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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I ended up sleeping in so late this morning (I really needed it!), so my morning post is going to be very snappy!

I ate the most delicious San Francisco-inspired breakfast this morning! :mrgreen:

Ingredients included: Mt. Tam cheese from Cowgirl Creamery


And Boccalone Orange & Wild Fennel Salami.


I toasted two Van’s Waffles and topped them with cheese, salami, and scrambled eggs. Yuuuum! The cheese + waffle was especially amazing! The spicy salami was delish too!



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My Health post for this week was also inspired by my recent trip to San Francisco: 4 Workouts to Get You Through the Winter

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Question of the Day

How do you change your workouts when the weather turns cold?



  1. Love, love, LOVE me some Cowgirl Creamery Cheese. Their Red Hawk and Pierce Point are equally amazing.

    I’m mostly an indoor workout girl anyway so I just need the extra motivation to get out the door when its cold and wet outside.

    Also, I have a comment/suggestion to make but the link to your email addresses appears to be broken. When you announce the winners to your contests, would it be possible to list the name of the person and not just their “random integer”. I have no way of remembering what number I was but certainly know my first name. Even though people may have the same first name, at least it would narrow it down.

    Thanks again for the great blog and glad you enjoyed my beautiful Northern California.

  2. Your breakfast looks awesome. I’m much more of a savory breakfast girl, so I eat a lot of eggs, breakfast burritos, etc., but I’ve never tried the waffle + cheese/ egg combo. Sounds phenomenal.
    I swim a lot in the summer but not so much in the winter. I hate coming back from the gym with wet hair! And I dont usually wake up in the winter in the mood to get into a cold pool!

  3. Actually, I live in Florida, so I’m on a seasonal schedule that is different than most!

    In the winter when it cools off is when I can FINALLY get outside and enjoy my workouts. I love taking walks with my husband and going on long runs.

    When it gets super HOT in the summer – that’s when I take my workouts inside. I have a gym membership, so I run on the treadmill in the summer and also do a lot of strength training. In the summer when it can be 90 degrees at 8:00 in the morning, it’s nice to head inside for my workout!

  4. I’m totally a cold weather runner so as long as it isn’t super icy or snowy, I bundle up and head out the door! Although that can take its toll so I mix it up with indoor cross-training and yoga.

  5. My running doesn’t change that much in the winter. I still try to get outside and run. I draw the line at around 20 degrees F though. That is when I will take it inside for the tready. If you dress appropriately, no one should be afraid of the cold. It pretty much rains all the time in Germany so I’m always watching the weather. If it is sunny or just plain not raining, I better go on a run then instead of waiting. I don’t know when it will be sunny out again that day! I don’t bike outside in the winter here since it does get quite icy, and visibility isn’t what it is in warmer months. I go to a spin class designed for outdoor riders, and I love it! It keeps me in shape for the upcoming tri season!

  6. Your breakfast looks FAR more appetizing than mine was!!

    I run outdoors year-round, so my main adaptation is more layers and reflective clothing or a headlamp. I tend to cross train more consistently also since I’m more prone to cut a run short when it’s cold and rainy than during nicer weather months. I like staying outdoors for the summer though, I feel like it helps me appreciate the subtler changes that I’d miss otherwise.

  7. That’s one gourmet breakfast sandwich 🙂

    For the cold weather I’m more likely to hit the gym. And I stop bike riding and walking with Hunni and the dogs. We do those things on the trail and its not plowed in the snow. I stick mostly to treadmill the occassional DVD in bad weather.

  8. I have always loved cheese on waffles. When I used to have Eggos when I was kid, I would always try to get my mom to let me put cheese on them (with maple syrup… little odd). 😉

    I do it rarely now, and have since ungraded to multigrain waffles, but your savory breakfast looks great! I might have to make a throwback breakfast one of these days.

  9. Living in Chicago makes for some very unpleasant months. That is why last year I invested in a CycleOps bike trainer. It is a little gadget that my bicycle hooks up to which allows me to ride my bike in doors all winter long! Turns any bike into a stationary bike. Definitely worth the investment if you enjoy riding all year round.

  10. Such a creative breakfast. Anything with scrambled eggs is totally tops for me, and the combo with waffles makes them even better!

    Have a great day!

  11. When it’s cold, I end up working out more at the gym or my house. I can’t get motivated to get outside and run when it’s freezing in the morning!

  12. wow, i NEED that breakfast!! what a great idea. i’m the very definition of a cold weather wimp. all exercise takes place indoors from now until the spring thaw!! interval training on the treadmill, weights, etc – all at home and safely sheltered from the elements! makes that first time back outside in the spring sunshine even more sweet.

  13. Colder weather equals the gym. Especially since it is getting dark so early. Although ever since i moved to LA no one reads trashy magazine at the gym, probably too afraid of running into the subject of such gossip 🙂

  14. Like many have said, as a runner it just means I put on more clothes. And often adding a headlamp since my twice daily runs are usually done in the dark!

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