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Later this afternoon, Mal and I are off to New Haven, Connecticut for the Harvard-Yale game. Mal’s dad is a Harvard alum, so it’s a yearly tradition to get together and watch the game.

Tonight, we’re meeting family and friends for a pre-game celebration and then spending the night in New Haven. Tomorrow, we’ll wake up early for some mid-morning tailgating before the start of The Game. I’m excited for the game, but I’m even more psyched that the weather will be fairly nice tomorrow. It’s usually freeeeeezing at the Harvard-Yale game!


As you probably know, the Harvard-Yale game is one of the biggest sports rivalries in college sports. As of 2010, the Harvard Crimson and Yale Bulldogs have met 127 times since the first game in 1875. Yale currently leads the series 65-54-8, but they haven’t won a game since 2006! Go Harvard!

With all of this rivalry talk, I thought it might be fun to go through some of my past school sports rivalries, especially since I know a bunch of you guys live in the northeast and might have similar ones. Let the trash talking begin! 😉

High School

I went to Littleton Jr./Sr. High School in Littleton, Massachusetts. Our mascot was the tiger. We had a lot of sports rivals back then (it really just depended on the team), but the one I think most of us could agree on was Maynard High School because they had the same mascot. Our colors were blue and gold and theirs were orange and black, but it was still the same mascot. We referred to them as the “generic tigers.” We also killed them in soccer.

Littleton%20Tiger%20Logo 50194_130201150364342_8810_n


I didn’t pay too much attention to sports at Union””mostly because I was too busy boozing-face””but, on occasion, I’d attend a hockey game. The Union Dutchmen were a good team and won quite a few games, so it was always fun to watch them.

The big hockey rivalry back then was with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). One of the Union traditions during hockey games involved throwing oranges onto the ice after the first goal scored by the Dutchmen. I never participated, but I always found it amusing.


Grad School

It seems like Boston College has a lot of sports rivalries: Holy Cross, Notre Dame, Clemson. I guess it depends who you ask. I love BC, but I will always root for ND!



Mmm! Delicious breakfast this morning!

IMG_0008 (600x800)

I mixed 1/4 cup of Kodiak Cake Mix with 1/2 scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder and 1/4 cup of water to make a pancake, which I topped with berries and maple syrup.

IMG_0012 (800x600)

I also drank a glass of iced coffee mixed with eggnog.

IMG_0009 (600x800)

Be Thankful Challenge

I’m thankful for The Ellen Show. It makes me laugh, cry, and want to be a better person.

Question of the Day

Who was your school sports rival?

P.S. Check out my friend’s ”˜Save Community‘ posters! They’re so cool! I want one! (Thank goodness the show isn’t really canceled!)



  1. Totally love New Haven! so many restaurant gems. Do you know where you’ll be eating on your trip? I just did a walking tour of the Westville neighborhood and found some gems! This place called Delaney’s is a tap room with TONS of beers that you’d love!!

  2. I bought some Kodiak mix and can’t wait to try it!

    Did you see the Ellen episode a few years ago (around Thanksgiving) where she randomly looked up people in the phonebook with the last name “Pilgrim” to ask them about the first Thanksgiving? I laugh just thinking about it!

  3. When I was in High School (Taylor H.S.) our biggest rivalry was Katy H.S., both in Katy, TX. I joined the Colorguard my Junior year so got to go to all the HS football games. That year when we had our game against Katy, we actually WON, it was the BIGGEST UPSET of the year because our team has always sucked at football……everyone raced on to the field. It was definitely the MOST memorable football game I ever attended!!!

  4. I love Ellen too! The schools I attended up until my undergrad didn’t really have a specific rival, but in university, it was always Western (as in University of Western Ontario) – we played against them at most of our homecoming football games, and although I’m always up for team spirit, I’m NOT up for watching football in the cold/rain!

  5. I went to a big state school, Rutgers, and sports were never their thing. My junior year they did well in football and I went to a few of their big games. I had no idea how football was played, but loved tailgating and yelling for no reason like a crazy person.

