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A CNC reader recently contacted me about a non-profit where she works called An Achievable Dream. One of the organization’s fundraisers is called the Run for the Dream, which is an 8K and Half Marathon put on each Spring in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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The primary purpose of the race is to raise awareness and funding for An Achievable Dream, but also to benefit the Wounded Warriors. The organization offers free registrations to any Wounded Warrior who wants to run, and they also work with 3 specific Wounded Warrior hand cycle groups in each of their races.

The 3rd annual race will take place June 1-2, 2013 (the 8K is run on Saturday, June 1st and the half is run on Sunday, June 2). I was offered two (2) free race registrations to giveaway on CNC, so here’s your chance to win one! (Travel is not provided, so you’ll need to arrange your own to and from Williamsburg, VA.)

In addition to the free registration giveaway on CNC, An Achievable Dream created a discount code exclusively for readers. BLOG2013 will take $5 off the 8K, $10 off the Half Marathon, and $15 off the Patriot’s Challenge (8K + half marathon). The code is valid for civilian pricing only and expires on May 1st, 2013.

To enter: Just leave a comment on this post about why you’d like to run this race. Please only enter if you are able to travel to and from Williamsburg, Virginia on June 1-2. I’ll randomly pick (2) winners later this week to receive free registrations. Good luck!



  1. I live in Williamsburg!! I have been wanting to do this race every year! If I’m not one of the lucky ones, I’m sure I’ll use the coupon code to sign up! 🙂

  2. I would love to run in this race because I really support the cause and because Virginia is beautiful!

  3. I love running an had an unfortunate issue with my foot over the winter while training for the Shamrock marathon in VA Beach, last week I decided it would be best to defer my registration to the next year and I have been trying to line up one race for each month of the summer, I have May, July, and August set up…I was looking for a June race and this would be awesome because I’ve completed a lot of local races (and by local….DC/VA/MD/WV area) but I’ve not ran this one yet.

  4. I recently moved to VA, and I’d love to be able to explore the Williamsburg area w/ a run like this!

  5. I live twenty minutes from Williamsburg! I would love to do this race. I have heard it is a great race and so much fun!!

  6. I would LOVE to support this cause. My husband and I are both veterans and our daughter is currently in the Air Force. This would be a wonderful “excuse” to go visit her as she will be stationed down that way during that time. Thank you to the organization as well for making these available!

  7. I’ve got my first 10k coming up in April and would love to get another race on my calendar! Plus, Williamsburg would be a beautiful run!

  8. I’m running a marathon later in the summer and would love to have another race under my belt, as well as participate in such an inspiring cause! Also, your meal plan ideas have really helped me get organized, so thank you!!

  9. I’d love to run this race for 3 reasons:
    1. My cousin is on active duty in the Army
    2. I grew up in VA and take any excuse to go back
    3. I have a goal for 2013 to run a race each month, and I don’t have one for June yet!

  10. I have run this race for the past two years. It”s my favorite half marathon in the Hampton Roads area!

  11. I totally support the cause; my husband is a veteran and my son is a recent veteran. I am very blessed that night was wounded in service and I want to help those that are. bonus for me…my son (the new Vet) lives in VA.

  12. My fiance and I are runners in the D.C. area, and this would be a great weekend getaway and first race together as newly-weds!

  13. I would love to win an entry!! I ran this past years Marine Corps Marathon this past year and it was a beautiful area to run and I had a blast! I would love to travel back to the DC/Virgina area to run another race! This looks like the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway!!

  14. I always run veteran races near my hometown due to my grandfather and other older relatives who have had the courage to put themselves in harms way for the rest of us. Something about running for a purpose and remembering those who serve and continue to serve our country brings a whole different meaning to running races. No other race feels like these do, whether it’s benefitting other organizations or not. It just hits closer to home with my emotions and it’s something I’d like to continue to put my energy towards! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. It has been one of my goals to run a half marathon. Since I admire the Wounded Warrior Project, it would be great to run this as my first half marathon to help support an awesome organization that does so much for those who served our country.

  16. Ahhhh I just signed up for this race on Friday before you posted this! Weird and also I’m mad I didn’t see this until after I registered! FYI for anyone who isn’t sure, this is a hilly half!

  17. I would like to win a registration, because one of my dream runs is a destination run. My husband will in MD for work in June and this would be a great excuse to come visit him and get in a great run in a new-to-me city! 🙂

  18. I would love to win a registration to be able to give it to my husband. He picked up running a couple years ago in an effort to get healthier. We’ve both fallen off the band wagon since we got married in September, and this would be the perfect excuse to get going again! His dad was a Marine, so anything military related really perks his interest. I KNOW he would love a chance to run a race that benefits the Wounded Warriors. Frankly, even if we don’t win a registration, I’ll probably register the two of us as a surprise to him anyway! Although, a free entry sure would be nice!!

  19. I live in Williamsburg and run this half every year…I would love to win a registration so my sister could come run it with me!

  20. One of my coworkers has been asking me to sign up so if I don’t win the entry, I’ll definitely use the coupon code. Thanks!

  21. I’d love to try this race! I’m filling up my race calendar for this summer and this sounds like a great addition 🙂

  22. I love running and am already training for a few half marathons in April/May so one in June would be ideal. After having spent several years working overseas and knowing what a struggle it is for those who are wounded any chance to help out in even a tiny way is amazing. Pick me 🙂

  23. Sounds like a great goal other than the daily crossfit grind (and an excuse to get away for a weekend!).

  24. I would love to run this race! I’ve been looking for a half marathon in June and Williamsburg is so cute and right around the corner from me.

  25. I would love to do this race and make a weekend getaway of it 🙂 I live in DC so it’s not too far!

  26. I am intending to sign up for the Run for the Dream Half Marathon. I am local in the Tidewater region so traveling to Williamsburg would not be an issue. I have recently become very interested in running, since October 2012 I have participated in about 10 races. I have at least one every month if not more (minus July, it’s SO hot). I’ve been encouraged by several friends/family who actually run the races with me or stand at the finish and cheer me on. Running this Half Marathon (and thinking about the Patriot Challenge) would be a way for me to give back to those who have been wounded while fighting for our country. My grandfather was wounded in WWII and I have a family friend that was recently wounded in the war in Iraq. He lost limbs to his body, was intensive care at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and was just recently discharged to come home locally, Hampton Roads, where he will continue extensive rehabilitation.

  27. This is such a great cause! Giving hope for military families and inspiring civilians alike. I know military life is a tough line of work. I would love to run this race both for the wounded warriors and the ones that continue to serve our country every day. I also live in Richmond, VA so this race is perfect!

  28. I’ve been meaning to take my husband to Williamsburg for ages, and now we could get in a race while visiting! Not to mention the cause is fantastic:)

  29. I would love to participate in this race because I believe that education in our country is something that needs to be supported and funded and not the first thing that is cut. We need more non-profit organizations like this. 🙂

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