Running + CrossFit: A Match Made In Heaven?

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Now that I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost a month, I’ve noticed that it really interferes with my running”” not really my motivation to run, but my physical ability to actually do it. Typically, I’m too exhausted to run after a CrossFit workout, so I try to run before, but, sometimes, my body is just too tired from the previous day’s workout, so I skip my run all together. (Maybe I’m just a wuss?)

I’m planning to start training for the Rock ”˜N’ Roll USA Half Marathon next week, but I’m starting to get a little worried about how I’m going to fit in all of those training miles. I should probably just cut back on CrossFit, but I really love it””maybe even more so than running?! I also don’t want to drop out of the half marathon because I know it’s going to be a lot fun. I guess I just haven’t found the right balance yet, but I’m definitely going to keep trying!

With that said, I ran 3.5 miles at the gym today! Woohoo!

IMG_1031 (800x598)

Has anyone successfully trained for a half marathon (or marathon or other endurance event) and regularly attended CrossFit at the same time? Any advice is appreciated!


After my run, I came home and made myself a snack: banana slices with a scoop of peanut butter. Eating it in a mug was actually kind of fun””mostly because I was able to get a glob of peanut butter on every single piece of banana. Oh, it’s the little things in life”¦

IMG_0001-2 (600x800)IMG_0003-2 (800x600)


A couple of hours later, I headed to NuVal, where I ate lunch at my desk. I started with a salad of mixed greens, broccoli, carrots, hard boiled eggs, potatoes, garlic hummus, dried basil, ground pepper, and truffle oil. Holy yum and holy filling!

IMG_0007-2 (800x600)

I finished off lunch with some French vanilla yogurt.

IMG_0006-2 (800x600)


When I got home from NuVal, I snacked on a handful of almonds, which I took with me while I walked Murphy.

IMG_0012-2 (800x600)

When I got home, I was still hungry, so I chopped up some veggies for a second snack.

IMG_0015-2 (800x600)

Of course, the pug wasn’t far from the chopping action.

IMG_0016-2 (800x600)

Snack #2 was veggies with horseradish hummus. Oh, yes, you read that correctly. Tribe makes horseradish hummus, and it delicious! I’m a big fan.

IMG_0025-2 (800x600)

Off to CrossFit!



  1. Hi! I’ve been cross fitting for about 8 months now. I run about 20-25 miles per week. I do Crossfit 3-5 times per week. At least 2-3 days of which I run two miles to the gym and two miles home after the WOD. On my days off from Crossfit I run 6-10 miles. I absolutely feel that my endurance has improved.
    Good luck!

  2. I am a new CrossFitter (loving it) and have signed up for my first half-marathon this coming summer. Just wanted to say thank you to all commenters – reading through this post has been extremely helpful! I CAN do both! (just gotta be smart about it, listen to my body)

  3. I was a runner first, then started Crossfit 3 years ago. Now I am a Crossfit Coach. I did my first full marathon a year ago. I believe Crossfit was the key to helping me so that I was completely injury free, but there are some limitations when training for long endurance races and doing Crossfit, I believe. I continued to strength train, but backed off trying to hit PRs in max weight. I didn’t always have to do WODs rx , if the weight was heavy I backed off, but everything else was great. It improved my core and back muscles. It helped improve my posture. The short sprint increased my times in 5k,10k, and half marathon. I even finished marathon 30 minutes faster than I planned for. Crossfit and Running can go together just be smart and don’t let ego get in the way. Keep your eye on the big picture which is the half marathon that you are training for. You can hit PRs after the race.

  4. The post is from 2012 see I would really lack to read how it all went and what your opinion on crossfit + running is now.

    For me personally it is great to lift heavy and run far. I want to get to the point where I can run a sub 3 mara and clean and jerk twice my body weight on the same day. This will be very hard to do, but I think that is what drives most crossfitters.

    I agree on the comments that crossfit decreases risk of injury in runners, as your body is not as brittle as the average long distance runners one.

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