  6. I didn’t realize that Tina was a Union alum!! I grew up in Schenectady about 3 blocks from Union – small world! The Union/RPI rivalry is still strong. My boyfriend went to BC for undergrad and I went to Northeastern; two Boston schools who are big rivals in hockey. The 2011 Beanpot (a hockey tournament of the 4 big Boston colleges) was this Valentine’s day. At dinner, the two of us kept checking our phones for the score. Everyone else must have thought we were nuts! Northeastern was up with a couple minutes left in the game, and it looked like they were actually going to win the Beanpot for the first time in 23 years. But then BC came back at the end to win! Ugh!!! Someday!

    1. @Sarah: I loved the bean pot in college. I went to BU and we always regarded BC as our hockey rival. The amount of cheers we have against them is ridiculous. We played against them in frozen fenway a couple of years ago and it was really enjoyable.

  7. I’m from Indiana (and graduated from Indiana University and work for them now) and basketball RULES in this area (it’s a religion!) and IU is one of the great basketball dynasties in history, even if we’ve had a rough few past years.

    Our generally accepted biggest rival is the Purdue Boilermakers (y’know, in-state rivalry and all). But I actually grew up in extreme Southern Indiana, so my special kind of sports hate goes to the University of Kentucky Wildcats. GRRRRR. I’d rather lose to Purdue than Kentucky any day.

  8. The rivalry I focus on the most is with my undergraduate. I went to Pitt. so West Virginia is our biggest rival. We absolutely HATE them! It’s become even bigger in my family since my sister goes to WVU right now. When Pitt and Penn State start to play each other again in 2016, my household is going to get ugly. My husband went to Penn State!

  9. My college (College of Charleston) didn’t have a football team, and I wasn’t really into any other sports, so I have no idea what our rivals were. I guess the Citadel since they were the other school in downtown Charleston. I am, however, a big Mizzou fan, so our biggest rival is Kansas!!! Go Tigers!

  10. While you’re in New Haven, go to Caeseus- it’s this adorable fromagerie/French bistro with absolutely amazing cheese (get the cheese plate!) and hands down the best mac & cheese I’ve ever had. And awesome desserts! It’s a great spot- try to make a reservation!

  11. go hit up Pepe’s Apizza! Its on Wooster street and hands down the best pizza ever (get it with bacon)!! I’m from there and miss pizza like crazy now here in DC. You could also hit up BAR, which has mashed potato pizza and great beer selection- its closer to Yale Bowl.

  12. I went to BC, and I’d say their biggest rival was Notre Dame. I pretty much only made it to a couple of football games the entire time I was there though. Tailgating was the main attraction. 🙂

  13. Welcome to New Haven! I’m a current Yale grad student and this is my first at home Yale-Harvard game, so I’m looking forward to all the mayhem. If you want some good places for food in New Haven, I also suggest BAR for mashed potato-bacon pizza (gotta get the bacon) or Rudy’s for some amazing fries. Also, if you want brunch the next morning, head over the Pantry for the best breakfast in New Haven (there is always a line, but it moves pretty fast!) Hope you have a blast 🙂

  14. I did my undergrad at The University of Michigan…we had a few rivals, but NOTHING tops Ohio State! One of the biggest sports rivalries!

    Driving through the state of Ohio still makes me cringe 😉

  15. Nothing is better than growing up in the south and watching SEC football!! I went to The University of Georgia and the Georgia-Florida game is by far the biggest rivalry! (Also the “Biggest Cocktail Party”) I go every year!! Go Dawgs!

    1. @Jamie: Hey…Samesies! I went to UGA also, although I grew up in Alabama so my allegiance is to the Tigers. Nonetheless, I went to the GA/FL game in 2007 and man was that an experience!

    2. @Jamie: Another Jamie here! I totally agree, I look forward to SEC football all year. I’m a University of Arkansas alum and our biggest game is LSU and fighting for “The Golden Boot” aka a trophy in the shape of AR & LA 🙂 It’s always on the day after Thanksgiving, I’m already so pumped!

  16. @Stephanie: Yeah, I was going to say! Nothing bigger than the U of M and Ohio State game! I’m a Spartan, but my Mom went to U of M and hatred for Ohio State or “them” has been drilled in my brain since I was an infant.

  17. I went to Lehigh University and our biggest rival is Lafayette – the oldest college football rivalry! The game is tomorrow (!) and is the 147th game between the teams.

    I also didn’t know that you went to Union. I grew up right near there in Delmar. My parents are still there and I love going back to visit!

