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Hey, hey!

On Monday, I played my very first round of golf. Sure, I’ve played mini golf and hit balls at the driving range, but I’ve never actually played 18 holes on an actual course. And while it wasn’t pretty (whoa, I definitely looked like I had never played before), I had a really great time with Sarah, Nicole, and Jessica as part of al fresco all natural’s blogger team.

real golfers wear pink

Wondering what al fresco has to do with Real Golfers Wear Pink? Well, al fresco all natural, best known for their all natural chicken sausages, partnered with the Ellie Fund to host this charity golf tournament. The Ellie Fund provides essential support services for breast cancer patients to ease the stresses of everyday life, allowing the focus to be on family, recovery, and healing. Both companies are local and care about about health, nutrition, and support for those struggling with breast cancer, so the event was really wonderful and one that I am so happy to have had the opportunity to attend.

• Al Fresco team •

As part of the al fresco team, each of us bloggers was asked to play in the tournament and share our experience on our social channels tagging @alfrescogourmet and using the hashtag #fightbackbetter, which was the brand’s dedicated hashtag to fighting back against breast cancer. Every time someone used the hashtag during the tournament and posted a photo with the event’s punching bag, al fresco donated $100 to The Ellie Fund. How awesome is that?

Photo Aug 29, 12 58 36 PM (1280x960)

The sold-out event was held at Wollaston Golf Club and kicked off with lunch and practice on the driving range. After that, we all climbed into golf carts and hit the course for a game, which was played scramble-style.

Photo Aug 29, 12 54 22 PM (1280x960)

Woohoo! Go time!

Photo Aug 29, 12 59 51 PM (1280x960)

Things definitely started out a little rocky for our team, but our golf skills really started to improve by the end. I actually liked playing a lot more than I thought I would. There’s some serious satisfaction that goes along with hitting a golf ball and having it go where you want it! FYI the photo of me shooting a cannon: Instead of teeing off on one of the holes, we had the option of making a donation and using a cannon to launch our golf balls right onto the green. It was SO COOL!

real golfers wear pink

I’m pretty sure our team had the worst score of the day, but, hey, we played for a good cause and had a fun time while doing it! Thank you, al fresco, for inviting me to Real Golfers Wear Pink! 🙂

Photo Aug 29, 3 19 03 PM (1280x1280)

Wearing: GapFit Breathe V-neck Tee <— some colors are on sale right now for $11.99! 

Do you play golf? Did you teach yourself? Should I get some lessons? 




  1. I played golf for a long time as a kid. My Dad had me playing when I was 5. I played regularly up until college and I was really good too. Do you know my parents even tried getting me on the golf team in high school, but they wouldn’t allow females on the team? Hopefully, times have changed that mentality! I kind of wondering how good I would be if I tried to play now.

  2. How fun! I am recently remarried and my husband begged me to learn how to play. I’m still (and always will be!) learning, we take lessons together every other week. We play quite often as a family, including my daughter (12) and son (8 1/2). My daughter has played for two years on her middle school team, too. Times have definitely changed and women’s golf scholarships are plentiful now! They are actually, unfortunately, the most unused athletic scholarships in college. If you have a daughter, I highly recommend getting her exposed to the game! If she enjoys it, there could be a scholarship in her future! It’s a tough game but so much fun 🙂

  3. Closest I’ve come to golf was top golf, which I thought was a ton of fun! Way more fun then mini golf, so not sure where I stand on the real golf front. I guess there is only one way to find out?

  4. Looks fun! I love your pink shirt – what a cheery pop of color and perfect for this event! Is that your own (where might I get one)? Or provided as part of the event? Thanks.

  5. That cannon shot is a brilliant idea! I will have to keep that in mind. I have a love/hate relationship with golf. I have played all my life and still attend camps and lessons when I have the chance. Golf is a great sport and is way more mental than physical!

  6. All the men around me are avid golfer, especially my husband. I’m surprised they let you guys play golf wearing short-short… I guess because it was a tournament they were more “open minded”. About that, there is one thing I dislike about golfing and it is the strict protocol, not only the dress code but the pressure of having to play within a certain pace, play within a certain range, look a certain way, etc. Plus I’m not a patient person and this sport is not easy. I took a few lessons along the way but I still don’t feel the passion. Perhaps one say when I get older… I do enjoy the peacefulness and the landscapes.

  7. I used to golf, but I was terrible. Now, I just ride in the cart with my husband while he plays, haha. Much better. 😉

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