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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Mal and I (and Murphy) drove up to Portland yesterday to visit our friends Dave and Marie. Remember them? Well, sadly, they no longer live 5 minutes away from us. Wah. It’s the end of an era.

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A few weeks ago, Dave and Marie moved to Maine. Their new home is adorable, and it’s right on the water with beautiful views.

IMG_0039 (600x800)IMG_0059 (800x600)

Dave and Marie are so happy living there, it makes Mal and me happy for them. We miss them so much, but the four of us agreed that we’d try to see each other at least once a month– either in Maine or Massachusetts– and so far, we’ve stuck to it!

IMG_0041 (800x600)


As soon as Mal and I got settled at Dave and Marie’s new home, we all headed into Portland for lunch. The four of us were starving. We decided on The Farmer’s Table, which is all about fresh, sustainable food prepared simply.

IMG_0029 (800x600)

IMG_0011 (800x600)

A glass of wine with lunch? Sure, why not? I ordered a glass of Pinot Gris from Oregon.

IMG_0008 (600x800)IMG_0010 (600x800)

The seasonal brunch menu at The Farmer’s Table had all sorts of delicious options with fresh in-season ingredients to chose from, including eggs and omelettes, soups, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

I ended up choosing the Fall Panzanella, which included baby spinach, roasted fall vegetables, croutons, goat cheese, and a balsamic-mustard vinaigrette. I really enjoyed this salad– the ingredients tasted fresh and flavorful, but the dressing totally overpowered it. It was drenched in balsamic-mustard vinaigrette. I guess I should have asked for it on the side. Even still, I chowed it down.

IMG_0013 (800x600)

After lunch, we wandered around Old Port, Portland’s downtown district, and did some sightseeing and window shopping.

IMG_0018 (800x600)

On our travels, Marie and I stumbled upon this sign:

IMG_0021 (600x800)

Pumpkin pie latte? Yes, please! So, we went into Mornings in Paris to get a sweet treat.

Mornings in Paris is an adorable cafe with a huge, fun menu of drinks. The pumpkin pie latte is what initially got my attention, but once inside, the variety of speciality coffee drinks blew my mind. Red velvet latte? Almond Joy cappuccino? Tiramisu latte? Obviously, it was a tough decision, but, eventually, I decided on a Cupcakeuccino. (Yes, there’s such a thing!)

IMG_0025 (800x600)

I was psyched about about the Cupcakeuccino– it even came with pink sprinkles on top! The first few sips were heavenly. It didn’t taste exactly like a cupcake, but it was pretty darn close. It was super sweet, but perfect for a dessert coffee.

IMG_0024 (800x600)IMG_0023 (800x600)

IMG_0026 (600x800)IMG_0027 (800x600)

Have you ever seen squirrel underpants? Me either, but they’re funny.

IMG_0028 (800x600)

After a few hours in Old Port, we headed back to Dave and Marie’s house and took the dogs outside for an “adventure walk.”

IMG_0049 (800x600)

The pups had a blast running around!

IMG_0056 (800x600)

The humans did too!

IMG_0052 (800x600)

IMG_0057 (800x600)

After some time outdoors, we came inside for happy hour, which included some snacks.

IMG_0062 (800x600)

And some booze. I mixed the Pinnacle Whipped vodka with seltzer.

IMG_0044 (600x800)IMG_0048 (600x800)

With drinks in hand, we headed outside for a fire.

IMG_0065 (800x600)

IMG_0066 (600x800)

IMG_0067 (800x600)

We ended up staying outside around the fire until well into the evening.

IMG_0074 (800x600)


Eventually, we got hungry for dinner, so Marie made us her special (secret recipe) mac & cheese.

IMG_0075 (800x600)IMG_0079 (800x600)

Holy cheesiness!

IMG_0083 (800x600)

The rest of our evening involved some intense games of Cribbage. Guys versus girls. The girls won, so the guys are cooking us breakfast this morning. Wahoo!

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  1. Oh Maine is so gorgeous. I think David and I have thought about moving there. I haven’t really explored downtown Portland but it seems like the perfect weekend getaway. 🙂

  2. That stinks you aren’t near as close to your friends anymore (even though they love their new home 😉 ), but very cool that you’ve made an effort to see each other once a month!

  3. This post was wonderful. I love that you have made a mission to see your friends no matter the distance. We live very far from our family and friends and try to see each other at least once a year, but I have hopes for the future when we settle down that our trips will be like yours!! And Portland looks like an awesome town!

  4. I love cribbage too! I even have an app on my iPhone. That way I can indulge in my guilty pleasure even on the road/bus.

  5. It’s great that you guys make a point to visit each other monthly…staying in touch is so important! Distance has nothing on you guys 🙂

    And that mac & cheese almost looks like it could be apple crisp or something with the topping…yum!

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