  18. I’ll be in that area next weekend for Thanksgiving. Going to New Haven requires pizza from either Pepe’s or Modern. And you can’t go wrong stopping at Claire’s Corner Copia either.

  19. Going to be in my neck of the woods 😉 Have fun! There’s so many great places to eat in the New Haven area. Do you have any ideas where you’re headed?

  20. I went to Holy Cross, so I’ll have to agree with the BC/HC rivalry. Although I think it’s a bit one sided on our part – we’re just the little guys nowadays! I don’t think I really experienced a rivalry until I went to UNC for grad school – the UNC/Duke basketball rivalry is intense! And fun 🙂

  21. Hi Tina! I am a faithful but til-now silent reader of your blog and just wanted to say I am a ND alum and LOVE that you root for ND too! The ND-BC game is tomorrow — sounds like you’ll be missing it, but should be a fun match!! 🙂

  22. I’ll be at the tailgate too — but cheering for for Yale 🙂 I live in Connecticut, and I feel like we keep ending up at the same races/events (not surprising). This time, if I see you, I’ll come say hello (and try not to be awkward!) 🙂

  23. I’m on the Holy Cross side of the HC/BC rivalry and in high school Braintree was Milton’s rival – we always wanted to “Swamp the Wamps” – ha!

  24. I went to CU-Boulder, so our biggest rival was, hands-down, the Colorado State Rams. I’ve never gone to a football game because I was also too busy boozing to care, but I hear games are crazy fun. CU also won the Rocky Mountain Showdown this year…just sayin 😛

  25. We went to the Harvard/Yale game last year. My uncle was a cheerleader at Hahhvahhd, so he was having a reunion with his friends.

    I went to Purdue for undergrad, and our rivals are Indiana, Notre Dame (BOO!!) and Ohio State. We actually beat Ohio State last weekend! BOILER UP!

  26. Dude…My hubby and I went to Bromfield in Harvard, MA…gotta love middleofnowhere Massachusetts! Our big soccer rivalry was Groton-Dunstable. That was always a big deal when they played eachother. Ah memories!

  27. I went to Michigan and they have a lot of rivals too – Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Penn State….phew, I’m exhausted just typing the list.

    Have fun tailgating tomorrow!

  28. Love the ND support! I have 3 degrees but my first love (and 2nd degree) will always be ND. So GO IRISH, beat BC this weekend!

  29. BC alumnae who just told the other day that UConn was one of our rivals. Really? At least according to my officemate who went to UConn. With that revelation I of course had to stop speaking to him…=)

  30. I almost went to RPI and when I went to spend a night to check it out, I stayed with 2 girls on the soccer team b/c the coach was trying to recruit me. It was the night of their big hockey game which was against Union! It was probably the craziest/best night I ever spent in college and I wasn’t even IN college! haha I didn’t end up going to RPI, but I’ll never forget that hockey game!

  31. The rivalry in my college was HUGE! I went to BYU and our hugest rival was Utah. We were almost always better than them in sports…..except Football was a toss up–it switched off every few years or so who was better.

    The rivalry in H.S (Ladue) was huge as well with Clayton H.S.!!

    Your b-fast looks awesome!

  32. I went to the University of Wisconsin Madison (GO BADGERS!!!) our official rival was the University of Minnesota (we play them each year for the Axe), however, the Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State games are always a big deal…this year, the Penn State game is also big as we are tied with them for 1st place in our division. Big 10 sports ROCK!

    1. @Lily: As a current MSU Spartan, I just need to say that the MSU vs. Wisconsin game this year was insane! I was at the game, and that final catch was ridiculous 🙂

  33. My college didn’t have a football team, but got pretty into basketball. I don’t know who our biggest rival was though. The RIC mascot is an anchorman (like the anchor symbol on RI license plates, not like Will Ferrell…), I suppose that’s pretty unique! My high school’s mascot was a Lion. Our biggest rivals were a neighboring community, we actually had our stone lion mascot vandalized by rivals all the time 🙁 and few years ago, it was stolen! The students got smart though, they rallied together and some of the classes replaced it with a new, marble lion.

  34. I went to Bowling Green State University & our big rival is the University of Toledo. I’m also a big Ohio State fan & of course everyone knows about the OSU/University of Michigan rivalry!

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