Scenes From Last Week’s Photo Shoot

Good morning!

Just wanted to share some scenes from last week’s photo shoot for the Almond Board of California. Just in case you missed my previous post, I recently developed six healthy recipes and photographed them in a one-day photo shoot for them.

IMG_0323 (900x675)

Truthfully, I was a tad stressed out about this project because I’m not much of a photographer. Sure, I can snap funny/cute/ridiculous photos of Murphy on my iPhone, but when it comes to professional-looking food photography, I need a little work.

However, my contact at the Almond Board assured me that I would do great, and, honestly, I just worked my butt off to make sure everything turned out well. I started by making vision boards and then shopping for props. The day before the shoot, I set up everything nice and neat, so I had exactly what I needed for each shot. It was totally Type A of me, but it kept me organized and on track.

IMG_0318 (900x675)

I also cooked a couple of my recipes the night before, so I didn’t have to worry about making them on the day of the photo shoot. One less thing to do!

IMG_0329 (900x675)

IMG_0333 (900x675)

On the morning of the shoot, I moved my desk in front of our slider leading out to our back deck, which is the only place in our whole house that receives constant sunlight throughout the day.

_MG_0909 (900x600)

Since I no longer had a desk in my office, I moved my computer onto our dining room table, so I could look at and edit photos as I snapped them.

_MG_0994 (900x600)

And then it was time to get down to business!

_MG_0911 (600x900)

It took me nearly 7 hours to make, style, and photograph 6 recipes, but the work was well worth it. The folks from the Almond Board of California thought my photos were “gorgeous,” and they were really happy with how everything turned out. Success! It was such a great feeling finishing this project and knowing that it all went so well.

IMG_0370 (900x675)

I’ll be sharing my almond recipes on CNC over the next several weeks””actually, my first recipe will be published tomorrow! I can’t wait!

IMG_0377 (900x675)

Questions of the Day

What is the last big project you completed? Are you a Type A planner or more of a procrastinator/fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants when it comes to projects?

P.S. Checkout one of my favorite healthy recipes on Glamour: 10 Healthy Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Skinny Recipes!


  1. Awesome, Tina! Can’t wait to see the recipes 🙂

    I just start a huge project of a new jewelry line…it has definitely taken some getting used to, integrating it into my daily routine! But worth it so far!

  2. Hey Tina- nice photos! I am excited for the almond bar recipe:)

    A random question for you- where do you typically buy the long-sleeve shirts you have been wearing a lot in your baby bump photos and while pregnant? They look really comfy and flattering:)


  3. I can’t wait to see how everything turned out! I don’t think you are capable of producing poor quality work. 🙂

    My next big project…putting together a photo book for Annabelle’s first year!

  4. Good for you, Tina! It always feels amazing to conquer stuff! I’m a corporate crosffitter. I feel like I got so consumed in crossfit, I forget or minimize the corporate side. This week I’ve been working on a project and it’s so technically and presentationally solid. Soooo, in addition to my CPA credentials, I designated myself a new set of credentials — CBA — Certified Bad Ass! Sometimes, you gotta be your own biggest fan. 🙂

  5. I’m normally a super type A kind of gal, planning and making time lines, etc. For some reason, I’m working on my Phd application right now and I’m really dragging my feet. Not sure why (I sort of know why, as I have mixed feelings about actually doing it) so just trying to remember that completing the application means nothing, I don’t have to make any decisions right now. I just have to do it, then I can figure out later what decisions I have to make based on whether or not I actually get accepted anywhere! It’s super competitive, so my guts tell me I prob won’t get accepted (that’s not me being falsely modest-the program at UMass gets 300 applications per year and accepts 12 students!), so I really just need to do the damn application and see what happens!!

  6. I think I’m somewhere in the middle for planning. I wouldn’t say I’m type-A but I definitely am more of a planner than the other way. The last big project I completed was probably my finals last semester. I was definitely happy when that project was over, lol!

  7. It looks like you did such an amazing job! I can’t wait to see the recipes 🙂 I am currently working on an e-book – so while it isn’t completed, I can definitely relate to the planning, creating, organizing stress!

  8. This is awesome! And I think it’s funny that you don’t consider yourself a great photographer, because I literally always think your photos (especially the food and Murphy pics) look so professional. I strive for photos like yours! Can’t wait to see some of these recipes. 🙂

  9. Great job! I look forward to your upcoming recipes! I’m not much of a photographer either, so it’s definitely something I need some help on. It looks like you did a great job with it all though, so that’s awesome. I’m most definitely a Type A. If I don’t have a plan of action, I turn into a stress-case! 😉

  10. Those photos look like they are going to be great! What kind of camera did you use? Have you come by your photography skills through your own research or have you taken anything more formal?

    I am definitely a Type A, first born, need to plan almost everything kind of girl. My last really big “project” was planning our 2 week European vacation, but I’m hoping to change that to be a project for my blog that is in progress!

  11. Great job! I can already tell the photos will be great just by that one with the jar of sliced almonds and brownies or some type of bar. I can’t wait for the recipes, I’ve been obsessed with almonds lately! yummmm – I just read a fact the other day that California is the leading in almond production 🙂 Since I’m from CA, this made me happy!

  12. Everything looks like it came together really nicely! I’m usually pretty Type-A about stuff, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and have my freakout moments. It happens to the best of us I suppose 🙂

  13. I feel like I can go both ways. If I’m really excited about a project I tend to plan it ahead and get a little Type A – but if it is something not as exciting or something I’m not looking forward to I tend to procrastinate big time!

  14. I’m a planner yet still end up doing things at the last minute. I think it’s the function of a huge to-do list 😉 Luckily I love what I do!
    This looks like a fun project!

  15. I’m totally type A! (I’m a CPA) I get excited when people want to be organized. I’d say the last big project I helped with was helping my boss sort orders for a clothing order she was in charge of for a basketball booster club. Over $7,000 of tshirts, tech shirts, hoodies and sweats. She wasn’t around for the first round and her friends had extra clothes and lots of orders missing things. She asked me to step in and figure it all out – I loved it!

  16. Good job!! Looks like you were super organized. That is great.

    Last big project…is my current big project. I currently have 6 websites that must be completed by the end of the month. yikes!

  17. I want to get better at photographing. Like you I only have one place in my condo with exceptional day light, but right now my hours of day light are limited with these dreary Chicago winters. I can’t wait to see your recipes and pictures!

  18. I’m a mixture of both. I aim to be a type-a planner and that is how I work sometimes but I also like the spontaneity of last minute projects. Looks like a fun project! Isn’t the feeling of accomplishment the best? 🙂 Can’t wait for the recipes! Love me some almonds.

  19. I’m such a planner and nearly always make recipes the night before if I’m planning a photo shoot. We’ve had nothing but dull dark mornings here so there is NO light. Daylight lamps have saved the day! I spy raw brownies!

  20. Natural light photography is always the best way to go 🙂 A lot of times in the winter the only light I have available is the awful light in our kitchen, but when I can catch time to do photos on the weekend it’s WAY better! Gosh I could talk all day about photography so I’ll stop there! I can’t WAIT to see your images!! And hear all about these fantastic recipes!!

  21. I love this! Your props are very simple and really show off the foods. I’m a beginner blogger, so this was much needed! My brain absorbed it all! I didn’t see your actual photos, though. Where can I find them? I’m very intrigued!

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