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Hey, hey!

If you follow @carrotsncake on social media (snapchat + Instagram), you know that our little family spent a few days on Cape Cod reently. We had an awesome time, and I snapped a zillion photos, so I have quite a few recaps coming your way, including a review of the wonderful and amazing Chatham Bars Inn (CBI), who kindly offered us complimentary accommodations during our stay. That said, let’s start at the beginning with our road trip to Chatham!

IMG_6484 (1280x1280)

Thursday was a daycare day for Quinn, so we dropped him off for the morning while Mal and I got ourselves packed up and ready to go. Traveling with a toddler versus an infant… SO MUCH EASIER, especially taking a road trip with a toddler versus flying cross-country. We still had a lot of stuff to bring with us, but not nearly as much as previous trips.

IMG_6703 (720x1280)

Before we picked up Quinn, Mal and I ran a couple of quick errands, including grabbing healthy snacks for the road. I’m partnering once again with CVS/pharmacy on their #FindYourHealthy campaign, so we popped into our local store to buy some of our favorites and check out what new products they had available.

IMG_6488 (1280x1280)

Of course, I went right for my beloved dark chocolate covered cashews from the Gold Emblem line. They were actually on sale last week, so I shared a pic on Snapchat to give my followers a heads up. (If you saw it, I hope you were able to snag some!) They really are THE BEST dark chocolate covered cashews, especially if you keep them in the fridge. OMGSOGOOD.

IMG_6486 (1280x1280)

Besides their own lines of snacks, CVS also has a ton of NEW healthy foods in their stores. I shop there all the time and I was even surprised to see some new tasty and wholesome items available, including products from Annie’s, Sabra, Stacey’s, Naked, Krave, and more.

IMG_6490 (1280x1280)

I also grabbed some yogurt-covered raisins (we’re all on a kick lately), Barnana Chewy Banana Bites (only ingredients: organic banana + banana powder… Quinn ate practically the entire bag himself), CVS Gold Emblem Abound Sea Salt Flavored Baked Rice Thins, Organic Valley Organic Fuel Protein Shake, and Argo Tea’s Green Tea Ginger Twist.

IMG_6498 (1280x1280)

I definitely went a little overboard with the snacks, but I was so excited about all of the different options!

IMG_6496 (1280x1280)

After our snack shopping spree, we headed toward Quinn’s daycare. On the drive, I realized that we forgot to buy sunblock (because we were so excited about the snacks), so we hit up a different CVS location to get some.

IMG_6711 (720x1280)

We picked up Quinn and then headed toward the highway, which included one more very important stop.

IMG_6704 (720x1280)

Iced coffees were definitely needed for our road trip!

IMG_6705 (720x1280)

A short while later (I can’t believe how close to the Cape we are now), we arrived in Chatham.

IMG_6504 (1280x1280)

We had a few hours to kill before check-in at Chatham Bars Inn, so we grabbed Quinn’s shark stroller (Chatham = Great White Sharks) and explored the downtown area.

IMG_6501 (960x1280)

IMG_6502 (960x1280)

IMG_6508 (1280x1280)

IMG_6507 (1280x1280)

During our travels, we came across a small park and let Q-Man run around. We also stopped into a souvenir shop to buy a Christmas tree ornament (one of our family traditions) as well as a couple of new toys for Quinn.

IMG_6707 (720x1280)

After much debate, Quinn decided on the firetruck, which was a great pick because he was obsessed with it for the rest of the trip.

IMG_6708 (720x1280)

After that, we swung by the Wild Goose Tavern for a late lunch.

IMG_6512 (1280x1280)

Wine me!

IMG_6709 (720x1280)

As we finished up our meal, someone from the front desk at CBI called to say that our room was ready. Hooray! We were all really excited, so we headed straight there.

IMG_6518 (1280x960)

More adventures to come!!

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