My Recent Stitch Fix & Launch of Extras

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Hi, guys!

You know I’m a huge fan of Stitch Fix – basically, since it started nearly 7 years ago. I hate shopping and don’t know how to dress myself, and Stitch Fix solves both of those problems, so I love getting my ‘Fix’ delivered right to my front door every month. And I love that the brand continues to grow and evolve their service – read on to hear about their newest edition! 🙂

New to Stitch Fix? Well, you’re in for a treat. It’s a personal styling service and Stitch Fix stylists learn what you like to send you clothes you’ll love. You can even request special items, which I’ve done many times in the past. For instance, when wedding season rolls around, I often ask for dresses. Now that spring is around the corner, I want to fill my wardrobe with simple t-shirts. I specifically asked for a white v-neck and my stylist picked one out for me (pictured below). My stylist also knows that I prefer “athleaisure” apparel, so my Fixes are almost always filled with that type of clothing. 

Stitch Fix carries women’s sizes 0-24W and XS-3X, maternity and petite, and men’s sizes XS-XXL (Mal’s experience with Stitch Fix Men). Stitch Fix introduced their maternity line right after I had Quinn, but, boy, would that have been convenient. Shopping for CUTE maternity clothes is definitely a challenge, and I’m sure my stylist would have hooked me up with some fashionable maternity pieces. 

Just a quick note about Stitch Fix Men: Mal is obsessed. He loves fashion, so he’s always looking for new pieces to add to both his “teacher” and “lifestyle” wardrobe. I actually think he gets bi-monthly Fixes now because he loves what Stitch Fix has to offer so much (aka he really loves clothes).

Returns with Stitch Fix are super easy and FREE – just keep what you love and send back the rest with your pre-paid shipping bag at any USPS mailbox, which, of course, makes life so much easier. There’s no subscription required and you can get a Fix anytime you want – either on-demand or on a regular schedule (every few weeks, once a month, or every season).

You pay just $20 to have your Fix curated by a personal stylist, which applies towards anything you keep, including your Extras. EXTRAS!? Ooh, yes. Wait until you hear about Stitch Fix’s newest addition to their style repertoire. 

Stitch Fix just launched Extras to make finding your everyday wardrobe staples easy and convenient. With Extras, you can add camisoles, shapewear, underwear, bralettes, bras, tights and socks, all in women’s sizes XS – 3X, to your Fix. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of shopping for these items. It’s such a hassle, so I’m pumped that I can have them delivered right to my house to try on at my convenience along with the rest of my Fix. You can easily add Extras to your Fix right up until it has been styled.

The best part about Extras is that your $20 Styling Fee goes towards any Extras you keep. That’s right! How’s that for value!? 

Extras range in price from $9.50 to $65, and you only pay for the Extras you want to keep. Shipping is free both ways with your pre-paid shipping bag. (The Buy 5 discount applies only to your 5 Stylist Picks.) 

Can we talk about this photo below? Ridiculous.

I’m so excited about the launch of Extras – one less thing to worry about in my wardrobe! Plus, a lot of my current undergarments need an upgrade, which means I can order a few new ones, try them on at home, only keep what I want, and make the most of my styling fee!

Questions of the Day

Have you tried Stitch Fix?

What do you think about the launch of Extras?

Which “Extras” in your wardrobe need upgrading?

Is anything worse than shopping for bras?



  1. Ooooh, the extras are compelling! I’m 3 months away from having a baby and if extras include nursing bras, I’m going to be ALL IN!

  2. I love stitch fix. My mom was bored with her clothes, so I recommended it to her as well and she loves it too. It’s really fun getting new stuff that I wouldn’t normally pick for myself. That camo hoodie is adorable!

  3. I love stitch fix too! I actually take a peek at my box online after it ships, hahaha. I actually have a stitch fix delivery waiting for me at home, I cannot wait to try my picks on! I only can buy bra’s at VS – whenever I buy bra’s else where I end up hating them after one or two wears, weird, I know.

  4. I love StitchFix. I swear they find some of the best fitting pieces ever. Though truthfully, when they send the little cards that show ideas on how to wear some of my pieces…I always find myself wanting the OTHER pieces in those photos. I guess I should start requesting them. haha

  5. Hey Tina,
    If I’m not mistaken wasn’t there a post atound the holidays where you were said Stich Fix was waving the styling fee for new customers? Was trying to find it with no luck.
    Also, will you link your sunglasses, in the market and love yours!

    1. I’m not sure if that Stitch Fix deal, but it was good for first time orders. I think you just had to fill out your style profile online!

      My sunglasses are from Persol. They’re actually men’s, but they’re super cute on ladies! 🙂

  6. Love your sunglasses, where are they from? I’m in the market for a new pair.
    Also, awhile ago didn’t you have a post where the styling fee was waived for new customers signing up for Stich Fix? Was trying to find it the other day but couldn’t.

    1. My sunglasses are from Persol. They’re actually Mal’s old ones that I stole from him! 🙂

      I’m not sure if that Stitch Fix deal, but it was good for first time orders. I think you just had to fill out your style profile online!

  7. Great… I was not aware of these things. I just do exercise in the morning using gym equipment and go to the job. This is kind of boring these days.
    I will now consider using Stitch Fix. I hope this will add some fun…

  8. I just love stitch fix to ware. I strongly prefer on it. It’s really comfortable to ware. Here i know for the first time about stitch fix launch extras. And i am really too excited to check it out. Hope so it will be more incredible for me. Thanks for the information . If you had more insight about it i will greatly appreciate it.

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