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Now that my body has officially taken a new shape, I’ve started to purchase key pieces to update my wardrobe. Since I know my body will continue to change over the next 4 months and beyond, I’m trying to resist buying too much stuff. Of course, I can’t make it all 9 months wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes (holy uncomfortable), so here’s what I have purchased (and love) so far in my second trimester. Let’s hope most of it still fits in trimester three!

Old Navy Maternity Low-Panel Skinny Jeans 

You guys were right! Maternity jeans are life-changing. For real. After squeezing myself into my regular jeans for weeks and weeks, these are the most comfortable pair I have ever owned. They’re basically like wearing sweatpants. I’m a huge fan. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!?!


Black leggings

I bought a pair of nice black leggings at Marshalls, which have zippers at the ankles, so they’re my go-to “dressy” pants right now. I couldn’t find the exact pair online, so I linked to a similar pair. They’re not specifically maternity pants, but they’re really stretchy!


Old Navy Maternity Scoop-Neck Tees

I bought a couple of these last week (they were on sale for just $7) and love how they fit. They’re flattering with the scoop-neck and ruching on the side, so my body actually has some shape instead of looking like a big pregnant blob of woman.


Old Navy Maternity Tanks

I also love these tanks! I bought four (in gray, white, black, and navy) and have been wearing them non-stop under long-sleeve tops and sweaters. They’re so comfy and you don’t have to worry about them riding up.


Long cardigans

I’ve also been rocking the long cardigans lately. They’re super easy to pair with a long tank top or t-shirt, jeans, maybe a funky necklace… and you’re good to go! I currently have three long cardigans in my wardrobe: thin cotton in navy (pictured below), chunky orange sweater, and a lighter sweater in deep red. The first two are from StitchFix and the deep red sweater is from Anthropologie, but I bought it a million years ago, so I linked to a similar style.



My bra situation is a tad ridiculous right now (NONE of my old bras fit), so I finally caved in and bought a few new ones. Most stores don’t carry my new size, so I went online to Bare Necessities to get them. I really love the Fantasie bra line because they fit well and aren’t horrendously ugly. Some of those maternity bras”¦ yikes! Ug-ly.

Moving Comfort Sports Bras

My beloved TaTa Tamers no longer fit, so I’m all about the Moving Comfort sports bras now. I tried doubling up on my old sports bras, but I still had extra boob-age hanging out all over. Not attractive. As soon as I tried on my first Moving Comfort bra, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! I bought the Juno and Rebound Racer sports bras so far. Love them both!


Question of the Day

Moms and moms-to-be: What are your favorite, go-to maternity pieces? Where do you like to shop?



  1. yay for finally taking the plunge! I bet you are so much more comfortable now 🙂 I’m sure you could get away with wearing those black leggings ALL the time, as pants or under dresses and long shirts!

  2. Congrats!!! i am 7 months and went as LONG as I could without wearing maternity clothes…I was very lucky and didnt pop until almost 6 months. I have a few things from Target, a few pair of jeans from Kohls and love the tops and tanks from H&M. H&M is VERY reasonably priced too…check it out! Best wishes!

  3. Currently 6.5 months pregnant with my second boy and I have to say some of my favorite maternity pieces are:
    1. Leggings… I think I probably have like 5 pairs of maternity leggings.
    2. Ruched long shirts, so comfy and makes me feel good about myself.
    3. The stretchy maternity tank tops because I feel like they hold everything in place and make me feel more supported.

  4. A friend of mine like Zulily, they have a ton of sales. I went with Old Navy and (our store has a tiny maternity section). I stocked up on larger sized dresses/maxis and it was great for summer/spring. It’s nice to have things to wear after too.

  5. when I was pregnant with my 2, I really loved Gap maternity jeans. I know they’re more expensive than Old Navy, but it’s worth it! You can always find great sales online too.

  6. I actually really loved the Target maternity section. I bought some maternity yoga pants from there and wish I could still wear them! I also love their nursing bras too (that I bought bigger when I was pregnant).

  7. Loved Old Navy and Target. I lived in those skinny Old Navy jeans and leggings from Target.
    I loved wearing maternity tanks with regular cardigans and open sweaters.

  8. I have a la leche league nursing sports bra that I wore through the end of both pregnancies and for months after. I love it! Also, someone keyed me in to:

    It’s “preworn” maternity and nursing clothes- b/c frankly, at some point you don’t want to keep spending money when you’re days are numbered being so cumbersome. I got some fun tops and nursing nighties there.

  9. I didn’t read all of the previous comments, but I’m now 7 months and I too, tried to hold out on clothes. And the day I finally caved and wore maternity pants – they so are fancy sweatpants. I joked (maybe a little truth) that perhaps they will forever make an appearance at every holiday feast, ala Joey on Friends.

    My MUST haves are GAP’s pure body t-shirts. I have two of the pure body long sleeve t’s and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They are in constant rotation and fit very true to size. I’ve also had luck with Loft and their online maternity selection – although, their return policy sucks compared to GAP brands.

