Which Reality TV Show Would You Be On?

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Is anyone else watching the Bachelor Pad right now? I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I’m so into it, but there’s nothing else to watch on TV right now. Well, ok, that’s a totally lie. There are new episodes of Breaking Bad (OMG, this season!), but nothing else really.

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) - Breaking Bad - Season 5, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote
[image source]

Anyway, the Bachelor Pad”¦ do you think the people on it take it seriously? I mean, obviously, some of them do. I know there’s a lot of strategy (alliances and all that) and Blakeley, of course, cries pretty much every episode, so she’s taking it seriously.


But, I wonder if some of them just do it for the vacation and good times at the mansion?

822x5[images source]

If I was single, it might be fun to go on the Bachelor Pad just for kicks. You know I’d come back with all sorts of ridiculous stories. Being on The Bachelorette would be pretty sweet too””all of those handsome guys””if I was single, of course. Nowadays, I’d want to be on the Amazing Race with Mal. We work really well together, and I think we’d have so much fun. It would be such a cool experience!


Last night’s dinner was chicken salad made with avocado, curry, and a little bit of honey, which tasted so, so, so good. I might make it again for lunch today. I added my chicken salad to some sautéed spinach, zucchini, and artichoke hearts.

IMG_0971 (750x563)

Apparently, I need to eat more protein and fat with my dinners because a few hours later, I was hungry again, so I sliced up a banana and ate it with some peanut butter.

IMG_0996 (563x750)

I also did some baking last night and sampled one of these babies:

IMG_0982 (750x563)

Recipe coming soon!

Whole9 Replies from Dallas

Remember my recap of the Whole9 Nutrition Seminar from the other day? A bunch of you guys left comments and questions on that post, and Dallas Hartwig himself replied to many of them last night. Be sure to check out his responses!

Question of the Day

If you had to pick a reality show to be on, which one would it be?

P.S. I’m hosting a giveaway to win some Justin’s nut butter over on Trading Up Downtown today!



  1. Ha, I’m watching Bachelor Pad on Hulu right now. I like to be STD-free, so I think I’d avoid that one. When I was younger and it was still on, I REALLY wanted to be on Road Rules.

  2. I’m embarrassed to say I have been watching Bachelor Pad! Same reason as you – nothing else is on. I almost stopped watching at the beginning of the season when they had all the “fans” on the show, but since then I think it has gotten better… Or maybe I am just getting used to it! I can’t wait for fall when all the new shows come on!

  3. If I could be on a reality show it would be something like the amazing race, although that seems a little intense. I would say that being on one of those dating shows would be a fun time, especially because of the amazing house and prized they give away, but being all sneaky and dealing with those caddy women would definitely NOT be fun. A game-type show with one partner would be a lot more fun and exciting.

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