Rx Workouts, Daiya Cheese & New Uses for My Chopper + Fitbit Versa

Hi guys!

This post is a random mix of what’s been happening in my life lately. It’s not quite a “day in the life” post, but a good glimpse into CNC land! 😉

The most exciting happening from the week so far: Quinn learned how to ride his bike!! It was SO COOL! We practiced coasting down our driveway without the training wheels on his bike, just a few times, and, boom, he was riding it the next day. He said “it just clicked!” 🙂

I made this crazy-easy pumpkin spice granola the other day. It’s an old CNC recipe, but, holy cow, it’s delicious. If you’re looking for a quickie fall-inspired granola, this is your recipe. I made a batch on Sunday, and it was gone by Tuesday afternoon!

simple pumpkin spice granola shot from overhead

I completed “Kelly” at CrossFit on Tuesday (5 rounds: 400 meter run, 30 Box Jumps, 30 Wallballs), and it was a beast of workout. It’s one of the “girls” workouts, and it’s one of the first Rx “girls” workouts I’ve done in a longgggg time.

I’m not the same athlete that I was when I first started CrossFit nearly 9 years ago. I used to feel disappointed that I couldn’t compete with the same weights and intensity that I once did, but a lot has changed… and that’s OKAY. I’m at a difference place in life now, and I’m honestly just happy that I am able to exercise on the regular AND occasionally push myself at the level I’m currently at. I’m still getting a great workout and increasing my fitness level and really that’s all that matters. All I know is that I was pretty pumped to finish “Kelly” the other day!

Andrew Kornfeld (IBD Coach) shared this info about Daiya cheese on Facebook the other day, and I just had to pass it along. I feel like a lot people are confused about these types of food products. They seem healthy, but they’re really not, especially for us with GI and autoimmune issues. The more you know!

I discovered some new uses for my chopper! I know I’ve blogged about this amazing kitchen tool in the past, but I seriously love it and use it ALL the time. Between this and my air fryer, it’s basically how I cook all my meals! 😉

Chopped salad? Yes, please!

Chopped apples for Mom’s Apple Crisp? Easy peasy! 🙂

I joined the Orangetheory right near our house and had my first workout on Monday. The heart rate monitor that I borrowed from OTF died on me (like it often does – I think I get too sweaty for it to work properly), but my Fitbit Versa ended up tracking my workout pretty well. I actually think I’ll probably use my Fitbit for OTF workouts in the future! 

Fitbit Versa heart rate workout screenshot

Question of the Day

Anyone else have issues with heart rate trackers? 


  1. When I click on the link for the food chopper it goes to Google. I know you’ve posted about it before but now that I actually want to buy it I can’t find it! Can you please repost the link? Thank you!

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