  10. I did the majority of my shopping at Target, though I was able to buy regular skirts and dresses, just a size up, for work. Just a side note: those cardigans will come in handy once the baby comes, assuming you’re nursing. I wear a tank or short-sleeved shirt paired with a cardigan, every SINGLE day. Keeps me warm without adding additional fabric that gets in the way of feeding my little guy.

  11. I’ve had four babies I usually bought clothes at Old Navy, Target, and JC Penny. I also highly recommend buying a pair of jeans a size or two bigger than your normal size to wear right after having the baby. For me it was strangely comforting to wear regular clothes right after having the baby instead of staying in maternity clothes. Also check out for bras. They carry an extensive line of larger size bras, including nursing bras. My sister was an “I” cup after having her first baby and they carried several styles in her size.

  12. Currently 29 weeks and have been living in dresses and skirts with leggings. I need to look professional at work so dresses are by far the easiest thing to wear and my Loft dresses always get compliments. My other dresses were higher end maternity dresses purchased off Craigslist from a SHAM who only wore them a few times.

  13. If you haven’t checked out White Plum’s leggings and you want any other pairs, I’d highly recommend checking out their website! They have all sorts of fun patterns and some dressier pairs. I bought two a few weeks ago and they are SO COMFORTABLE. I love them!

  14. I bought almost all of my maternity clothes online through Old Navy or Gap. They were cheap, cute, and comfortable. My best purchase was black Gap leggings, and although I’m seven months postpartum and have lost my baby weight (yea!), I still wear them all the time 🙂

  15. I have those exact Old Navy skinny jeans and they are fantastic. However, once your belly gets bigger, they may not be comfortable anymore. I invested in a pair of full panel jeans after I popped and although it felt crazy to wear such a high panel so soon, the wide band is so much more comfortable than the short panel. As for other maternity clothes recommendations, I ditto the love for Gap pure body tees. They are fabulous.

  16. I bought those old navy jeans. For me the bigger I got the more they kept sliding down and I ended up not liking them at all 😕 just a thought, maybe keep tags and receipt. Full panel is the way to go


  17. Most of my maternity stuff (8.5 and 3.5 yrs ago) were Old Navy and Target. My favorite jeans were from motherhood, though, and I bough a “fancier” dress at Motherhood also (they had a great selection of clearance dresses and I only paid $15-$20 for it and actually wore it alot).

    I never bought “maternity” bras. Usually just went up a cup size and bought nursing bras. Was really pleased to see that in between my first and second that Target started selling nursing bras and tanks. They were budget friendly and comfy. Not super attractive but definitely better tha what I wore the first time around!!

  18. OMG, I am a little behind on my blog reading. I haven’t read your blog in forever and am so happy to hear that you are pregnant! I am too, and also just hit my second trimester.

    Just last week, I finally caved and bought maternity jeans and work pants. LIFE-CHANGING! I can’t believe I was squeezing into my old pants for so long when these comfy jeans were out there! Why aren’t all jeans made the same way as maternity jeans? Love them!

  19. I’m six months pregnant, and I’m living in Motherhood Maternity yoga pants. I’ve heard good things about the Old Navy maternity yoga pants as well.

  20. Oh man, I am about 6.5 months along right now and I love my H&M full panel maternity jeans. I have 2 straight leg and 1 skinny pair. Their shirts are also fantastic. GAP has these amazing maternity leggings that make it so I don’t ever want to wear anything else. They are like buttah! Love them 🙂

  21. I got a ton of stuff from Motherhood Maternity. The prices weren’t bad at all, and they always had sales and specials. I have 7 mo old twins, so I popped REALLY early. I was in full maternity clothes by the end of my first trimester. Full panel pants are a must, in my opinion. YOu can always roll down the panel until you are ready for them too – i Just hated the thought of buying pants twice during my pregnancy that I would only wear for a few months of my life. As for bras, I just bought some bras from Kohl’s that weren’t underwire that had stretchy cups b/c I didn’t know how big I would get and wanted room to grow.

  22. So I’m 35 weeks now and here is what I wish I would have done:

    1 – Bought comfy nursing bras earlier for just bumming around the house. I’m seriously rocking a 34I (yep, you read that right) and love the Cake nursing bras that Nordstrom carries – They aren’t super supportive, but it’s enough to feel covered up for casual situations…like a shelf bra in a tank top.

    2 – Gone to full panel maternity pants right away. No concerns about them falling down. I also wish I’d been more conscientious about getting pants with a lot of stretch in them. You’d be surprised at how much less agile you get and doing the pant dance to pull up fitted skinnies gets harder and harder.

    3 – Saved some of the maternity clothing budget to buy up a size in the third trimester. I’ve always been a medium, but I’m carrying this baby boy all up front and so some of the maternity sweaters I bought earlier just aren’t long enough anymore and it’s too cold in Boston to go with the belly shirt look 🙂 I had to go back and buy a few larges to get me through this last push.

    Cheers to you! You’ll be a great mom!

  23. Target’s Liz Lange tank tops are probably my favorite maternity purchase! I bought them in every color! I am still wearing them two months post partum. Also, Gap’s full panel legging jeans were my favorite!

  24. The majority of my maternity clothes came from Old Navy. I did get a few things from Motherhood but didn’t feel like they were as cute/trendy as Old Navy selection.

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