Saving Up for Date Night

All day long, I “saved” my calories for date night at the Publick House.

The Publick House is one of my favorite restaurants in the Boston area– delicious food, amazing beer selection, a chill atmosphere… I usually end up overdoing it there, so I made a conscious effort to “save-up” for my super splurge this evening.


The Publick House has an extensive selection of beers on their menu. It’s always a tough decision for me to decided on just one… or two! 😉


After much debate, I picked the Cisco Pumple Drumkin Spiced Ale from Nantucket. It wasn’t super pumpkin-y, but it reminded me of autumn. Delish! 😀


For dinner, I ordered the infamous paper bag of French fries.


I love these fries!!! They’re perfect: crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and sprinkled with sea salt. I ate almost the entire bag with ketchup and malt vinegar on the side.


Obviously, French fries make great mustaches! :mrgreen:


Mal ordered the Mac & Cheese with Bacon for his entree. Lucky for me, he shared a few bites. Holy yum!


After a couple of beers, Mal and I got a little silly! I love date night with my hubby! 😀

IMG_0093.JPG IMG_0096.JPG

We took some nice pics, too!



After dinner at the Publick House, we headed to a friend’s house party… where I ate a million Kit Kats. 😳


And drank another beer.


And caught up with some friends!

Love the lizard costume, Tebo! 😀


Mal and I headed home pretty early tonight… we’re old like that.

Happy Halloween!!!!! :mrgreen:


  1. Aww, don’t worry, I would have been right there with you at that candy bowl, devouring those Almond Joys. 😆 In fact, I did have more than one tonight!

  2. Such a cute date night – I think ours will be tomorrow night. How do you “save” calories for the night? Do you eat a little bit less? I find if I do that I tend to go overboard when I get to my splurge, which kinda negates the whole effort.
    Let me know if you have another technique or how you avoid over-splurging!

  3. That’s so funny – I was at the Publick House tonight as well! Impossible not to splurge a bit there… Those fries are to die for.
    I made the mistake of not using my flash – your pictures definitely turned out better than mine. Hope you had a good night!

  4. I LOVE FRENCH FRIES. When I was on vacation I let myself order them and I licked that plate clean. My kryptonite yesterday was vegan cupcakes. Totally made them ate too much icing and 1 1/2 of them. Worth every sinful calorie.

  5. I love your idea of an entree! French Fries! Brilliant!

    As for the mac n cheese, isn’t everything better with a little bacon?

    Glad you enjoyed your evening. Date nights are the best!

  6. Nice to see my wife and I are not the only ones who do this still. We schedule date nights quite regularly and it is well worth it every time. You guys looked like you had an absolute blast! Thanks for sharing this… now just if I could have found some pumpkin ale on Halloween, would have been nice to try.

    Bill M.

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