Running for Time or Distance?

Rise and shine! It’s running time!

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I got my run on with Kerrie at Pond Meadow Park this morning. We met early to beat the heat and did a quickie run around the park. We’re both planning to go to CrossFit tonight, so we kept our workout short and sweet with a 20-minute run.


I didn’t bring my watch this morning, so I’m not sure how far we went, but I kept trying to figure it out on my drive home. It’s funny how my mind always thinks in distance when I run. We ran for 20 minutes, probably 9-ish minutes per mile, so we ran a little over 2 miles? For some reason, knowing the measured distance is more gratifying than the timed effort for me. Does that happen to anyone else?

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After our run, I came home and ate my go-to breakfast, which I have been eating for almost a week straight now: sliced banana with blueberries and a massive scoop (ok, usually two massive scoops) of almond butter. I typically cook the banana slices in coconut oil (with cinnamon), but I ran out the other day. I’m actually waiting on a HUGE shipment of coconut oil from Amazon right now. I always buy coconut oil in bulk because the shelf life is so long, and I know I will definitely use it before it spoils. The coconut oil at Whole Foods: wicked expensive. On Amazon: totally affordable.

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I also whipped up some green juice to drink with breakfast. I threw some fennel in this morning for something a little different. Mmm!

green juice with fennel

Health News & Views

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Question of the Day

Which do you prefer: running by time or distance?

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  1. I always run for distance! Sometimes I think I should do more speed training, but if I get in some good mileage it always makes me happy.

    I never would have thought to add fennel to juice or a smoothie, I’ll have to give it a try!

  2. It’s funny, I never think to buy foods on Amazon, but I’m definitely checking out that coconut oil. You’re right, it is so expensive elsewhere!
    I always count the time when I run, almost never the distance. I have no idea why!

  3. I do both, but I am like you and I feel much more gratified knowing the distance. Gotta get in 5 miles tonight for Chicago Marathon training!

  4. I definitely focus on distance when I run. And by focus, I should say obsess over. I like seeing how much faster I can go over the same courses.

  5. I always run for distance, it is just the way my brain works and my body is okay with it. It is just easier for me to track my weekly mileage and when I am training for a race. 🙂

  6. I would much rather run for distance but oftentimes I find myself running for time simply because I don’t have a way to accurately calculate how far I run! But there are times when I run a course and then drive through it with my car to estimate the mileage 😀

  7. Although when I run a short distance I am trying to improve my time, I am more worried about going the distance regardless of how long it takes me.

  8. The older I get the less time I spend running so now most of my training is based around intervals, either it be running or biking. To be honest I don’t think i have ever enjoyed my training so much or been as fit so maybe there is something to be said for this type of training.

  9. I just started running, and have a hard time with really challenging myself to run FAST. I’ve always enjoyed the distance portion, I can go for a looong time without really feeling winded. But the other night my husband offered to come with me and push for miles, in a matter of time. It was so. much. harder. BUT it taught me a great lesson. I get MORE of a workout if I go for miles in a certain time. So, combining both theories at the moment!

  10. Running for distance definitely. It gets stressful to constantly run for time. But that is just me and my lazy butt. Thinking of signing up for an obstacle race this autumn, need some motivational mantras before that though 🙂

  11. I have always run for distance. But I will say the few times I’ve run without a watch, (usually when the GPS battery is dead) not knowing how far or how fast I am going, has been quite liberating.

  12. I definitely like running distance than timing myself. However I do prefer sprints and tempo runs than any distance though…

  13. Do you have a Costco near you? Organic virgin coconut oil is cheaper than the one you listed on amazon….might be worth checking out

  14. I do a bit of both. During the week I actually like to run for a designated amount of time to see if I can go fruther than I did before. And then on the weekend I go out for a specific distance to see if I can increase my pace..

  15. I like to do both to help train different aspects of the run. I like to hills and sprints for time and then longer runs for distance 🙂 I’m doing my first Foam Fest 5K this weekend and very excited for it!

  16. I’m not a really fast runner so my instinct is to run for distance. What I’ve found, though, is when I’m not stressing about my pace, I actually run faster. It’s weird how much psychology there is to running!

  17. I am a CrossFit gal trying to give up the remnants of a traditional gym membership (gotta give up that elliptical), so I’m trying a couch to 5K app. All I’m trying to do at this point is get through a run without quitting and improve my technique.

  18. Totally distance! I’m less hard on myself about how speedy (or not) I am. Just knowing how FAR I ran is satisfaction enough for me.

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