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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Check out the collection of running medals that I’ve acquired!

IMG_0003 (500x375)

To date, I’ve run 23 road races, but I only have 10 medals to show for it. Of course, not every race I’ve run has given out a medal at the end of it. I actually used throw away my medals. (I once told Caitlin this, and I thought she was going to have a heart attack!) Ok, let me explain”¦

When I got injured after running my first half marathon, I thought I would never run long distances again. I spent months and months in physical therapy and never really recovered, so I spent a lot of time angry and frustrated that I couldn’t run.

When it came time to move (again) into a new apartment, instead of packing my medals, I just tossed them in the trash (like I do with a lot of stuff). I honestly didn’t think running as hobby was in my future. Now, I obviously regret not saving them, especially since I won’t ever get back my very first road race medal or my first half marathon medal. Wah. This makes me sad.

Well, the day that I crossed the finish line of the Rock ”˜N’ Roll Arizona Marathon and earned my 26.2-mile medal, I knew that I would never ever throw away a race medal again. No matter what the distance, a medal is hard-earned and deserves to be celebrated. It should not be tossed in the trash.

IMG_0060 (480x640)

Up until this afternoon, I proudly displayed my medals on the corner of my dresser mirror. I get dressed there every morning, so they often make me smile and remind me of my running accomplishments.

IMG_0019 (500x375)

A few weeks ago, however, I noticed that my medals weren’t as prominently displayed as I thought. It turns out that you can’t really see them unless you stand in front of my dresser.

IMG_0022 (375x500)

Of course, this wasn’t a big deal, but when Ali blogged about her new Running Medal Display Rack, I knew it was exactly what I needed to show off my medals, so I purchased the same one (in a different color) and hung it in my office. 

How cute is this thing?!

IMG_0014 (500x375)

Check ”˜em out! Now, I can see my running medals in all of their glory! This makes me happy.

IMG_0002 (375x500)

What do you do with your race medals?


Mal and I took a break from working this afternoon to eat lunch together outside on the back porch. I had a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich with mayo, sliced tomato, and a pickle on the side.

IMG_0001 (500x375)

I also ate a bunch of Kettle chips, which ended up in my sandwich. I love the crunch!

IMG_0003 (500x375) IMG_0010 (500x375)

Murphy kept us company on the porch and watched closely for dropped pieces of food. He’s such a little scavenger.

IMG_0006 (375x500)

Pug owners: Does your dog often sit with his/her leg out to the side like this or is Murphy just weird?

IMG_0008 (500x375)


A couple of hours later, I snacked on a caramel Oikos with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds mixed in. Mmm! It was the perfect sweet snack.

IMG_0011 (500x375)

I’m doing a little more work and then taking the rest of the night off to relax! Wahoo!



  1. Hi Tina! Albert sits the exact same way… funny! FYI-Urban Daddy Boston just named Chebeague Island Inn as one of the Five Best Views in New England:)

  2. LOVE that rack! I have a couple of medals, so maybe I’ll invest in one too? I hang them on a rack designed for necklaces…hah.

    LOVE your idea of a great sweet snack!! Where did you get those chocolate covered sunflower seeds?!

  3. haha, it must be a dog thing…Bromley sits like that too! We always laugh at the leg out pose, it’s so funny and so cute!

    I don’t think I’ve thrown out my medals, but I also couldnt tell you where they are right now hah!

  4. Olive almost always sits goofy like that! I think its a pug thing 🙂

    Also: I LOVE your medal collection. That is one thing that keeps me motivated to run – I don’t care if I never run more than a 5K, I just want a medal!! 🙂

  5. I love that rack, I think I saw something similar on Etsy! My hubby bought a small rack for me to hang my medals on so I think I might try and fancy it up a bit 🙂

  6. Mine medals are hanging off the lock to one of my living room windows, as are my fiancé’s. I’ve been meaning to get something to hang them off of but constantly forget! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. I don’t have any of my running accomplishments displayed right now! My ex-husband made me a beautiful rack for them, I just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it. And I”m going to need more room the way I’ve been running lately! 😀

    So right now everything is in a shoe box – but I save every bib, and every medal, and anything else of importance from races!

  8. OMG I love those chocolate covered sunflower seeds, my mom and grandma used to buy them for me in these big plastic tubes, but I haven’t seen them in years!!

    The medal rack is a great idea – I hang mine on my full length mirror in my room – but yours look like they were made to hang with those pictures in your office – nice work!

  9. I love your display rack! I used to have a ton of medals from swimming and I believe they’re currently sitting in my memory box (or whatever else you want to call the box full of stuff you’ve collected throughout your childhood/teens that you just can’t part with!) As for my other medals, I’ve got them in a box with my scrapbooks from my last 4 or 5 years – that’s where all the photos from the events are kept, so I like to have everything in one place!

  10. I only have one medal (from a half marathon I ran last fall) and it’s hanging on my closet door. I’d love one of those medal racks, but I feel like I need a few more medals to make it worthwhile ; )

  11. I’ve saved my medal from my 1st marathon but all the rest I send to medals for mettle. it’s a group that repurposes race medals for seriously ill kids + adults.

    I used to hang on to all my medals but the clutter was annoying me plus I had 2 races that didn’t go well and were not enjoyable to run, so I didn’t want to hang on to those.

  12. I actually do throw away all my medals…if I ever won a race I would definitely keep the plaque, but otherwise I don’t really see the point…I’m just not a sentimental person, and if I wanted to look up my results or remember the race I just go to I don’t know why, the medals just aren’t meaningful to me. I also don’t wear a wedding ring, so I guess it’s just a weird personality trait of mine.

  13. I had one made from the same etsy store except I customized it (she was aweomse) to say Heart & Sole in Purple and Gold (Geaux Tigers!!) It’s hanging in my office. I work with all guys so I like showing off that I can outrun all of them!

  14. Those caramel Oikoses are one of my absolute favorite things! I’ve started making OOIAJ with them, and the caramel + PB is quite possibly the yummiest combination ever.

  15. I donate all my medal to this organization

    My last batch went to the Umass children’s cancer center and I got the sweetest thank you. I can’t stress enough that if people don’t know what to do with their medal to donate them to this organization

  16. I’ve probably done at least 30+ races with medals (18 half-marathons and 9 marathons alone), and currently, they are all sitting in a very heavy box. I have no space to hang them right now and don’t know if I ever will get to do that. I was dumb enough to get a shadow box, which would hold maybe 5 of them, but I had a hard time picking out 5 favorites. =/

    My favorite medal is still my first marathon (Los Angeles Marathon) one… it had that antique look, which they have since amended.

  17. I love the medal rack…it looks great!! I may need to get one for my fiance for Christmas. And your office looks amazing! I have white cinderblocks surrounding me…so not as cool! The “Keep Calm” signs are great!

  18. I just put my medals in a shadow box (hung them by Velcro strips) and I put all if my race bibs on their own bulletin board, gonna hang them up tonight!

  19. I keep my racing medals on the side of my bulletin board with my racing bibs. I have a shadow box somewhere with some of my medals but since I’ve moved I can’t find it! Boo. 🙁

    Do you keep your race bibs too? I like to put my stats on them.

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