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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Rise and shine, it’s running time! :mrgreen:

I bounded out of bed bright and early for a 4-mile run this morning. Before I headed out, I made myself a mini breakfast of whole wheat bread with Barney Butter and banana slices on top.


My run went well this morning. My legs felt like a million pounds when I first started out, but once I warmed up, I cruised along. I ended up finishing in 35:43, which is an 8:55 pace. Not too shabby for 6:30 AM before I had my iced coffee! 😉


On my run this morning, I tried out my new kicks. My buddy (and former colleague) from New Balance sent them to me for my marathon training. The 759’s are lightweight, but supportive, even a little cushion-y. They’re cool-looking, too! 😀


While I was out seizing the day, these two guys snoozed away.


They’re so cute! 😉

After my run, I refueled with half of a banana with Teddie peanut butter and a coffee + soy milk + chocolate protein powder drink.


After breakfast, Mal and I visited the house that we’re considering making an offer on for the second time. (FYI: It’s not the house in my previous post. That was just some random house we looked at.) We’re getting closer to making an offer, but we’re not rushing into anything either. My thinking is if it was meant to be, it will be.

Feel Great Weight

This week’s Feel Great Weight post was inspired by all of my travel this past month: 4 Ways to Keep Your Waistline in Check While Traveling.

Question of the Day

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had an unsettling/eerie experience?

P.S. My college finances post is coming soon. I didn’t have time to finish it this morning, but it’s almost done! Stay tuned!



  1. I definitely believe in ghosts, even though I haven’t seen any. I LOVE watching scary TV shows about them, especially when it’s late at night and I really shouldn’t. I think I’d be freaked out if I ever had “an encounter”.

  2. I love New Balances! I need a new pair so I’ll have to check those out. Congrats on the early AM run!

    I totally believe in ghosts and I get really freaked out by the thought of them when I’m by myself. I also can’t watch any movies about ghosts, or anything scary really…

  3. Cute sleeping boys!

    I wanted to comment to let you know that your posts are appearing in my google reader as drafts (at least it appears to be a draft, there are usually just a few notes and pictures) so I didn’t know if you wanted to investigate that a little further.

  4. Pretty sure my freshman dorm room was haunted- constant banging at the top of one wall at night (nobody lived on the other side) and my alarm clock consistently fell off a 3 foot wide counter. I found out later that somebody had died in that room….eerie….

  5. New kicks are such a great piece to any training run 🙂

    Don’t you hate when the legs feel like hundreds of pounds! Sometimes I actually slow down, stop and stretch a bit. Then when I start up my pace again I feel a million times better! Other days…you just have to keep running and know they will work themselves out!

  6. I’m really excited about the house….. I can’t imagine what it’s like to buy in a city like Boston. I’m in little ole’Columbus, Ohio and that was stressful enough. Stressful yet fun and exciting. I imagine you guys have to weigh a lot of pros and cons regarding location and all… anyway, good luck.

  7. I just got back from four miler too…but I wish mine were a training run for Hawaii, ha!

    Good luck on the house stuff– not rushing into anything is definitely a good idea. We bought our house really quickly because we were buying from out of town…it worked out okay, but it was SUPER stressful!

  8. I’m not a big believer in ghosts. My boyfriends likes to watch all those ghost hunter shows, but they kind of bore me. Maybe someday I’ll have an experience to make me believe otherwise, but until then I’m the non-believer 🙂

  9. I do believe in ghosts! After my sister had her baby, there were a lot of freaky things going on with people around her. The baby was born 10 weeks early and I came to visit right after he came home from the hospital. I swear, the entire time I was there visiting her, I felt like someone kept tapping my shoulder. It was very weird and very real.

  10. The lights and fans throughout my house are operated by handheld controllers. I’ll be sleeping and my lights or fan will randomly turn on or i’ll be sitting in a room and the lights will just turn off. We aren’t sure if it happens from a controller being used in another room but it definitely creeps me out sometimes!

  11. Really digging the New Balances! I wish I had seen those before I bought my new (hideous pink and grey) Asics. As for ghosts, I sure do believe in them! My Mom used to scare us with ghost stories in order to get us to behave. We were quite unruly children 🙂

  12. I need to buy new running shoes – perhaps I will give New Balance a chance.

    And yes, I do believe in ghosts – but then I also believed in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny until late into my childhood:)

  13. Great job on the early morning run. I hate that 1st 1/2 mile or so when your legs need some time to wake up but once they do, its usually all breezy from there! 😉
    Cant wait for your upcoming post!

  14. I really like pp + coffee + almond milk drinks. They get frothy like something you would get from a shop.

    I don’t think I believe in ghosts, but I know I freak out if in a place that is apparently “haunted” and strange things happen. Then it’s like – how can I say I don’t believe but be scared? Hmmm.

  15. I think there is something else out there that we can’t see or explain–which includes ghosts. When I was studying for my undergrad, I worked for the Activities and Housing department and occasionally I had to clean one of the houses that had been donated to the University (usually used for retreats or to house special guests). Every time I went into the house, if I was alone, I would feel odd. Almost like there was a presence that didn’t want me coming into the house. I would then (and I feel silly admitting this) announce myself, say what I was doing there, and how long I would be at the house. I swear the presence would lift and I would go about my business.

  16. Wait a minute … I thought Mal was running the marathon, too? Shouldn’t he have been running with you?

    As for ghosts, I’m undecided. A part of me wants to believe they’re out there, along with the old-school vampires of Anne Rice (Twilight vampires, not so much). My grandma used to yell at me when I stretched out on the floor and used my feet to rock the empty rocking chair … something about ghosts, or a bad omen or something like that.

  17. I suppose I do believe in ghosts, though I’ve never really had an experience with one. When my Great Grandma passed away a few years ago I was really upset and then I had this dream that we were sitting together talking and she was holding my hand in her soft, wrinkled one like she always did. When I woke up I felt this wave of comfort. Then I talked to my mom and she had a similar dream and feeling of calmness – crazy, but nice.

  18. We used to live in an older house in Winthrop, MA. During the first few months we lived in the house, I swear I could hear someone singing country music at night! Whenever my husband went out of town, I had one of my girl friends stay with me. Strength in numbers!

  19. Sweet shoes!
    Ghosts have to be somewhere until they can be released to the other side. They are harmless! And if you are really lucky it might be a loved one that you can keep in-touch with.

  20. The last night at HLS, I switched rooms to stay with some other blogger friends. I woke up in the night after I felt somone standing over me, then someone grabbing my leg. I couldn’t sleep. The hotel was scary and creepy.

  21. I grew up in a haunted house so to say I believe in ghosts in an understatement. I also had a haunted college dorm room.

    I think I was just checking those New Balances out at lunch today!! If they weren’t that “model” they sure looked like it.

  22. Ooh, house hunting is so exciting! I hope you guys find exactly what you want!

    Quick question: how long do you wait to run after you’ve eaten? I’ve never been able to eat breakfast before my morning run- maybe I’m not waiting long enough?

  23. I was curious about the New Balance kicks, thanks for the update. Great pace indeed!

    OK that pic of your baby and Mal, precious. My dog does the same thing when I leave.

    I loved your 4 ways article and the fact that number one was shut-eye, that is so true. I’ve just now started owning up to getting my butt in bed sooner.

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