RNR Arizona: Day 1

Here’s a little preview of what I will look like when I cross the finish line of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona Marathon:

I am such a dork.

But, seriously, the countdown has begun! 😯

[rewind to 6:30 this morning]


At the airport before our flight, I ate a pathetic-looking banana that I brought from home. It did a lot of traveling, so it got a serious beating. It still tasted alright!

I also had an iced soy latte and oatmeal with toppings from Starbucks. Perfect Oatmeal rules.


On the plane ride, I snacked on some Butter Cruncher Cookies. I’m not going to lie, I really wished the flight attendant had given me two bags of these. They were so incredibly tasty: flat and crispy, but buttery with chunks of butterscotch throughout. Holy yum.

(I’m kind of obsessed with butterscotch lately.)


By the time we arrived in Phoenix and checked-in to the hotel, it was almost 3:00 PM (EST), which meant that I hadn’t eaten for nearly 8 hours. Not surprisingly, I was cranky-hungry. So when Mal suggested Hooters as a joke, I agreed without protest. I wanted food in my stomach ASAP!

As expected, the menu at Hooters was atrocious (the food was even worse), so I ended up eating fried pickles and curly fries for lunch. Clearly, it was a lunch of champions!

Mal and I quickly downed our food at Hooters, paid our bill, and headed straight to the Health & Fitness Expo. We were SO EXCITED to officially begin the marathon festivities!!

Ahhhhh! SO FUN!

First, Mal and I checked-in and picked up our race numbers, and then we wandered around, tasted samples, tested running gear, and made a few purchases. We soaked it all in.

Wouldn’t this shirt be perfect for Murphy!?! 😆


Mega dork.

Mal and I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the area and enjoying the beautiful weather. It was 75 degrees and sunny today. I do not miss Boston at all.

Mid-afternoon, we popped into Starbucks for a couple of iced green teas.


For dinner, Mal and I enjoyed a little southwestern fare at Sam’s Cafe.

We started with chips and salsa.

And for my entree, I ordered the roasted veggie tacos, which came with black beans. I loved the variety of roasted veggies in the tacos. They tasted so fresh.

I’m absolutely pooped after today. Heading right to bed.

Good night!


  1. I’ve been to Phoenix once and I was there for a convention in that same convention center where the expo was, got green teas from (probably) that same Starbucks in the convention center, and ate dinner at Sam’s Cafe. Weird!

  2. What a great night! I worked with a guy who always wanted to eat lunch at Hooters. He tricked me into going there once because he said the food is really good. It’s not. He lied.

    I’m older and wiser now.

  3. I love the pics!

    “fried pickles and curly fries for lunch. Clearly, it was a lunch of champions!”–

    –I am LOL! That’s too bad for you but yeah, there menu isn’t so hot. Hooters isnt really known for their menu, is it? ahem. 🙂

  4. Welcome to PHX! It was gorgeous today.

    If you get chance a fun place to go to you not too far is Hula’s. THe only place in the Valley where us Bostonians can get a scorpian, and even rivals ones at the Hong Kong,minus the mini plastic animals.

    Good Luck! Jealous you get to see/hear Vertical Horizon at ASU stadium..great band.

  5. I love the marathon expo’s…..so fun!! That shirt is awesome!! I think you got the 2:03 marathon in you!!!! You two are a gorgeous couple!! Hooter’s makes the best pre-race meals ha! Have a great time and don’t be on your feet too much tomorrow!!! So excited for you!

  6. Oh my heavens, I am in love with your juxtaposition of having fried pickles for lunch at Hooters then going to a Fitness expo! That’s why I love reading this blog!! 😀

  7. They used to have those Linden cookies at my elementary/middle school at lunch. I loooooved them so much and I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

    Race expos are so fun, the one downside of running smaller races is the lack of expo!

  8. I get so cranky when Im hungry too! I know how you must of felt!

    Love the marathon background pics, lol, so cute!

    Wishing you guys luck! Not that you will need it ; ) you guys got this !

  9. I just started following your blog, and I’m glad I got in just as you’re running your first marathon! I’ve run the Chicago Marathon twice, and I think the best part just might be the expo – it gets you so pumped up! Enjoy every minute of your marathon experience! 🙂

  10. I try not to be the person who just says how delicious the food looks, but … dayum, that dinner looks DELICIOUS. I love Mexican food!

    And I looooooove the fried pickles from Hooters. I love fried pickles, period. So bad, so sodium-licious … yet so amazingly good.

  11. I love the irony of eating fried pickles and going to the health and fitness expo. Also, Hooters makes excellent wings with hot sauce.

    If I find that It’s Not Fat, It’s Fuel t-shirt at my next expo, I definitely need to get it.

  12. Haha I love Mal’s finish line pic! Your Hubby has such an awesome sense of humor. While Hooters has acceptable fried pickles, I find that Buffalo Wild Wings has a much better sauce. Being pregnant I’m pretty serious about my fried pickles here lol 🙂

    I am just SO excited for you two, that expo looks like it was a blast!

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