Scenes from the Weekend

Hi, guys! Happy MONDAY!

How was your weekend!?! I hope it was wonderful! Mine was quite lovely””lots of family, friends, and good food, all the makings of an awesome weekend. That said, here are some scenes from it!

Friday was a rough day for Quinn and me. He woke up 3 times during the night (he usually wakes up just once) and then he was fussy all morning long””no meltdowns, just on and off crying. Q is usually super happy in the morning, so maybe he was going through some sort of growth spurt or developmental milestone? I dunno, but that’s what I keep telling myself when I can’t figure out why he’s upset. Anyway, I did my best to calm him down and entertain him””we went outside and talked about nature (one of his favorite things to do) and played with some new toys, including a set of Harley Davidson power tools, which are super cute and he seems to enjoy. And Murphy loves them too! The poor dog is so confused between his toys and Quinn’s toys.


By the time Mal got home from work on Friday afternoon, Q was in a much better mood.

photo (16) (800x800)

He hung out with us on the sun porch while we had some drinks (heyyyy, pumpkin beer!) and pizza for dinner.



On Saturday morning, Mal, Q, and I drove out to my in-laws house to go apple picking with them. On the drive to the orchard, we stopped by Gourmet Donuts for iced coffees, and it definitely gave Marylou’s a run for its money. It had 65 flavors of coffee! 65!!! I was in heaven, obviously. I ended up getting a decaf Oreo iced coffee, and it was incredible!


Apple picking with my in-laws was a lot of fun (post coming soon)!


Quinn enjoyed himself too!


That face! I swear, he had a nice day!


On Saturday night, we had some friends over for drinks, apps, and football.

photo 1 (10) (800x800)

It was also a “medium dog” party.

photo 3 (2) (800x800)

On Sunday, Mal and I shared baby duty. I watched Q in the morning while he did yard work and bought a (massive) snow blower. We’ve talked about buying one for years and after the winters we’ve had recently, we finally decided it was time to bite the bullet and do it. Watch it barely snow this winter! Haha!

photo (14) (800x800)

In the afternoon, Mal went to a friend’s house to watch the Patriots game and took Quinn with him, so I could have some uninterrupted work time. I did 3 hours of work (I totally cracked out and got a ton done) and then I went for a 5-mile run””my longest since Q arrived””and it was quite a nice way to finish out the weekend.

photo 2 (8) (612x612)

Questions of the Day

What’d you eat for dinner on Friday night?

Which iced coffee would you pick from the flavors at Gourmet Donuts?

Snow blowers: Got one? Love it? Please tell me we spent our money wisely.


  1. Oh no! Snow blowers. It just makes me realize what is ahead.
    The doggies look as if they are waiting for a snack. Cute!

  2. Just wanted to say that you have such a beautiful family! You are a super upbeat and motivational person, Q is just adorable and Mal seems like such a kind, fun and happy person. I love reading about your little family! 🙂

  3. Yum…either Chocolate Peanut Butter or Cookie Dough although they all sound so good! I don’t know a thing about snow blowers – I live in Florida! 🙂

  4. I am a big fan of your blog and a student at Washington State University(go cougs!) We played UO Saturday and at one point during the game I thought, “the Hauperts are probably watching this!!” I got pretty excited 🙂

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