but the thought of plain, baked or roasted chicken isn’t appetizing at all. Not a fan of the smell either.


Frequent urination: I’m still a peeing machine, but I’m also drinking a lot more water now, especially compared to my first trimester when drinking a lot of liquids made my stomach queezy. I’m also really thirsty lately, so I am making a conscious effort to drink up.

Morning sickness: I was feeling so much better in weeks 14 and 15, but as soon as I hit week 16, I felt awful again… nausea, napping, the whole bit. It was like I was back in week 9 or 10 again. Ugghh. Not fun. The morning sickness stuck around well into week 17, but it’s starting to go away almost completely now that I am in week 18. I still feel pretty gross late at night, but during the day, I’m almost back to normal.

Itchiness: My stomach, boobs, and back get so itchy from time-to-time. What’s up with that? I’m guessing it’s my skin stretching to accommodate my baby bump? I dunno, but it seems like it happens every night when I’m getting ready for bed or trying to go to sleep. It’s like we have bed bugs or something! Ha!

Restless sleep: In my first trimester, I slept like a baby, and I never had any issues falling or staying asleep. But now that I’m in the second trimester, I wake up almost every night between 3:00 – 4:00 AM and then toss and turn for a good hour or so before I fall back to sleep again. I’m wide awake and my brain won’t shut off. It’s frustrating, but I always manage to fall back asleep for another few hours.

Weight gain: The majority of my pre-pregnancy workout clothes look absolutely ridiculous and inappropriate on me (my boobs are massive), so I have definitely put on some more weight since the first trimester. (I am still wearing all of my regular clothes, but I think I will be buying some maternity ones very soon!) I finally packed away all of my cute, fitted workout tops and sports bras (so long Ta-Ta Tamers), so now I’m wearing looser t-shirts and flow-y tank tops to work out, which, of course, are so much more comfortable.

photo (6) (450x600)


I’m feeling so much better at CrossFit! I still feel like I can’t breathe during metcons (although I did 40 Burpees unbroken the other day), but my strength is pretty much back to what it was before I got pregnant. I’m still doing L3 and some RX workouts (depending on the WOD, of course) and haven’t really needed to make any exercise modifications.

IMG_9792 (600x600)

I also ran a 5K without stopping, which was pretty awesome considering running is insanely hard for me right now.

IMG_9714 (450x600)

So there’s a recap of the past two weeks. I’ll actually have a recap of week 18 early next week because it was an especially exciting one!

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