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Hello, hello!

I am having a blast at the Runner’s World Festival & Half! Yay! Here is a recap from Friday!



Our first full day in Bethleham kicked off bright and early with a 3-mile shakeout run with Bart Yasso, who, if you didn’t know already, is the coolest guy I ever. He has done so many amazing things, and I just want to listen to him tell me stories from his life.


Bart took us on a gorgeous route around Bethlehem.

IMG_7462 (800x600)

We stopped a few times so he could point out various landmarks, including a number of especially beautiful views.

IMG_7461 (800x600)

IMG_7464 (800x600)

running bloggers group shot
credit: Run Eat Repeat

Finishing 3 miles… and an enthusiastic fist pump from Theodora!


Yay! My long lost friend!



After our run, we enjoyed a healthy breakfast””I grabbed a plate of fresh fruit and a yogurt-berry-granola parfait, which, as soon as I finished, I refilled my cup for round two. FYI: There was a lot of “round two eating” yesterday. All of the food here is so good; I just couldn’t help myself.




After breakfast, we heard a Altra Zero Drop Footwear product presentation. (Altra is the primary sponsor of the Runner’s World Festival & Half.) Co-founder, Golden Harper, discussed the brand’s various “zero drop” shoes and shared his motivation for developing the company.

Golden was an All-American runner (he ran a 2:45 marathon at age 12 – holy crap!!) and worked in a running store for many, many years, so he saw the need for more natural footwear that didn’t cause people to heel strike (which is known to cause various running injuries), so he started to develop and test “zero drop” shoes. (He used to make them at home with the help of his family.) Over time, his idea grew into something more and he watched his shoes help eliminate injuries in people who thought they couldn’t run anymore. Now, Golden is working to spread the word about Altra all over the world.

The Altra story was really neat to hear, and I could tell that Golden was 110% behind everything that he said and incredibly passionate about his product and running, in general.


During the Altra presentation, each of us had the opportunity to write on their “Running is”¦” board.

IMG_7483 (800x600)

My response:

IMG_7480 (800x600)

Golden also took us through a “Learn to Run Clinic” to teach us how to run more efficiently and help minimize injuries. His session is summarized here: Learn to Run.


After our time with Altra, we participated in a “Recovery for Runners” session with Melanie Douglass, who is a registered dietitian, NASM-certified personal trainer, and AFAA-certified instructor. She also helped develop the Runner’s World Cookbook.


The session was sponsored by Pro-Form, a company who makes treadmills, ellipticals, and other fitness equipment.


Proform gave us some fun, yoga-inspired equipment, so Melanie incorporated it into her class. The Infinity Fitness Band (I heard a rumor you can find it at Walmart) made regular yoga a zillion times harder by adding resistance for building strength and increasing/encouraging deeper stretches. It felt so good to stretch my tight hips and hamstrings, especially before race day!



After the “Recovery for Runners” session, it was time to eat! Lunch featured recipes from the new Runner’s World Cookbook, which I love, love, love and highly recommend.

This cookbook is legit with all sorts of delicious recipes, including vegetarian, gluten-free, low-calorie, recovery-specific, and quick meals. Of course, these recipes were created with runners in mind, but lots of people would enjoy this cookbook. All of the recipes are made with wholesome, easy-to-find ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious, and almost half of the 150 recipes are accompanied by a beautiful photograph. Long story short, you’ll definitely see some of these recipes on CNC in the future!


The lunch menu featured a number of recipes from the Runner’s World Cookbook.


Food time!



Plate #1 was immediately followed by Plate #2. I loved lunch!


Dessert was phenomenal: Banana Oat Energy Bars”” I ate three of them.


After lunch, we had a special VIP meet-and-greet with Olympic Gold Medalist, Summer Sanders, who was such an engaging speaker. She has had an amazing life and career””definitely check out her bio.


Summer is featured in the November issue of Runner’s World. I haven’t read her piece yet, but I’m excited to read it on the plane ride home tomorrow.


