Run + Swing Workout

Hello and happy Sunday to you!

I just wanted to share the hotel workout that I did last week when I was in Los Angeles. It was definitely a fun one because it combined running with three different strength movements for a full body workout. I used a double grip medicine ball because that’s what the gym had on hand, but I think this workout would work really well with a kettlebell and treadmill. And, of course, you could totally do it outside if you don’t have access to a treadmill and just want some fresh air. Hey, there are lots of options for this workout! Enjoy, friends!



  1. When you do your meter runs outside, how do you know how far 800m or 400m is? Do you have some way of measuring this?

  2. I don’t have any kettle bells at home, only used them in workouts at the gym. What weight would you recommend using for this workout? I know it varies but on average?

  3. Wow..Perfect body shape! I just can’t take off my eyes from your picture. I’m a foodie person and don’t have perfect body shape just like you, but after reading your blog I think I must take initiative and start working on my fitness. Thanks for inspiring me.

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