Our next activity of the day was the “skirt Olympics” with Running Skirts and Bart Yasso. It was basically a sprinting relay that involved putting on various pieces of clothing from Running Skirts””first a skirt and then a pair of compression socks. I’m not sure who ultimately won (it was a frantic five minutes of fun), but Bart definitely looked handsome in his running skirt.

credit: Instagram @RunEatRepeat

credit: Instagram @relentlessforwardcommotion

Our final event of the day was a trip to the race expo to pick up our packets, bibs, t-shirts, and hats for those of us running the Hat Trick. (Hats for the Hat Trick? Love it.) But before we grabbed our race packets, we attended a Pro-Form and iFit demonstration to learn about the Boston Marathon Treadmill, which is the coolest thing ever: HD marathon workouts, including the Boston Marathon course, a Speed Ring that let’s you adjust your speed from your finger, and iFit technology that allows you track, record, and customize all sorts of workouts and data. Seriously. Coolest thing ever.


Packet pick-up time!


Getting our bibs and packets was a piece of cake. For the Hat Trick, we got one bib for all three races and then went to a separate line to pick it up. After that, we went upstairs to a different space to get our t-shirts and hats, so the lines flowed quickly and efficiently.


The actual expo was great with all sort of vendors, products, food samples, and demonstrations.

IMG_7493 (800x600)

We spent about an hour there wandering around and checking everything out before heading back to the hotel.

IMG_7495 (800x600)


After all of that fun and excitement, I was exhausted. I went with some friends to grab dinner from the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays, but, instead of joining them for a movie, I changed into my PJs, hung out in my hotel room, and then went to bed semi-early. (I am an old lady.)


Hey, it was a nice way to spend the evening before back-to-back races the next morning!


More adventures to come!

Question of the Day

Finish this sentence:

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  1. If you’re an old lady, then I am a grandma. LOL. IN in my pjs for the second night in a row her eand my night last night looked a lot like yours. Dinner in bed. 🙂 So fun hanging out with you here Tina.

  2. I’ve been wondering about my running form since I started running more outside my back and neck have started hurting. I am going to have to pay more attention to my posture when I’m running.

  3. Great recap, Tina! I am thoroughly enjoying myself here at the festival; hope you have a great race on Sunday and a safe trip home. Thank you for all you do!

  4. Now I’m REALLY excited that Runner’s World is having their festival in Boston next year! Looks awesome!

    Also, I’ll have you know that I now have my parents obsessed with Lime Leaf. My favorite dish there right now is the Crispy Basil Chicken. I’m glad I don’t live too close to that place. I’d be there every night!

  5. I definitely heel strike (the heels of every single pair of shoes I own wear out waaaaay before the rest of the shoe!) and it’s led to plantar fasciitis in one foot, which is no fun at all. I’ll have to check out the Altra Zero and see if its a good fit for me.

  6. This looks like so much fun! Love the compression socks with hearts!

    Running is my “me” time, it gives me the strength, patience and energy to be a great mom and wife.

  7. Something I miss so very much. Hip surgeries have made me have to give it up. It’s hard to replace that runner’s high, but a long tough bike ride comes close, as does a long swimming session. Thank goodness. Enjoy the hat trick!

  8. Running is what makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!

    I’m loving all your posts from this weekend. It’s awesome to hear about all the events from someone else’s perspective.

  9. Looks fun!! I’m always curious if things like runner’s world festival as well as fitfluential and blogging conventions cater to vegans? Most of the food looks like it’s accommodating but do they ever talk about no animal products are these events?

  10. altra shoes are AWESOME! i just ran the baystate marathon in them today and PR’d by a good 25 minutes! definitely in part b/c of those shoes!

  11. Oh my gosh, I love the bags that the swag from Pro-Form came in! Would you happen to know if they are for sale anywhere?

  12. Hey Tina, glad you liked Bethlehem! It’s my hometown and love living here and running here. I ran the 10K this weekend …what a gorgeous morning !

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